The Jewish-Illuminati Merchant Class

The Rothschild Family Crest: Note the “Phoenix Rising”, the symbol of the Teutonic Knights. Also the two symbols of Roman Fascism, the handful of wheat and the handful of Arrows. the lion could represent the English monarchy. Also notice the “Red Shield” (Rothschild) covering the whole.

We have been discussing the Illuminati Ruling Classes as defined in Plato’s Republic.

1. The Philosopher Kings which govern over all. These are the ruling=2 0dynasties of Europe and America that are direct descendants of the once, all-powerful “Order of the Knights Templar”.

2. The Military Classes which exist to enforce the decrees of the Philosopher kings and expand their empire through military action.

Now we will will address the third, or lowest of the three Ruling Classes, the Merchant Class.

When the Knights Templar were driven underground in most of Europe, their wealth disappeared with them. Most of this made its way to Switzerland, where it still remains to this day. Unable to act as agents for themselves, the Knights Templar formed an alliance with the highest level Jews in and across Europe.

The Jews acted as Templar agents and basically handled all of their business transactions. Through intermarriage with the Templars, the alliance was made permanent. Out of these relationships was born the Banking empire of the “Rothschilds” (Red Shield)

” In 1816, four of the brothers were each ennobled by Austrian Emperor Francis I; Nathan was elevated in 1818. All of them were granted the Austrian title of baronorFreiherr on 29 September 1822. As such, some members of the family used “de” or “von” Rothschild to acknowledge the grant of nobility. In 1885, Nathan Mayer Rothschild II (1840–1915) of the London branch of the family, was granted thepeerage title Baron Rothschild in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.”

In America, the Rothschilds chose to exercise their influence through another German Jewish family, the Rockefellers. Working with still other Illuminati Jewish Bankers(Including the Lehman Brothers, the Lazard Brothers, M.M. Warburg) the Jewish Illuminati bribed and intimidated their was into the creation of our Modern Day Knights Templar Banking System, the Federal Reserve.

The United States Federal Reserve system is actually owned by the British Illuminati. The system as a whole, is designed to allow the Global conspiracy to own all real assets in the Western world. It operates by exchanging real wealth for instruments of debt.

1. Our currency: We pay the Fed (in gold bullion) for using their worthless paper. They charge us interest on every dollar in circulation. The IRS was created to collect this interest in the form of an Income tax. Both the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax were passed at about the same time. Prior to the Fed, gold and silver were legal tender currency.

2. Loans against Real Assets such as Homes and Bus inesses. The Fed controls ownership by controlling interest rates. The sub-prime mortgage was designed to have a “teaser” rate that would then go variable. This variable rate was a chance to raise interest rates, force defaults, and transfer ownership of our homes to the Global Conspiracy. So called Hedge Funds were created by the above listed banking families just for this purpose.

3. Loans against Businesses and Commercial Real-Estate. Through the use of the variable interest rates. Even more disastrous has been the Global Derivatives Market.

4. Global Derivatives, $1,000 trillion dollars in Global business Debt.Derivatives are nothing more than a license to loot and steal from Pension Plans, Retirement Funds, 401 Ks, State and local government treasuries, and Large corporations. We are witnessing the largest transfer of wealth in Global History!

Derivatives allow a companies Board of Directors, CEO and CFO to “bet against the company’s real assets with a company outsider. The company gets paid a relatively small premium to place large amounts of company money and hard assets at risk. Sadly, this bet is arranged in such a way that the outcome is know beforehand by both parties. In other words, its a “rigged” game. Derivatives have sucked our country dry as a bone and have resulted in the looting of large banks and businesses (Like CITI, AIG, and General Motors).

Understand that the Illuminati only comprise 1% of our population. The use the Jews as a protective shield against exposure and destruction. They are the ultimate Trojan Horse. I don’t believe the Jews are any more represented in this conspiracy than any other group of people (say 1-2% of the Jewish Population are Illuminati). They are however the current “shield”, or Merchant Class of the Illuminati Republic.

5. John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln were both assassinated because they threatened to dismantle the Federal Reserve System and Replace it with a currency actually printed by the government (Interest Free)