The Case of the Painful Kidney Affair

Regular readers here know that the reason I’ve been les visible for about ten days is because I was under attack from a fairly large kidney stone of about 6 mm. I had to go to the hospital because the pain was serious and I endured it for as long as I could and then I went running over to the laboratories of the dark side for some detachment from my state.

I saw first hand what people in the United States have to endure simply because I was not in the United States. I have an ‘artist’s health program’ which runs me about 100 Euro a month. I went to a bright neighborhood hospital which was pleasant in every respect except in the respect of treatment or understanding of medical conditions. The doctor wanted to put a ‘stint’ into my kidney line for the free flow of urine and then to wait a period of time so that he could puncture the kidney and extract the stone. There are a number of possible serious side effects to this venture and I said that I would take my chances on my own devices.

I had asked him to pulverize the stone with ultra sound but he gave me the argument that, because of where the stone was located there was pelvic bone in the way. I immediately ‘smelt’ something from this but didn’t get into it. When I waited outside his office the day I left, I saw a couple of older gentlemen with bags hanging on their sides that had some amount of bloody water flowing into their bags. I assumed this might be my fate at this doctor’s hands. So… me and Snaggle-Kidney made an “exit, stage right”.

Back home checking out alternative cures on the internet and finding, in no particular order… drink 2 liters of Coca-Cola in 2 hours and then drink pureed steamed asparagus. Since I can’t stand commercial soft drinks this was very unpleasant. Next it was, drink 2 ounces of extra virgin olive oil (I happen to have about a hundred and twenty five liters of that in the house) and 2 ounces of pure lemon juice. People complain about the nausea side of this. This one didn’t bother me at all. Next, prepare and drink celery seed tea. This proved to be a major diuretic. Meanwhile I was taking these homeopathic pills of asparagus and magnesium/phosphorium. These cause significant pain so after about a week I back off of this. Then there is the, ‘jump up and down method’ where you leap into the air and come down hard with joints locked. This sends all household animals crawling under beds and desks.

The pain medication that I had was nausea causing which led to my not being able to eat for days at a time which made it more difficult to take the various treatments because of the nausea attendant. This morning I found a soft off-white stone in the bathroom sink where I had been urinating for various reasons (cue the Lenny Bruce skit, “Are you pissing in the sink Lenny? I know you’re pissing in the sink”). I had passed gall stones before, using a yogic treatment… this seemed to be of the same composition (except larger) and so… I am suspecting this is the culprit as I have had no pain since.

In the process of learning about the treatments I was able to read the horror stories of those who have experienced this dreadful state. For some of them it is a routine occurrence. Do to my dietary awareness and other things I have avoided this until now. I learned that in the U.S a single CT scan can cost thousands of dollars. I got two with no problem and no charge. I learned that the ultra sound method for pulverizing the stone can cost up to fourteen thousand dollars and I suspect that is what stayed the hand of my doctor at the clinic. I stayed in the hospital for two days and underwent various blood and fluids tests as well as the CT’s and x-rays and the cost was ten Euro for each day in hospital.

Reading about all of the trial and pain endured by hundreds of sufferers who found relief through alternative medicine it is very clear to me why the medical community insists on their barbaric modalities. It’s about the money, honey. They get rich by subjecting you to unnecessary surgical events which tie in to recuperative and pharmaceutical expenses. It takes no time at all (in the U.S.) to rack up tens of thousands of dollars of charges for dangerous, stone age practices that are in place for only one reason… money.

As with my recent search for Vitamin K, I came up against a similar roadblock in all directions concerning kidney stone relief. All the naturopaths were on vacation and I was stymied coming and going. The last two nights I had very colorful and up close dreams about an organized band of werewolves from another dimension; no doubt there were vampires too and I was told that my kidney stone was the direct result of my meddling on extra-dimensional platforms in my K sessions. Apparently what I was doing was seriously messing with their ‘business as usual’ predatory activities on the human race. I have direct personal evidence of this but as to whether the dreams actually meant anything I wouldn’t venture to guess. I’m just throwing out what I ran into and it could be delusion, although… delusion doesn’t usually corroborate itself in ‘running alongside’ ancillary events.

People can make what they want of that last paragraph but keep in mind that I am up to some arcane things within the limits of my ability and have a particular aptitude for things that are not in the general area of operations. Or… I could be bat-shit crazy, though I suspect it is a combination of the two with the emphasis on the first part. In this last year I’ve been engaged in things I couldn’t begin to talk about here or anywhere and there’s no point in putting challenges on my credibility in other areas because of what I may be up to in private.

My recommendation to everyone is to stay in the area of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine as well as homeopathy and related services and stay away from allopathic procedures altogether. I used to say that, “at least they are useful for broken limbs”, until I broke my leg and they messed that up. Now I don’t think they’re much good for anything except possibly diagnostics related to hi-tech gadgetry. Luckily my aerodynamic martial arts needs had been sublimated into purely defensive realities by this time and I had taken the admonition to, ‘never kick higher than your waist’ to heart.

It’s been a few hours since I started this; stopping and going to attend to things I had not been able to attend to for about ten days as well as sitting in a hot bath and eating, which I’d done precious little of for a week and still, no pain so… hopeful here that some grace has come my way.

I got the impression that I went through this to protect me from certain dangers further up the line though how that might be I have no idea. I am mostly happy that I was able to maintain some sense of humor during the trial and did not become deranged and abusive from the hammer drill cycling of the period. It’s easy to lose your temper in the frustration of a situation that brings not only pain but that looming uncertainty which shows up whenever we think our faith is strong enough to carry us and we find that nothing about us is strong enough to carry us but that something is.

I’ll leave this at what it is now and think about what I’m going to have to say at smoking mirrors which is probably going to be about this bit of raging, parasitical two legged swine flu epidemic.

Good luck to you all and to all a good afternoon.

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