Zionist Gangsterese as “Diplomacy

One can just imagine the result if–in some Middle Eastern country that had already attacked America and killed many of her people on several occasions–a mob of several thousand religious fanatics bearing lit torches gathered in the middle of the night chanting “Death to America” while threatening all sorts of apocalyptic outcomes if their demands weren’t met. Even moreso, if some of these same people had been caught on video a mere few weeks previous calling the new American president a “nigger form the town” and a “terrorist” who deserves to be “shot” for his daring to stick America’s nose into the internal affairs of this particular Middle Eastern country.

Obviously, such displays would be seen for the obvious threatening, unfriendly gestures they were. Thus, they would be blasted across the airwaves and newspaper headlines 24/7 and would be handled (both in the Jewish-controlled media and in Washington DC) in an all-too-predictable manner. The result would be that the great, God-fearing, patriotic American people would be roused and riled into a state of hysteria and shortly thereafter bombs would start flying in the direction from whence these comments were made in showing the world what happens when someone messes with the big dog.

Iran? No. Iraq? Hardly. Lebanon? Nope. Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan? No.


Yes, that’s right, dear little Israel (according to some the very headquarters of God Himself) and America’s “bestest buddy” in the whole wide world…Dear little Israel, whose people receive as much as $30 million dollars a day from the US taxpayer, affording them the “free time” necessary to gather together like white-sheet wearing members of a lynch mob and make threats against the new president if he doesn’t confess his sins, do his penance and amend his life with regards to the demands of the Jewish state.

Of course, apologists for the Jewish state–for all intents and purposes mob lawyers whose sole job is to get their client off the hook despite the fact they know he‘s guilty as hell–will of course would say no such thing took place, that no threats were made, either against America or President Obama.

That of course all depends on how threats are measured. Criminal-minded persons don’t (and usually won’t) come right out and say “do this, or I’ll do that”. They know there could be consequences associated with “clarity” such as this and therefore prefer the “subtler” approach. Call to mind two infamous scenes in the movie the Godfather illustrating this phenomenon. When Jack Woltz–the brash, loudmouth movie mogul who refuses to bend to the will of the Corleone family wakes one morning to find the head of his most prized horse Khartoum in his bed, the message being sent to him, despite no accompanying note or phone call, was crystal clear–“We can get to you, even within the safe, protective confines of your bedroom, so give us what we want…” Likewise with the scene of a package being delivered to the Corleone compound containing the bullet-proof vest of Luca Brasi (the family’s most fearsome enforcer) and two large dead fishes conveying an equally clear message–That Brasi had been “taken out of the equation” as the Corleones’ most important WMD and now rests peaceably at the bottom of the ocean.

In other words, there is a dialect used amongst criminal-minded individuals and organizations where ideas are conveyed in an instant and yet not readily recognized by the average Joe. It is the use of symbolism understood only by initiates who possess the same gift of tongues. For the Jewish state–clearly the most dangerous of all criminal organizations–sending messages in code and “speaking in tongues” to other “families” and individuals with whom it is at war (or soon will be) is a way of communicating certain threats when clarity can be a liability. Like gangsters who can neither operate in the light of day nor use clear language that can be caught on tape and used against them in a court of law (and especially if it is the court of public opinion in America) the Jewish state cannot use plain, clear, easy-to-understand language the common man can grasp in an instant such as-

”Look you black, motherfucker, give us what we want or we’ll blow your fuckin’ brains all over the place like we did to that piece of shit Jack Kennedy and his brother. Get off our backs about the settlements or we’ll burn your economy to the ground and throw your country into political and social chaos like our ancestors did to Egypt.”

No, rather, it has to be done in code, employing that same gift of tongues often used by wiseguys when conveying demands and threats to their would-be victims. They have to do it with smiles and seemingly soft language, masquerading the fact that the right hand concealed within their coat pocket holds a gun pointed right at the person being shaken down while the rest of those meandering about think it no more than a friendly conversation between two friends.

Consider then what took place at a recent rally in Jerusalem, literally right in front of the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the man so distraught over the 9/11 terror attacks and subsequent deaths of more than 3,000 Americans that he said they were “good” because they would “generate immediate sympathy for Israel”. The aforedescribed mob of religious fanatics numbering in the thousands and bearing lit torches gathered ‘round the rabbi, one Eliezer Waldman who whipped the crowd into the same kind of religious/nationalist frenzy as the High Priests did in Jesus’ time when calling for His execution, saying–

“Obama beware…This insolence will bring about the downfall of the American leadership. Anyone who dares give an order to prevent Israeli life in Jerusalem or anywhere else in the land of Israel is destined to fall…”

He went on later to say that the black American president was a “racist” and warned that if “the nigger form the town” (as Obama was described by those nice Jewish yutes in that infamous “Feeling the Hate In Jerusalem video) continues with his actions, it will result in the “disintegration” of America as a superpower.

