The Insanity of Opening a Restaurant — April 5, 2018

Portrait of a young man standing in front of his coffee shop. Young man with beard wearing an apron  standing with her arms crossed and looking away.

I suffer from RCS (Restauranteur Compassion Syndrome)
I can’t help but notice if a restaurant is empty. I feel the helplessness and anxiety of the owner as he contemplates the hourly payroll. 
Certain restaurants are on my deathwatch. I pray for them but am relieved when finally they go to a `better place.
(See below- Response from restauranteurs who thank me for this free therapy. ) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — (Revised from April 15, 2015)

If I were starting out in life again, I would become a psychologist instead of a writer.
I would specialize in the peculiar mental derangement that causes people to open a restaurant.
Approximately 60% of restaurants fail within three years And no wonder. There are tons of restaurants competing for business.
Indeed, restaurants compete with everyone who has a kitchen and a cookbook, which is almost everyone.


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