Philosopher Kings Part II: The Templars Revenge

During and following their brutal Inquisition, the Knights Templar migrated to, or infiltrated the other religious orders, which they could easily control with their great wealth and large numbers. (Remember, the Knights Templar were the largest of all the other orders.) :

1. Switzerland: Where they established the Swiss Banking system and integrated into the order of the Knights Hospitallers. Thus we can trace the missing wealth of the Templars to the secret vaults of the banks of Switzerland. This makes Switzerland the world capital of Templar power. The same Templar power that is now organizing our New World order; created Communism; created Fascism and now seeks to merge the two systems into one. Its no wonder that the Swiss have enjoyed neutrality in the past World Wars! No servant, not even Adolf Hitler, would turn against his Masters! Thus, the small State of Switzerland has never been invaded by a foreign power in recent history. Another interesting tidbit is that the Pope is “protected” by the “Swiss Guard”. Calvinism had its start in Switzerland.

The infamous Iron Cross. The Nazis sign of loyalty to their Swiss Masters?

The Knights Hospitallers became the “Knights of Malta”.

2. England: Although they infiltrated/joined the Hospitallers in Switzerland, they destroyed them and their buildings (once Templar sanctuaries) in England 100 years after the order was disbanded. Thus proving the existence of a multi-generational conspiracy. The leader of this Templar revolution was nicknamed “The Tyler” (Masonic origins) and it disappeared as quickly as it rose. The Templars, with their vast wealth, became the Monarchy and Aristocracy of England. They were behind King Henry’s rebellion against Rome and the founding of the Anglican Church (anti-Catholic). It is no wonder that Queen Elizabeth called on the Templar Pirates (flying the “skull and bones” to “pick off” Spanish vessels from the New World laden with gold. Simple research into the family crests ofEngland’s Monarchy and Aristocracy should show Templar lineage.

East German flag (Communist) Note the same eagle in the center that is on the Teutonic Knight’s seal.

Emblem of the Teutonic Knights. A Phoenix rising?

3. Germany: In Germany the Templars joined up with the Teutonic Knights. The Germanic States were the home base of the Protestant Revolution and Martin Luther. (Anti-Catholic). All Three of Germany’s Reichs were created by the Knights. Hitler used their symbolism and the flags of Germany are Templar Colors with sybolism (in the case of former East Germany).

“German nationalism often invoked the imagery of the Teutonic Knights, especially in the context of territorial conquest from eastern neighbours of Germany and conflict with nations of Slavic origins, who were considered by German nationalists to be of lower development and of inferior culture. The German historian Heinrich von Treitschke used imagery of the Teutonic Knights to promote pro-German and anti-Polish rhetoric. Such imagery and symbols were adopted by many middle-class Germans who supported German nationalism. The converse was also true for Polish nationalism, which used the Teutonic Knights as a symbolic short-hand for Germans in general, conflating the two into an easily recognizable image of the hostile ‘Other.'[citation needed] During the Weimar Republic, associations and organisations of this nature contributed to laying the groundwork for the formation of Nazi Germany.[23]

Emperor William II of Germany posed for a photo in 1902 in the garb of a monk from the Teutonic Order, climbing up the stairs in the reconstructed Marienburg Castle as a symbol of the German Empire’s policy.[23] During World War II, Nazi propaganda and ideology made frequent use of the Teutonic Knights’ imagery, as the Nazis sought to depict the Knights’ actions as a forerunner of the Nazi conquests for Lebensraum.Heinrich Himmler tried to idealize the SS as a 20th century incarnation of the medieval knights.[24]

However, in spite of these references to the Teutonic Order’s history in the propaganda, the Order itself was abolished in 1938 and its members were persecuted by the Nazi regime[25] (Source)

4. In France, hated France, bastion of the Templar Inquisition, revenge for the Templars didn’t come until the French Revolution when they effectively destroyed the French monarchy, the Roman Catholic Church and the Aristocracy. Interestingly enough they replaced religion with philosophy and deism (the belief of a “rational” supreme being and Greek philosophy) all Masonic and Templar beliefs. The “Illuminati” were a creation of the hidden Knights Templar. Another mask as it were. Founded in 1776, they played a major role throughout the revolution until today.

Napoleon Bonaparte, like Hitler and Karl Marx, was a Templar creation designed to root out the last vestages of Monarchy and Religion. It was his role to carry the Templar “secular humanism” to the rest of Europe. His visit to Egypt testifies to his interest in the Templar/Egyptian deities of Set and Osiris as well as the “Black Madonna” (Isis). Perhaps his mission was to continue the Knights search for “wisdom” in the Holy land.

The French Revolution followed the Illuminati Templar model of the Phoenix Rising (Lucifer the Light Bearer/Horus) out of the ashes of violent and total revolution in a Templar corrupted Society (Satanism/Set).

Yes, “Lucifer/Horus/the all-seeing eye. The giver of philosophy, Science and rational thought. The Templar ideal learnt from King Solomon of old and the ancient Egyptian Fascists. First society will be corrupted through the powers of Isis (lust) and then destroyed through the power of Satan/Set.

Welcome to the New “Templar World Order”. A world that you are not invited too unless you are on their list. Otherwise, you are nothing more to them than a Satanic sacrifice that will release the powers of Lucifer (the phoenix).