Kate Gosselin and the SPLC Gang in Disneyland

I’ve noted lately that you can’t go to an MSM latrine trench without coming across little scrawls of graffiti like this, “How is Kate Gosselin feeling?” Whoever this person is, they are all over the place. If you type it into a search engine, your first choice in the drop down menu is, ‘Kate Gosselin hair’ followed by; parents, tummy tuck, bad press and… she’s got recipes too. It seems that Gosselin is the mother of sextuplets and a reality TV star along with an estranged husband. I didn’t look any deeper because of the nausea factor.

My going to the MSM is a sort of necessary evil and I keep it to a minimum. I go there to see what shape the lies are taking in the particular time in which I am reading them and this gives me something similar to the Time Monks in terms of predicting events. Of course, I have nowhere near the hardware, elves or savvy that the Time Monks have but I can still read between the lines to some degree. I get information from the twist put on news events, real or imagined and I get information from what’s not being said but of which I am aware through other mediums.

It soon becomes obvious that Nimrods, with the mental acuity of a hedge hog, like the Gosselin brood …are there for the train wreck factor. It’s something stupid which is designed to keep the large body of stupids, who follow things like this, distracted from the truly horrible circumstances that are being erected around their doomed existences.

Twitter and The Gosselins are not accidents. What the Disney department of MK-Ultra did with Britney Spears, Timberlake and Aguilera was no accident. This is all by design. The creation of (Klaus) Barbie and Ken clones on the one hand and the loosing of all moral restraint on the other in every area of the entertainment world is not an accident. This is designed to confuse the inner and outer self by contradicting what you see with what you hear. It’s like someone incessantly tickling your genitals and telling you it is bad. This is why they set Spears up as a model virgin and then turned her into a public pig. Think about it.
You will note that we are never told which Mk-Ultra Disney agents are designing the fodder. We aren’t told who wrote The Patriot Act or who the principals behind the putsch of political correctness are. We aren’t given the faces and the names of the people who write the policies behind major social and political changes. Who decided to build the FEMA camps? Who authorized all of the coffin liners by the roadside? Who is pushing for mandatory flu inoculation? What are the names of the people who are promoting the plague of fascist enterprise across the globe? It’s not Howdy Doody Obama. He’s just the latest stooge, front man.

These days we know who did 9/11 and that is elements in the CIA and other intelligence services in tandem with Mossad. We know who crashed the financial system and that is Goldman Sachs in tandem with certain fellow travelers. We now know that representatives of Goldman Sachs are in all the key positions in the Howdy Doody administration where finance is concerned. We know who instigated the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and that is Israel. It is they who are now pressing to open the door to World War 3 with an assault on Iran.

Who are these other groups and individuals that are working within the social and cultural frameworks? Who is behind the changes in police behavior over the last ten years? Who is drafting the increasingly absurd laws that limit human expression? There are faces and names just like there are faces and names which consistently repeat when one investigates the Dutroux and Jersey affairs.

We know the public faces of those dancing around on the snake oil wagon but… who is putting the small pox in the blankets? Who brought the whiskey on to the reservation?

The one thing you begin to notice is the dreadful irony that constantly appears when you look into something instead of at it. Take a little time and search out what Morris Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center had to say about militias shortly before the Oklahoma City bombing. Take a look at how he takes credit for predicting militia involvement in terror activity. Keep looking and note the connections between Dees and Elohim City. Now look at the cat screech fever of the moment as Dees’s rails against militias again.

Read about the Missouri, “Modern Militia Movement” doc written for law enforcement and guess whose name appears once again? Note the recent appearance of militia concerns across the nation as reported in the MSM and by those whose agendas are served by creating a re-constituted boogeyman.

Think about all of the Halloween characters who are now dancing in your living room window. They dance on strings and they pop up out of boxes like demented Henson puppets. Welcome to the 24/7 all Fear Network. Switch the channel and spend some time at the all Disinfo Channel. Then you can scoot on over to the all Gosselin channel and hear the heart rending “Tale of the Tummy Tuck”. I want the names of the people who made the decision to present us with this blood and shit spectacle.

I’ve given you some cause to think about at least one of the players here today. Real FBI evidence (snicker) is there to be seen and there’s a lot more where that came from.

The stage hands, gaffers and grips are hauling and hammering. The scene painters are busy. The time is approaching because the situation is not unlike where it was when The Segway Kid was right here in his first term. They are chatting up the perpetrators and the patsies are already with the makeup people. The financial climate and signs of social unrest are the perfect soil for the needs of the moment.

Let’s start naming names. Let’s start connecting the dots. For all of you in your living rooms there is a home version of our game in which you can play right along. Every time some talking head comes on the TV and immediately begins lying about something, you are supposed to say, “Bullshit!” and then immediately inquire as to what is being said by not being said. In most cases you can assume the opposite of whatever you are told. When the president or one of his goblin posse starts talking, you say, “Bullshit!” Anytime some lamprey in a suit says anything, say, “Bullshit!” If your circumstances make that undesirable then think it out loud.

When you see senators and congressmen interrogating members of the Federal Reserve; Goldman Sachs or any other Swine Flu operation, you should remember that as soon as the program ends they will have their clothes off and be rolling around with each other in a gigantic sty filled with heated blood, oil and shit. When you see Randy Cunningham sent to prison you have to ask yourself if you know all there is to know about what happened there. Ask yourself who Randy pissed off.

The people who arranged for Janet Jackson’s tit to stage a prison break are having dinner with the people who wrote The Patriot Act. The people who gave you herpes of the mind are the same people selling you temporary relief.

These people are in an increasingly desperate state. Something they didn’t expect is now inside their heads telling them to expect a visit. In their arrogant desire to display their power before the Schmoos they have hung themselves out to dry on their own washing lines. This does not put them in a good mood. It’s that old cornered rat thing.

You have seen them screw up the world beyond all recognition but that is nothing compared to what they have in mind to save themselves and that’s not going to happen.

Alas… there are many among us who have opted to stay the course on Fantasy Island even after Doctor Moreau sets up his practice. There is little you can do about this. This is their choice. Don’t let it be your choice too.

Surfer Joe

New Shangrila

Original source: http://zippittydodah.blogspot.com/2009/08/kate-gosselin-and-splc-terror-gang-in.html

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