Why Is the BBC Protecting Satanists and Paedophiles?

Rixon Stewart — April 20, 2015

Jimmy Savile sporting his OBE at Buckingham Palace 1972. Many have wondered whether he wasn't 'protected' with his crimes only being revealed after his death. Click to enlarge

Jimmy Savile sporting his OBE at Buckingham Palace 1972. Many have wondered whether he wasn’t ‘protected’ with his crimes only being revealed after his death. Click to enlarge

A regular correspondent recently asked: why are the only Satanists and paedophiles we hear about dead ones?
It’s a good question, given that the BBC helped conceal the perverted antics of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and former Home Secretary Leon Brittan for decades. We only heard about the full extent of their activities after they died.
In effect the police, the courts and the media have helped protect known paedophiles with connections to the British establishment.
Nor has this protection ended, as the courts are still shielding former Member of Parliament Greville Janner from prosecution, following multiple allegations that he sodomized and abused vulnerable young boys.
Over a span of decades there were a spate of allegations and three separate police investigations into Janner but each time the Crown Prosecution Service declined to pursue the matter, because there was “insufficient evidence”, they claimed.
Now it transpires that evidence had been withheld and that there had been sufficient evidence to prosecute all along. Only the Crown Prosecution Service has once again declined to prosecute Janner.
Despite admitting there is enough evidence to charge the peer for 22 alleged sex offences against nine youngsters, the CPS now says it is not going to pursue the matter because of the “severity of his dementia.
In other words Janner has once again been protected.
Ricky Dearman, father of Alisa and Gabriel. Click to enlarge

Ricky Dearman, father of Alisa and Gabriel. Click to enlarge

Nor is it only the courts providing cover for known paedophiles and perverts. Jimmy Savile’s former employers are currently playing a decisive role in helping to shield a suspected paedophile, Satanist and murderer.
Although the BBC has declined to name the alleged perpetrator it does conveniently provide a video and we have a photo. His name is Ricky Dearman and he’s alleged to be the leader of a Satanic cult in London’s affluent Hampstead.
The allegations come from his two children who claimed they witnessed Satanic rituals and the bloody sacrifice of babies. The children’s mother, Dearman’s estranged wife, videotaped the children describing what they had seen and posted it on the internet.
The video went viral and Dearman, having been cleared by the courts of any wrongdoing in March, has denounced the accusations against him as “horrific”. In this he’s been assisted by the same institutions that helped protect Greville Janner for so many years.
High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley, declared that the children had been forced by their mother’s “relentless emotional and psychological pressure” to make the allegations.
Alisa and Gabriel. Click to enlarge

Alisa and Gabriel. Click to enlarge

The children’s Russian born mother has since fled the country.
Family court proceedings are normally confidential but in this case the judge took the unusual step in publishing her judgement. To help Dearman clear his name, no doubt. To further assist Dearman establish his innocence, Jimmy Savile’s old employers the BBC provided a report in which High Court Judge Pauffley:
“exonerated the father (Dearman) and all the other people alleged to be involved, stating that the claims were “baseless” and that those who sought to perpetuate them were “evil and/or foolish”.
For good measure the Corporation then goes on to make a play for public sympathy for Dearman:
But Ricky is still suffering abuse from the public.
He said: “I get death threats. Today, yesterday, still. Comments, ‘paedo’, whatever. I understand, I get it.
“What we have is a 77-page judgement totally clearing me 100%.”
So Dearman has now been cleared by the BBC and the courts, the two institutions that shielded and protected known paedophiles and abusers like Jimmy Savile and Greville Janner. Given the BBC’s record over the years one wonders if we aren’t seeing a another cover-up in progress?
Only this time the perpetrator is very much alive and making a play for public sympathy with the assistance of the BBC.
When I first saw the headline Children’s Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK, I thought it was overstating things a bit. However, subsequent events have effectively confirmed it. Publicly funded media organisations and established institutions in the UK are working to assist known paedophiles and Satanists.
Paedophilia and Satanism often seem to go hand-in-hand and they’ve flourished in the dark recesses of the British establishment. It started decades ago and will continue until ordinary Britons hold the likes of the BBC, the courts and their leaders to account.


Dad Falsely Accused of ‘Satanic’ Abuse Speaks of Ordeal

 Please read the linked medical reports. They describe “anal fissures”, real evidence supporting the childens’ allegations against their father. So why does the Court and the BBC declare the father to be “falsely accused”. The children are reported to have ‘withdrawn’ the allegations but surely the medical reports tell a different story.

Complaint Summary: Poorly researched whitewash of very serious issue

Ricky Dearman

Ricky Dearman

Did your reporters research this important story thoroughly or simply take the word of a judge as gospel truth? Please read these linked two documents http://crashrecovery.org/daily/03.03.2015/2014.09.22-Medical-report.pdf ……..fully and carefully. The documents appear to be genuine but, if you doubt it, their authenticity can be easily verified by contacting the individuals concerned. I would like to ask you if it is responsible to blithely present such an article on the BBC website declaring this father innocent, given the information in these medical reports? Is it possible that the “establishment” will move heaven and earth to protect living paedophiles and Satanists……… ……if they exist? Here is a fair question to ask, particularly for the BBC: Why are the only Satanists and paedophiles we hear about dead ones? Is it possible that the media; sorry….YOU…….are part of a hideous cover-up. Does anyone in ‘The BBC’ ask themselves this question? Please take care because there is a God……. …….and some betrayals, this kind of betrayal if it be one such, might be very close to unforgiveable. Please follow up the published story by reporting the medical evidence relating to these children. If you do not do so then it will be clear to you what is going on. ……..that Satanism is ongoing…..and protected. By the ‘great and the good’. And their minions.

Sincerely, Yours

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