Di’s DNA Shocker: Her Lover IS Harry’s Father!

This is the headline that is screaming from the cover of the September 2nd National Examiner!

The National Examiner is revealing some of the stories from a newly published book called:

“Diana, Secrets and Lies” A SIZZLING NEW BOOK that tells what the others are afraid to!

By New York Times best selling author, Nicholas Davies.

The National Examiner pulls the following information from the book:

“Princess Diana believed her lover James Hewitt was the father of Prince Harry, and the shocking secret eventually led to her death.”

“On the sixth anniversary of Diana’s tragic death, Davies reveals that he believes she was murdered to prevent her from further embarrassing the royals.”

“Davies says British agents, with the help of the French Secret Service and the knowledge of the CIA, first sabotaged Diana’s seat belt and then forced her limo to crash at high speed, causing her death in Paris on August 31, 1997.”

“Prince Charles prayed the baby (Harry) would not look anything like Hewitt because he knew there was still a slight possibility the baby could be his,” write Davies.


“The Princess lived with one growing fear, though. As Harry grew older, his resemblance to Hewitt grew more and more remarkable.

“There were whispers, knowing nods and eventually a virtual certainlty,”

“Many people close to Diana came to accept that Harry was a love child.

“As Diana’s power over the public grew stronger, powerful forces behind the British throne saw her more and more as a threat.”

end of quote from the National Examiner –

The resemblance between the two says it all: father and son
Courtesy Rayelan Allen and Rumor Mill News