That Great Opportunity to be One of the Luckiest Souls on Earth

Visible Origami — March 25, 2015

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You know you are in the Kali Yuga when a dog is man’s best friend.
Let me start out linking up an article that I came across yesterday They’ve been pushing this kind of thing for awhile now and you know whose money is behind this. It’s the people who own the mediums where this viewpoint is being proliferated. It’s a Tribe & Satanic enterprise, which is ironic because, they have this thing where they insist they are chosen by the god they don’t believe in. This posting is not about them except peripherally. They may come in and out of this posting and maybe there will be no further mention of them. Oh wait! Of course there will, obliquely, given I have a couple of directions to go in here.
Anyway, I want to draw your attention to the yadda yadda given by these people for why they don’t believe in the divine and… like clockwork, or kitchen mold, it always repeats itself; the numbers don’t change and it always turns out to be the same thing. It’s not about the divine. It’s about religion. I’ve probably got less use for religion than they do because in general, I know more about it; meaning that they have a superficial understanding (by choice) and I have a more nuanced awareness, due to research. It’s to be expected that they wouldn’t know much about it, given how little interest they have in it.
Let’s not presume here that I think I am any kind of expert at this very complex subject. I’m just saying that it is likely I understand the phenomenon better than the people in this article. In any case, it doesn’t matter if I do or I don’t. The point is that none of them have said anything about the divine. It’s all about religion. I’ve brought this up before.
You might also notice how most of them talk about being nice to other people as if they themselves were a religion, or a god; which is what I think the point is. A lot of these people are actors. Actors are more self involved and narcissistic than anyone but politicians and religious figures; wait a minute, those are all actors, so it changes nothing.
The reason I am even bringing this up is because of the mention of the power of appearances in recent postings. Here are some classic examples of where intelligence means nothing in terms of understanding reality. Intelligence is simply a tool that gives you a greater ability to create your own reality which, of course, is not reality. I am constantly amused at these people who know what they don’t know and they will defend to the death their right to believe in and promote it.
Of course, religion has been off the rails for many, many centuries. It’s the manifest business and social control end of something is has almost no connection to. When you bottom line it, it always comes down to too many people being too stupid and self serving. This gives the manipulators the handle to maintain society in a state of managed disorder, while reaping corporation like profits out of the pockets of rank and file Dodo Birds. Here’s a little illustration; the evangelical movement operates out of the mechanism of controlled hysteria. What they do is play to the emotions, which they cynically inflame for their own benefit. They wrap people up in these constructs of rapture, exclusivity and subjectivity, in order to herd them toward support of the political arm of the equation, so they get these, ostensibly, loving and charitable souls to back the war machine a la “Onward Christian Blockhead Soldiers”. They then imagine they are giving their lives and their resources for the great shining Christ or Mohammad in the sky; where they will go when they die and meanwhile living and acting in a completely hypocritical fashion, in opposition to most everything their master taught.
In an age of self interest, there are thousands upon thousands of people who consider themselves educated and intelligent and they aren’t going to buy into the existence of a creator for one New York minute, thereby making themselves into those chronically afflicted by the ‘Baby and Bathwater Syndrome’. Of course, most of what they say is true on the face of it. This is all cleverly put together by the Prince of Darkness to lead these puffed up pastries into great spiritual danger.
The endless march of pedophile priests across the headlines; the daily trumpeting of Muslim extremists (in the employ of Israel and Western intelligence) engaged in acts of outrage, the big haired preachers with the gold Rolexes and all the permutations of insanity that are being displayed by religious icons and systems has not come about by accident. It is all orchestrated; by whose hand? Well, I don’t suppose I have to detail that yet again, as I have already done this ad infinitum but… let me once again state; The Devil works for God. This is all for the purpose of demon-stration to show who is worthy and who is not. More specifically it is part of a cosmic computer program that has to do with after life routing. It is part of a galaxy wide transit system that ranks people according to the quality of their hearts and the clarity of their minds and then… color coded, they are sent on to the regions where their lessons can be most effectively learned, or where their punishments and rewards can be meted out.
I don’t need to prove or disprove the existence of the ineffable any more than I need to argue about the presence of the sun in the sky. I ONLY have to prove things to myself. If another should choose to believe as I do, fine. If they choose not to… fine. That is not my affair to sort out in the minds of those opposed, the nature of truth, HOWEVER it may actually be. This is an individual affair. You CANNOT force people to believe something they are resistant to. Well… yes you can but… that is not my department.
Easter is about ten days away. It is perhaps my favorite day of the year, along with Christmas. I use these terms for ease of association but I recognize that parallels for these exist in every enduring religious system. You could say they are simply religious and cultural variations upon the worship and celebration of cycles in Nature. They are; solstices and equinoxes, continuously engaged in rinse and repeat… all part of the universal laundry system and all a part of the Karmic system of going through the motions of getting whiter whites and brighter colors. If you didn’t have Karma, the whole drama would have a remarkably different appearance. It might have no appearance at all, or it might be something entirely different because YOU would be entirely different.
Sometimes is can be very nice down here and sometimes it is dreadful and sometimes you are very nice and sometimes you are dreadful. Sometimes this is individually displayed and sometimes it is expressed in much larger collectives and sometimes it is both. At the moment it is both; exemplified by there being so many billions here who forgot why they came, or who were compelled to come for The Great Harvesting.
If your concern is to wallow in Material Culture, then that will determine your forward progress. If you are one of that smaller amount who struggle against various conditions of Material Culture; both outside and inside of yourself, your struggle will determine your forward progress. It is a Grand Deception and it is a game. It is a system of checks and balances; a REAL system of checks and balances and it is a battlefield of warring elements, demonstrated to perfection by what takes place in your own personal battlefield. Make peace there and you will have peace everywhere. Those who have mastered themselves have no need to fear ANY conditions that might occur out here; “If god is for me then who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.”
Like I said… I like Easter very much; not because I intend to attend some sunrise ceremony somewhere because if I do it won’t be somewhere, it will be right where I am… but it is because of what it symbolizes. It symbolizes the triumph of spirit over matter. It symbolizes liberation. It is evidence of what is possible and what has also been achieved some number of times by souls like yourselves, following in the footsteps of the great one, who accomplished it so that we might know it is possible.
Atheism and ignorance go hand in hand. That there is a divine presence can be seen in everything, should one choose to. Absence of the same can also be seen in everything if you choose to. I have had it proven to me more times than I can even remember; ergo I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world, despite all of my considerable hardships, I am one of the luckiest men in the world.
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