Rothschild’s Waddesdon Manor Has Charitable Status

Rothschilds massive multi-million pound Waddesdon Manor at HP18 0JH (UK post code) is a registered CHARITY. Here is the richest billionaire on the planet having his mansion’s upkeep by using charitable status, INCREDIBLE and how the rich abuse and enslave us all. The Rothschild dynasty head the New World Order using their masonic banking buddies to trap us all in debt while they live in the lifestyle they THINK they deserve. Perverting democracies across the globe and buying all the political dupes they put up for us all to vote for EXCEPT they work for the Rothchild’s , not the VOTERS, who think they have a democracy.

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A Reader Comments – August 29, 2009

Hi Rixon,

I played a gig at a wedding inside the Rothschilds Waddeston estate in what was once a shed for their cattle, now a corporate events venue, called ‘The Dairy’. I was fascinated to be there. It was fill of masonic/satanic (goats’ heads, 5-pointed stars and the like) imagery built into the architecture and also the free-standing statues.

The main ‘Manor’ is more splendid than Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s retreat on the Isle of Wight. This was a family weekend holiday home used during the summer months alone. Rothschild himself lives inside a walled compound in a distant corner of this massive estate. The whole estate is ‘National Trust’, which, in this case for sure, is (as you say) Communism for the rich……

……This is why the international bankers are pushing for a global communist system, isn’t it? By creating an utterly centralised single global power they get to control (own) everything.

It is important that people learn not to be deceived by language like ‘The National Trust’.