Nice Soldiers Die First

It was my first year on television, when one self proclaimed Palestinian-American ” leader” requested That I remove his name from my mailing list. The reason he gave was that my guest for that particular week was accused of being –surprise, surprise–an anti-Semite by the ADL, the largest Jewish organization in the country as well as other Jewish groups in the media and that we “Palestinians” need to be very careful not to be seen or be labeled as “anti-Semitic“ despite the fact that we are Semites ourselves.

I obliged him by removing him from the list. As fate would have it, this man and I ended up working together couple of years ago on a committee to advance Palestinian activism in the US and therefore shared an email list. During the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2008/2009 someone on the list suggested that a few volunteers dress up with suits similar to those worn by Jews and others in Germany’s concentration camps in an upcoming demonstration in Chicago. I personally thought it was an awesome idea and would deliver a clear message to the world of the gravity of the situation on the ground in Gaza.

Well, it was not long after that another email came through on the list from this same self-proclaimed “leader”, fetching the same line of “we must at all costs avoid be accused of anti-Semitism”. He bolstered his argument with the notion that the only thing necessary on our part is that we show people the truth about our cause, because the truth is on our side. Another great brilliant publicity opportunity down the drain.

The story of the now-infamous Rabbis of New Jersey being involved in selling organs (believed to have been snatched out of unarmed Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli soldiers) hit the world like a boulder. Mountains of evidence and eye-witness reports more than suggesting this actually was (and probably still is) an Israeli practice. But the “Rabbis and the body snatchers” is not my topic and I am not going to dig deeply into it as there are already plenty of others out there dealing with the topic and my reason for bringing it up is to illustrate something concerning the man who is afraid of being accused as an anti-Semite.

Yesterday an email came through on the list server asking people not to talk much about the organ stealing because some guy wrote an article saying that the Swedish news paper who published the article did not have solid proof that this actually took place. Again, the same line that “the truth is on our side” and we have many massacres and many catastrophes that we can continue to tell the world about and therefore we need to leave the story of the organs alone until we have solid proof it took place.

Personally I was outraged with the stupidity of this line of reasoning. Ok, call it another opinion, but the issue is this–Being a “nice guy” has gotten us NOWHERE. This thing–the story involving the organ harvesters–not only walks like a duck, it quacks, looks and spits like a duck. The darn thing even TASTES like a duck and yet this individual still wants proof.

As much as this may ruffle the feathers of a few out there (no pun intended) let me say this nevertheless to those who agree with this individual–To hell with proof. We have enough information on this to hit Israel bad with this, very bad I might add. Hit them, use it to your advantage, worry about the consequences later. Let the Israelis worry about proving it did not happen. You have one of the largest newspaper in Sweden willing to put its reputation on the line for it. They are supporting their reporter, the government of Sweden told Israel to go to hell, that they believe in Freedom of Press, and you are telling Palestinians not to fight using this weapon? You have people in Palestine testifying that their loved ones came home to them dead with missing organs. IS THEIR TESTIMONY NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? You have Rabbis arrested for selling organs that they say came from Israel. IS THE TESTIMONY OF THE US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? What about the Israeli Pathologist under investigation for stealing Palestinians organs from the morgue? What about stories of Israeli doctors cutting open Palestinians after being shot in both Gaza and the West bank and stealing their organs?

Let the Israelis prove this did not happen. In the mean time as a soldier in the field (and you are one) use the weapon given to you. As an activist your job is to fight Israeli propaganda all over the world. It is not the job of a soldier to be “nice”. You must fight with every weapon at your disposal, FEROCIOUSLY, because you can be rest assured (as we all well know) the other side is fighting with nothing but lies and deception, from the start of the Zionist movement to the present settlers movement, and you cannot tell me that they did not succeed. Meanwhile, we are carrying our truth on our backs and roaming the world telling people about it, begging for their sympathy. We are carrying the keys to our homes that we were driven from to show the world we still have our keys, but where are our homes? Yes, we are the land owners, yes, our land was confiscated, our people massacred, and driven out of the land, our trees burnt, our sheep killed, …etc. The world knows all that, and yet it is “sensational” stories like the “body snatchers” that grabs attention of people around the world and will remain in their minds as the image of Israel.

As bad as it sounds, the stories involving the organ harvesting are nothing less than a gift from God to our cause and we should not be so ungrateful to Him who sent it to us by hiding it in a closet.

In closing I would ask the reader to think back to a great movie made many decades ago about the life of one of America’s greatest military leaders, Patton. Is the opening scene, he is standing, as stiff as a tree and as strong as a mountain in front of a huge American flag as military music is playing. He is addressing the troops under his command right at the start of America’s entry into WWII. His opening lines went like this–

“Now I want you to remember, that no bastard EVER won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the OTHER poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

Patton understood that the nature of conflict requires that its participants enter into the fray with one goal in mind–To win. If you’re not in it to win, then stay out of the way. You will only become a battlefield casualty that will drain resources in the rest of us being forced to “deal” with your injury. Just as nice guys finish last, nice soldiers die first.

Likewise with those who are so timid in this battle–a battle not just for the land of Palestine, but as we can plainly see now, a battle for the soul of the entire human race—that they want to be seen as “nice”. Our goal must be TO WIN. TO LIBERATE OUR LAND AND SAVE OUR PEOPLE. Tell me please–Where are all the good Palestinian fighters around the world who came out by the scores earlier this year when Gaza was being massacred? What happened to them all? Do you need pictures of children’s body parts splattered all over TV screens to come out and defend the Palestinian cause?

Of course my hat is off to all who are working to advance the struggle of total liberation.

Remember the Mossad motto: ‘By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War’. It is (or at least SHOULD BE) now obvious to all that our enemies have no respect for the notion of “fighting nice”.

Neither should we.