The comments by the “good Rabbi” Waldman bear consideration here, as well as the fact that he uttered these threats literally right in front of the home of Israel‘s Prime Minister, a way of conveying to Obama the idea that all of this was taking place with official approval from the Jewish state. In the English language, the word “beware” is generally something seen on a bottle of poison or some other deadly situation and is accompanied with a skull and crossed bones. “Insolent” of course means insubordinate, meaning a lesser, inferior being has overstepped his bounds and imposed himself unlawfully upon his superior. “Destined to fall” needs no real translation. The good rebbe definitely didn’t mean President Obama was going to stub his big toe and trip as some form of divine punishment for having pushed Israel. No, the word “fall” here should be seen within the context of “the fallen”, meaning the dead.

“Disintegration” is definitely an interesting one and warrants some careful scrutiny. The synonyms listed in the dictionary are as follows–“breakdown, breakup, collapse, crumbling, dissolution”. In a more spectacular sense, the word is used with the imagery of something being blown into small pieces through some explosive force.

Now how, just how, would some rabbi be able to make such a prediction? That the US would “disintegrate” if it continued down its present path? Is he threatening that the US economy would “collapse” as almost took place on September 11, 2008 when, between the hours of 9 and 11 am $550 billion dollars was pulled out of the US money market accounts without warning in what Rep. Kanjorski called “an electronic run on the banks?”

Or is it something more dire, such as a nuclear weapon going off in an American city?

This little display on the part of wiseguy wannabes was not the first time such a thing has happened in recent history. Take for example George Bush’s visit to Israel in May 2008 just prior to the end of his reign of terror as US President. Before catching even a whiff of the smell of death pervading the air since the unholy resurrection of the Jewish state in 1948 as she began her bloody, anti-Gentile rampage against the Arab Christians and Muslims in the region, he is met at Ben Gurion airport by fanatical members of the Orthodox Rabbinate who hand him a scroll made to look like an Old Testament parchment that–for all intents and purposes–served as a “to do” list for him before he leaves the Presidency. Accompanied by numerous cryptic (but nonetheless obvious) threats, the scroll demanded that the American president declare to the entire world that “The Land of Israel was bequeathed by the Creator of the world to His people Israel, the eternal people” and that in order to “save themselves” from “certain doom” they must recognize Israel as being “the exclusive rightful inheritance” of the Jews while warning that “He who denies this truth endangers all life on earth.’ The scroll warned that if the president shirked this duty he would be “willfully aiding destruction”, reminding him about what happened to other countries in history (namely Egypt in the Old Testament) that got on the bad side of God’s chosen people. It went on to specify the targets the US was obligated to destroy–Iran, Pakistan. Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. The grand finale to it all was “God ordained that the role of the world’s nations is to strengthen the nation of Israel” and as such it was Bush’s duty to mobilize the troops under his command to “protect the nation of Israel, and remove from her any threat” ending with–“Your fate and that of all those with you hangs in the balance of the destiny of our land…’

Again, to most these words no doubt appear as rambling, borderline-incoherent Old Testament nothings from some old rabbi who really likes reliving Israel’s Glory Days of “smiting” this and that enemy. The fact of the matter however is that this was no less than a diplomatic communiqué from the Jewish state to the leader of the free world, the meat and potatoes of which was “Give us what we want or we’ll take the world down piece by piece, starting with America”.

Neither the threats handed to Bush by the Men In Black nor the recent comments of Waldman in front of Netanyahu’s residence are isolated incidents. Since the “cooling off” of America’s enthusiasm for Israel’s wars there have been other horse heads and bullet-proof vests popping up as well, and again all done in the interest of warning America what’s to come if she winds up refusing an offer she can’t refuse.

Last year, Israeli Defense Minster Ehud Barak stated that if Iran is not stopped (bombed into oblivion by the US) from acquiring nuclear technology that “it could try to attack the United States”, specifying that if the Islamic Republic built “even a primitive nuclear weapon” similar to the one used in “destroying Hiroshima” that she would “not hesitate to load it on a ship, arm it with a detonator operated by GPS and sail it into a vital port on the east coast of North America.”

–Translation–Bomb Iran for us or we will start taking out your cities with Israeli nuclear weapons one by one and then blame it on Iran.

Shortly thereafter, while campaigning for the office of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Atlantic Magazine’s Jeffrey Goldberg stated–

“You don’t want a messianic, apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs…When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying, and that is what is happening in Iran.” He then one step further in saying the Iranian nuclear challenge represents a “hinge of history” and that Western civilization “will have failed” if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

Translation–The wide-eyed believers have indeed gotten the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, and if the West does not do as we demand in going after Iran, we will launch nuclear strikes against all western powers and blame it on our enemies.

