Kundalini Fire and the Lake of Material Fire

I seldom go about looking into the information pools that make one think of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Early on I gave a lot of time to the study of The Western Mystery Tradition and the tenets of the Hindu Tradition. The confusion of terms and similarity of meaning between them is proof positive that the same system, is the same system, in all systems that work at all. There are debasements of this system and out of these come what we see of the religions of materialism, Satanism and myriad superstitions whose fruit is chaos. You might consider that what appear to be differences in the single divine schematic are merely accommodations to culture and different times.

I’m going to link something today which is fairly long and I have just finished reading all of it. You may read it all or you may skim it but you will find that there is quite a lot of information and some of it you have not encountered before. I am putting this here by way of explanation for why I am consistently positive about what lies ahead. I feel as I did before I read it because it just confirms what I have believed all along. That said, the next thing to say is, “I don’t know.” In The Bible we are told that God will “come like a thief in the night.” This is an important point to remember. No one knows the appointed hour and the whole of the circumstance is not fixed. It is in flux. Much of what we will be and what will be is dependent on what we think and do in the moment.

There is an obvious fixity to things. One has only to look into the Heavens on any clear night to see that there is an order there. At the same time, everything is moving… this shows that change is the cornerstone of existence. How we change… and in what direction, has a great deal to do with our intention. There is a certain latitude within what is fixed. Never has our intention been as important as it is now. We are on the verge of immense possibility. This is also why it is so hard. The ancient forces of ignorance and materialism are at war with the urge for liberation. Think of it as something like the relationship between gravity and anything that attempts to fly.

You will notice as you are reading the link that, in every example, the indication is one of positive result. My personal experiences in this life and in relation to my activated Kundalini bears out the majority of what I read in this link. If I were to depart at all from what I have read it would be to say that prediction is one of those things where the divine intends to surprise you and, in the process, inform you that you do not know. It is coming, to be sure, but when that is… we can only be watchful according to the mysterious ways of what lies beyond our comprehension.

The world as it is today is living proof of life gone wrong. It wallows in it and parades it before us, encouraging us to join in the revelry; performing the death dance of that which fades. So it is that some are amassing fortunes at the expense of others. So it is that all manner of evils proliferate and are justified by intricate argument among reasonable men and women. Within the convolutions of their endless lies their attention is always upon their wallets. They are going to find that their wallets are empty.

All who despair in these times and who feel that the coming result will be one of chaos and horror are suffering from a simple malady. They have their eyes and minds fixed overlong upon the world of appearances. In respect of the world of appearances it is correct to say that this world, as we know it, is doomed but… the world of appearances is not the only world. Even here it is not the only world. It is a common mistake to believe that the disorder one sees is the true state of affairs. It is the true state of affairs only in regard to the temporary. What we see has been bound for destruction for a long time. The only question that exists for any of us is how much a part of it we are. If you are a committed part of the world of error then you may be sure that error is soon to experience correction. It comes to correction by going as far out of balance as is needed to trigger the scales.

The most important point to keep in mind is that in this time there is the possibility of rapid advancement. One can accomplish things in this time that would be impossible at any other time. This is where our concern should lie. Our concern should not rest on anxiety for judgment performed on the wicked. They are busy with that on their own. Their every device both leads and exposes them on the way. You can see it happening right in front of you on this very day. What we are seeing is going to increase in intensity. It is going to become much more intense as it approaches its resolution.

Various mysteries which have been concealed in plain sight are going to unveil. The reason for the survival of ancient structures; pyramids and the like are going to give up their secrets. It is quite possible that there are many who will see none of it, or… it may be revealed for all to see. It is impossible to know what the one mind has in mind for the looming spectacle of the end of this age and the beginning of that age.

There is a vast darkness across the human mind in the moment and the only options of the moment are to strive within and to practice an awareness of what may seem to be invisible and out of reach. We are presently like a seed unfurling in the Earth and pressing up through the darkness of the soil in search of the light. Some are reaping what they value from the marketplace above and some are pressing forth ‘as the value’ that will soon break the surface of the soil to the wonder of all; especially so for those who are engaged in harvesting the temporary.

All the ordinary things are out of wack at the moment and that is why there is such pressure and distress. The point of this pressure and distress is to serve the seeking soul with the power to drive up and within. It is not meant for the use of fighting against appearances. These things take care of themselves. When the leaves are meant to fall they fall. When the rain wants to come it will and so on and so forth.

Time has been altered and there is much less of it as it has speeded up in its approach toward the moment. We need to take all of these forces and channel them in the direction we wish to go; otherwise we are wrestling with an anaconda. We are wrestling with ourselves instead of working with ourselves. One of the primary efforts where our attention must be placed is in the unification of our various separate selves for a single purpose. We are a collection of different identities that emerge for different experiences and appetites and they need to come together in a single focus and some need to be discarded altogether. It is hard to discard what one does not understand, which is why self-inquiry is of paramount importance.

In this particular time, any effort made will pay out massive dividends; just as Goldman Sachs is reaping its own temporary dividends in such large amounts… as above, so below. It is precisely because it is so difficult in the moment that the return is so great. We are breaking the crust of very old limitations and ignorance. On a positive note, we should remember that the seed will find its way under the power within it, even through concrete.

The more we are joined in common purpose with the common purpose of our uncommon goal… the greater will be our capacity to engage. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know but I am confirming it and that… I know from my own experience, is a very good thing. If it were an easy task then everyone would waltz through the door in the last moment after showering off the evidence of their final, farewell coupling.

Look at the wide, wide distance between the blind, material groping in the world of fire and fear and the sure and certain path upon which so few are progressing. God does not have a Twitter account. Powerful entities are in attendance for all manner of assistance. One has to accept this as so because of the present state of the power of appearances. Appearances are deceiving. You have heard this many times before. You know it to be true. Believe it.

Original source: http://lesvisible.blogspot.com/2009/08/kundalini-rising-and-lake-of-material.html

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