Betty Friedan: How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal — Jan 3, 2017

Betty FriedanThe truth stares us in the face but we are blinded by mental conditioning.
Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult which subverts its members by promoting promiscuity and gender confusion. First, it made some Jews sick and through them (and Freemasons) it has subverted the planet. 
They “corrupt in order to rule.” They control us by making us sick, physically or psychologically. This is satanic possession. Sin is their MOIlluminati Jews and top Freemasons (Hollywood, etc.) are Satan’s missionaries. The goyim have been trained like Pavlov’s Dogs to eschew anything that smacks of “anti Semitism.” But to identify a pernicious influence is not the same as condemning all Jews.

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By Henry Makow Ph.D.(Slightly revised from April 21, 2007)

In the 1950’s, the founder of modern feminism had a serious inferiority complex. At parties she would introduce herself: “I’m Betty Friedan — and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Smith.”
Friedan’s mother had made her feel inadequate as a female. In her candid autobiography, “My Life So Far” (2000) Friedan (born, Betty Naomi Goldstein) says that no matter what she did, her mother made her feel “messy, clumsy, inadequate, bad, naughty, ugly.” (26)
Friedan spent years in psychoanalysis “talking endlessly about how I hated my mother and how she had killed my father.” (121)
“All mothers should be drowned at birth,” she used to say in her 20’s. (131)
Isn’t this a precursor of feminism?
Her mother, Miriam Horowitz Goldstein was the spoiled daughter of a doctor who at 20 made a loveless marriage to “an older Jewish businessman” a jeweller almost twice her age. She was ashamed he had “no formal American education and a heavy Jewish accent.” He could do nothing right either. (17)
But instead of seeing that her parent’s marriage was the problem, Betty Friedan attributed her mother’s unloving behavior to her lack of a satisfying career. She compensated for a weak father figure by becoming masculine herself and pursuing male glory.
Ostracized by her classmates for being inept and ugly, Friedan vowed that “they may not like me” but one day “they are going to have to look up to me.” (25)
In other words, Friedan was a classic Jewish social misfit, the kind that the elite use to undermine society.
Fame and fortune came her way with her book “The Feminine Mystique,” (1963) which devalued the traditional feminine role and stripped femininity of its “mystique.”
Husband and children need the love of a gracious young wife or mother. This nurturing feminine charm was a woman’s “mystique.” In her book, Friedan said family-oriented women were parasites  who had no identity of their own. She compared a housewife to an inmate in “a comfortable concentration camp.” A psychological stormtroopers, She devalued the countless priceless things a real woman does for her children and husband.
With the help of the elite media, Friedan convinced women to deny their natural identity as wife and mother and seek it from jobs and employers. Rather than recognize that she was bent, Friedan made other women conform to her, at incalculable cost to society.


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