The truly interesting thing in all of this mad business is this–Someone even moderately well-versed in the bible (and in particular the Old Testament) must at some point ask the obvious question here–What in heaven’s name are they–meaning the Jews–getting so worked up about these days? Why all the panic? Have they forgotten their history, the same history they are constantly invoking when trying to justify their actions in the region?

Oh, they of little faith. Instead of wasting so much oxygen making these dire threats against America and the world, they should just go back and reread their Torah, so much the focus of how they conduct their business these days. After all, it is THE BOOK that serves as the roadmap for everything they are doing, and if they would just consult this they would see in an instant…

The Miracles…All the miracles performed on behalf of God’s “chosen”… First it is the penniless, wandering nomad named Abraham who–in addition to selling his wife into prostitution on at least 2 occasions–starts hearing voices in his head telling him he is favored above the rest of the world’s people, that he has been given some prime beachfront real estate flowing with milk and honey and that all those who smile on him will be smiled upon by God and all those who frown on him will catch holy hell. From there comes the story of Lot, the father who gave his two virgin daughters to a group of sex maniacs from the nearby city of Sodom and yet who is supposedly rewarded by God for this gesture by being warned to flee the city as it was about to be destroyed.

Then of course there is Moses…The infamous burning bush that spoke to him, telling him how God wants “His” people rescued from the oppressive whip of Pharaoh. Moses then sent back into Egypt with all sorts of new powers, turning the water into blood and bringing plagues of frogs, gnats, flies, boils, the death of all livestock and then finally the death of all the first-born. Then comes the “red carpet” treatment for God’s favorites as demonstrated by the parting of the Red Sea as they cross over into their “promised land”, followed by the pillar of fire to lead them at night and the sand storm to lead them by day, and then the manna from heaven and the water from the rock…

And on, and on, and on, and on, including the destruction of the walls of Jericho with the shouting and blasting of trumpets and subsequent slaughter of all the indigenous peoples living there.

So MANY miracles showing God’s favoritism for these people…

The inescapable conclusion of course following such an impressive list is quite simple–The Jews do not need the United States of America. They don’t need the 30 million dollars a day they receive from the American people. They don’t need their high tech weaponry, spies like Jonathon Pollard, Ben Ami Kadesh or entire NESTS of spies like AIPAC or the ADL. They don’t need to attack ships and kill US soldiers as they did on June 8th, 1967 to the USS Liberty in order to blame Egypt. They don’t need to blow up American installations as they did in 1954 in something known as the Lavon affair. They don’t to send anthrax-laden letters in the mail and write all sorts of “Ayrab” messages on it such as “Allah is great”, nor do they need to steal American technology and sell it to America’s enemies. They don’t need to engineer terrorist attacks on the US such as what took place on 9/11 in order to get the US to go and fight Israel’s enemies, nor to blackmail the US congress and resort to threats in order to extort American support for the great experiment in Jewish self rule in the Middle East. They are, after all, God’s chosen people and He will no doubt perform for them the miracles He did thousands of years ago in bringing them into the Promised Land and sustaining them.

The truth is, by engaging in all of this, the Jews are tempting the wrath of the same God who performed all these fancy-shmancy miracles for their forefathers in the past. Just as one Jewish yute named Aryeh Davis from the West Bank said in a recent interview “God is stronger than Obama”. Therefore, in that same spirit they should consider that phrase so often uttered on bumper stickers and on Christian evangelical tv programs–“Let go…Let God.”

Of course, the other obvious question that must be asked (but NEVER WILL, assuredly) is equally simple yet pertinent–Just WHERE ARE all those miracles that took place in the Old Testament? After all, God REALLY went “all out” in making sure that everyone knew unequivocally that He wanted those nice Israelites folks in that land and killing everything that moved. Talk about a helluva light show. Again, the plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, the pillar of fire at night and the windstorm during the day and the manna from heaven and the water from the rock and all the rest of it.

So where are all these statements of God’s support for this little venture today? Why must the Jews–clearly God’s favorite creatures as they are constantly alleging–resort to such crude, unsophisticated means in bringing this all about?

The answer is as obvious as a whore in a red dress at a first communion ceremony. God obviously DOESN’T want them there, otherwise he would have given them the same red carpet treatment 60 years ago that he supposedly gave them 4,000 years ago. He would smite their enemies with the same kinds of plagues, curses, diseases, and all the rest, just to make the rest of us understand how much He favored them and their little endeavor.

The idea that the God who created all life is displeased with all this corruption, criminality and suffering produced by the madness of Jewish thinking is a fact as obvious and impossible to avoid noting as a horses’ head under the bed sheets, and before it is too late mankind must retreat from the abyss of death created by this backwards, violent tribal mindset that has taken control of the world body lest all civilization wind up sleeping with the fishes, and it doesn’t take someone with the gift of tongues to recognize this.