Voice of the White House August 21, 2009

“The uproar about the health care issue is a little better than disgusting. It is painfully obvious that the drug, medical and insurance industries are spending huge amounts of money bribing every Congressman they can and hiring lobbying firms to flood the country with vicious lies about the project and to add insult to injury, they have hired the weirdest collection of slack-jawed trailer park nuts to disrupt Congressional meetings and force them to drop any kind of a health bill that might deprive them of their huge profits. The worst are the large health insurance companies whose greed matches that of Phil Gramm and his gang of thieves. These assholes have squeezed their poor clients until many have had to go bankrupt. Of course no dog will drop his bone as long as there is meat on it so they do not want any change in the status quo and will spend millions to do anything they can to scrap any program that will cost them money. They are first cousins to the thieves and conmen who ran the mortgage businesses, the hedge funds and the banks and all of them are a bunch of thieving swine who have raped the public for years and during the permissive Bush years, their harvests of blood money were enormous. Walk away from money like they are making? I don’t think so. What is left of the GOP are the nuts. Anyone who thinks the religious nut Palin or the bombastic convicted drug abuser, Limbaugh represent anyone but a bunch of functional idiots who live in trailer parks and love to watch dog fights and American Idol. I personally do not think these escapees from pig farms will do more than to shove the remnants of the Republicans deeper into the muck but the sane part of American society ought to consider setting up reeducation centers in the Mohave Desert so we can all have peace and quiet…and better national health care.”

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