Hypnotized Frogs Cooking in the Alphabet Soup

Dog Poet transmitting…….

Today I went to the MSM for a quick trip through the headlines. I can wake up in the morning with the voices of distant angels ringing in my ears… shoehorning back into my body, into this lodestone for the material realm. The music fades with my first cup of tea and… no matter how good I might have been feeling, every positive emotion runs screaming for the exits the moment I set my cyber-foot down on the virtual terra-squirma of the MSM.

The MSM is like one of those modern day super, mega-markets. They keep getting bigger and bigger and you wonder how there could possibly be so much food and… then you start moving up and down the aisles and you discover that there are entire aisles of nothing but potato chips, deep fried in palm oil. You see multiple aisles of nothing but soft drinks. You see ranks of cold cases stacked with processed foods and you turn over the package to read the ingredients and it’s as if everything is written in German because there are words with over 60 letters in them and you couldn’t begin to pronounce, much less understand them.

These heart attack, diabetes factories display an endless assortment of air-puffed plastic and you remember that when you were a kid you could take a whole loaf of Wonder Bread and compress it into a mass resembling a baseball, prior to bouncing it off of your brother’s head. At the massive granaries across the mid-west they leach every nutrient, vitamin and what have you out of the flour so that the rats and roaches won’t eat it. Then they pump it back in when they make the bread. Except for the vegetable department and the small area where you can buy rice and beans, I don’t have much use for these supermarkets. I don’t have any use for the MSM either but my work takes me there the way social workers find themselves in crack houses on occasion.

I come out of my brief sojourns like someone who just got a lap dance from a Cenobite. My balance is off for a few minutes and parts of my head hurt. There isn’t any news the same way there aren’t any vitamins or nutrients in the flour. They beat the truth and interest right out of every subject being reported on. You can feel the collective dismay and anger of the orcs at these sites directed toward the Reality TV Show Killer for having hung himself in a motel room and thereby robbing them of weeks of circus activity.

Generally there aren’t any authors any more. There are no more named sources, just a whole lot of people who aren’t permitted to comment on the subject who are commenting on the subject. You learn things you didn’t want to know, like the murdered ‘model’ was employed as the canvas at body painting sessions in Vegas and LA Clubs and that because her husband cut off her fingers and knocked out her teeth, they identified her by the serial numbers on her breast implants. Most of the news items seem to be about candidates for the same kind of destiny too long in coming.

You have to ask yourself, how did humanity get so bent out of shape and compelled to such embarrassments that only their incredible cluelessness prevents them from experiencing it? I can’t stay long. My system won’t take it. The real horror is not in the endless PR spins with no foothold in reality. It is in the tens of millions of people who take this for the same gospel they used to attribute to religious texts which were no less altered than the non-news of the day.

A few weeks ago I spent an hour or so skimming the higher traffic, gossip sites because I want to get a handle on what’s happening to the minds of the populace, which has put them in such a passive and accepting state of… just about anything. Boy did I feel slimed and thanked what powers there may be for not having achieved this kind of celebrity. One gossipmonger paints white cocks next to the mouths of celebrities that he doesn’t like… and worse.

The larger alternative news sites are backwoods hollers compared to the gumball machine press. Places like fox news, MSNBC, Drudge and the like are Grand Central Station at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. My little sites are backwoods hollers compared to the larger alternative news sites. Where does that leave all those people with no sites at all?

I’ve got a point here. When you take the majority interest of the majority travelers through hard copy and virtual copy of whatever information is being pumped out into the eye-ways, airways and mind-ways of the collective psyche, you find that porno; sport’s betting, video-gaming, celebrity worshipping and trivia information, along with an epidemic of manufactured news, tailored toward genocide and mass murder are the order of the day. It’s Soylent Green for the Chicken Soup Mind and is there much difference between the chickens in their pens and the zombie cannibals in theirs? The chickens don’t know that they are chickens and the zombie cannibals are just as informed.

I’d like to do a few choruses of, “Look on the Bright Side of Life” and talk about a ‘grand awakening’ that’s going to move like a wave through a sport’s stadium but… being realistic, it looks like there’s going to be something less than a majority who connects the disappearing ocean with the incoming tsunami. As usual, people will be racing about collecting shells or bitching about where the water went and in some cases calling their lawyers to sue the tour company.

I stop in at different forums, which also necessitate a shower afterwards, where I see the same endless conversations about frappe and froth and how many angels can drown in a can of decaffeinated Coke and I ask myself is this a life? Is this where all our hard work over the centuries has led us? Did we, according to some, slither out of the brine and morph through all those forms to find that the point of growing hands was chronic masturbation as the final point of the exercise. There goes humanity, dead of a heart attack in the Lazy-Boy, with it’s dick in its hand.

I have studied the matter and it does appear, from every angle, that catastrophe is both warranted and inevitable. The truly evil among us are the ones who are engaged in producing the garbage that is now the centerpiece pate. The unconsciously evil are those eating the pate and showing no interest in what it is composed of.

I find myself in the unenviable position of celebrating each outrage and absurdity as one step closer to the cleansing of the world. I know that underneath the deadly confections that block our view of one another, there are many people working for a better world. I salute you and hope it is true that “two will be standing in a field and one will be left and one will be taken”, even though I have no idea what that means for either of them.

We have seen a whole lot of bad shit done by those empowered to serve and represent us. We see them doing it in broad daylight with a smirk on their faces. They will push it as far as it will go before the whole thing snaps back on them with a rubber band dynamic. One feckless clown follows the next. The little bubbles over the heads of the hoi polloi say, “Nice suit” or, “That’s hot” as they sit in the cook pots and the thermometer rises one degree at a time.

You can stand on the corner and watch life drive by in cars and trucks. You can see life walking by you on the sidewalk. Each mind is geared toward their own pursuits and the hopes and dreams that can be realized only at the expense of another and which have already been sacrificed for the pyramid pecking order of a conspiracy that never was. It is either just what it seems or it is not what it seems and the evidence tends heavily toward the latter.

Conspiracies are the natural state of affairs, both in a personal and in a global sense. The primary conspiracy is a conspiracy of ignorance in which the majority agrees that what is happening is not happening because it rains on the parade of fools and dreamers pursuing the mist that was woven out of nothing by wizards in fortresses of smoke. There is not always smoke where there is fire but… there will be in the natural course of things.

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