The Winds of Change are Blowing in from the Sea

Smoking Mirrors — April 7, 2015

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“You can tell by the kindness of a dog how a human should be.”
A year or more ago, we mentioned on these pages that this person was a scam. It appears that the truth of it has now surfaced and we are glad for that. We are glad whenever the truth makes an appearance in the midst of the madness that composes the world as we presently know it, simply because we do not know it. Ah… but it knows us. It’s a button pushing automaton that knows where our tendencies and weaknesses lie. It’s engaged in a full scale assault against our better nature and that accounts for why there is such an army of walking wounded, accompanied by zombies in the making. It’s not a pretty sight.
Here is proof positive that in the land of preeminent materialism, insanity has become full blown. There is madness in the enforcement arm of corporate controlled society and madness in the culture, as it reaches for ever greater absurdities of experience.
Then there is the odd and inexplicable, as evidenced by this. Here is one of the most powerful men in the industry, being taken in by a woman with a known track record for this kind of thing. Of course, Harvey might not have known but it is to be expected that someone like him would have people vetted. However it is happening, forces more powerful than Harvey are bringing pressure to bear and we can presume it is not just Harvey in the crosshairs. But… this is a police sting, which seems to mean that Harvey might well have been a serial offender and they brought in a pro to snare him.
Who is doing these things and do they know they are doing them or are they just more actors shifting from moment to moment in their roles, thinking themselves to be independent actors when they are not? It should be known by everyone seeking to know that power and force come from only one location, regardless of whether the thought, or the speech and the action is defined as good or evil.
It’s been stated here many times that the universe is mathematical. What this ultimately means is that everything is sorted mathematically. Evil and good both have destination points. Think of them as slot cars that must arrive at a predestined end. While they are cruising and racing in the grooves assigned to them, they imagine that they are headed in a chosen direction. They are indeed but it is not a direction chosen by them, it is chosen by the math of unshakable probability, based on cosmic action reaction result. Whatever you do has consequence. We do not operate in a vacuum. We do not operate independent of predictable results. What messes people up in this fixed, yet flexible, equation is the time stretch in respect of consequence. Sometimes it takes a long time and one comes to believe there are no consequences but I assure you there are. It would violate every law of existence for there not to be consequences good and bad to follow, dependent on whatever the original motivation and intent was.
I’m sure there are many people who will disagree with my analysis and assessment. It’s one of those things like the pope and his court torturing Galileo, as if the sun would suddenly adapt to the controlling ignorance of the time, or tormenting and burning Giordano Bruno, as if that impacted on the truth concerning celestial bodies. It didn’t. Yes, there are casualties but the truth is revealed regardless.
It seems pretty clear now that all the raving pundits, seers and fortune tellers have been wide of the mark with an amazing consistency. Practically no one has been right about anything, with the exception of some minor prediction here or there. Mostly they don’t know what they are talking about and I am guessing that is the point. I don’t expect it is going to matter much or deter them much in their continuance of error, given the level of the depth of the pervasive dream state, going on and on and on ad comatose at appetite central.
The LOOMING disaster of California, Arizona, Nevada and sundry is truly epic in their potential for nation changing impact. This is serious tragedy in the making. Were I in a position to wave a magic wand I would but I am not; subsequently, I put myself where there are great supplies of food and water but… what if shipping goes down? That would mean all sorts of amenities would no longer be on the living menu. One can survive their absence however and nothing manifest is forever.
Running out of water is only one part of the equation. California has hundreds of thousands of gang members and their affiliates. It’s got millions of poor, living on various margins and it’s got a whole lot of rich people in gated enclaves and private estates, with private armies that will do them no good whatsoever when the troubles come. I’m looking at the math and I do not see how they can solve the water issue before the inevitable reaction to its absence goes into motion.
There is theft and then, there is THEFT.
On the one hand, the powers that think they are, believe that the army and the police will be enough to maintain their idea of order. This is not the case and only a fool would think so. They are fools, however, so… we shall see. Think of the possibilities that might well come to pass. I simply do not know what to say to this. Meanwhile, the people move through the dream fog, as if none of this were hanging like some ubiquitous guillotine of Damocles over their heads.
My point is that a lot of people think they know what’s going on but they don’t and of those who might know what’s going on in some specific or partial manner, they aren’t saying anything. It could be that the wind carries the news, it often does but… who can read the wind? Certainly there are voices in Nature that speak about what happens but only very few are in a position to understand and they receive information from many strange and curious sources. Once again, they don’t say much except in cloistered circumstances.
It is a given that those playing the bad guys this go around are feeling the heat of necessity as concerns their strategies and plots. Regardless of their seeming force and appearance of power, they are traveling on shifting sands and the surface upon which they move is unpredictable because, for some reason, events are happening that are outside the scope of their control. They are finding this very difficult to understand. It just doesn’t happen but it is happening.
Arguably this is not something they would discuss in public but… like I say, the wind and other mediums carry the tale and if you were to ask me, they stink of fear and desperation and they should. As has oft been stated, it is one thing to prosper in evil, during certain portions of the Kali Yuga. It is the Nature of the times for this to be a standard and why so many of them crawl out of their dark holes during these periods. It’s a chancey thing though because at some point, Mr Apocalypse and the whole collection of archetypes change their method of presentation. As soon as this happens, the traditional forms of government and religion that have held the masses in a particular state of hypnosis begin to fade. The power moves into new forms of expression. The infrastructure begins to both crumble and rebuild. The cultures change. The powers that think they are, begin to scramble in order to gain control of all these new manifestations. They are in a schizophrenic turmoil because they are also trying to hold on to all the old forms that are slipping through their fingers.
Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can, doesn’t mean it is. Things are in flux. They are always in flux but… sometimes… they are in a state of real and dramatic change. These are such times as those. As the song says, “something’s got to give.”
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