Political Donors Control US Universities

Susan L. — henrymakow.com April 2, 2015

Board of Regents, aka political bagmen. Click to enlarge

Board of Regents, aka political bagmen. Click to enlarge

Public education has never followed a democratic model. Universities are governed by an incorporated entity called the Board of Regents (BOR).
The role of the BOR is codified into each state constitution and, has powers that far exceed elected politicians. In fact, this entity has been called, “a fourth branch of the state government (1).”
This branch of state government is a silent, insidious force that has governed all higher education in the USA for almost two centuries.
‘Silent’ because most persons would never be able to identify the power behind a university president. ‘Insidious’ because they rule by appointment and could care less about any individual student or employee.
These appointed rulers of the education culture are owned by the governor and the political PAC to whom he or she owes favors. Think monarchy…because this system is a carryover from old British law. Think authoritarian…because no matter how benign a BOR member appears to be…your voice doesn’t count; not now…not ever.
I speak from experience. I cannot tell you how many times that I appeared before the BOR at my former university; presenting documentation, testimony and evidence of ongoing corruption by the university president and yet… they never did anything.
The chairperson of the BOR at the time was Tony Trujillo, the main NM lobbyist for Freeport -MacMoran…the largest mining conglomerate in the world.
Why should they? Eventually, I helped produce a documentary that revealed how a number of students (including myself) who were exposed to lead and asbestos contamination in our housing units.
This was the only university that the Environmental Protection Agency ever investigated and sanctioned. As a result of that action, I became a targeted individual on campus and lived in danger for many years. Eventually, I was illegally arrested, beaten up in front of my seven year old son, dragged in handcuffs, hospitalized, discredited, had false felony charges, tried my own cases and won.


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