Children’s Revelations Prove Satanists Control UK — March 21, 2015

(A one-hour compilation of videos taken by the mother and her partner in early September 2014. Barnet police took the children away from the mother on September 11 and were preparing to arrest the mother when she fled the UK.)
Two children named Alisa and Gabriel told their mother they were involved in sexual abuse and had witnessed the ritualistic murder of babies by their biological father, Ricky Dearman, the leader of a satanic cult. They described the decapitation of babies, drinking of blood and eating the dead babies. Routine sex parties at their school involved teachers, administrators, some 20 other children, and hundreds of parents involved with the cult. London police and social services are involved and are trying to cover up the case.
Latest! Satanist Judge and Media Protect Satanic Child Killers; Charge Mother: “An evil mother tortured her children to make up sickening allegations about a satanic cult based at a primary school in the midst of a seething child contact dispute, a High Court judge ruled March 19.” The Daily Mail

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Two UK siblings, 9 year old Alisa (A) and 8 year old Gabriel (G), recently appeared in Youtube videos titled “Papa kills babies.” Both children describe how they had been involved in sexual abuse by adults, including their father, along with teachers and parents and 20 “special” children at the school they attended, Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, London. (The children also report that many other schools in Hampstead also engage in satanic/sexual abuse.)

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