Did Hitler Betray Rudolf Hess (and Germany)?

Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com from April 3, 2013

Hitler sent his deputy,  Rudolf Hess (right), as his personal representative to negotiate peace with Britain, it's claimed. Click to enlarge

Hitler sent his deputy, Rudolf Hess (right), as his personal representative to negotiate peace with Britain, it’s claimed. Click to enlarge

According to former Nazi officials, Rudolf Hess was following Hitler’s orders when he flew to Scotland in May 1941 with an offer to reverse Nazi victories in Western Europe in exchange for peace and a free hand in the East.
When Churchill rejected this offer, Hitler pretended that Hess was insane and acted on his own initiative.
Frank Brandenburg is the author of Quest: Searching for the Truth of Germany’s Nazi Past (1992).  Around 1980, he spoke to Hess’ wife Ilse, as well as many other Nazis who made a convincing case  that Hess’s mission was in fact authorized by the Fuhrer.
“My husband would not have acted without the Fuhrer’s consent,”  Mrs. Hess said. “My husband was totally loyal to the Fuhrer.” (263-264)
Her conviction was confirmed by Hitler’s personal pilot Hans Baur who said Hess had been given secret map codes in Hitler’s possession. (260) Hess’ closest associate Ernst Wilhelm Bohle said he translated Hitler’s offer into English. (271-2)
SS General Karl Wolff said Hitler’s outrage was a “show.”  Wolff was at a meeting with Hitler at the Berghof when the news of Hess’s flight to England was brought to him. “The Fuhrer threw a terrible temper tantrum…he put on quite a show…the Fuhrer was an accomplished actor when he wanted to be…” (246)
More telling is the fact that Hitler punished many of Hess’s minor associates but not his family nor Boehle. When you think about it, Hess would never have tried to usurp peace-making powers from Hitler nor left his family as hostages.
Nevertheless the Powers That Be have succeeded in making Hess out to be a lunatic rather than an idealistic peacemaker.  They have managed to bury Brandenburg’s book. It was published by a tiny publisher of military books, Presidio, in Novato CA in 1990. In 2002, Presidio was bought by Random House which is owned by Bertelsmann. You can bet Bertelsmann is controlled by the Illuminati.
Louis Kilzer’s “Hitler’s Traitor,” which outed Martin Bormann as an Illuminati agent, was also published by Presidio. Both books were hardly reviewed and are now out of print.


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