Solomon Dwek and the Six Imans

Rabbi Israel Dwek, the father of Solomon Dwek, has been in the news this week. It does appear that the main report found in and now all over the Internet is inaccurate. Nonetheless, Daddy Dwek is still very very upset. Who could blame him?

I mean, imagine if your son started doing business deals while still in his teens and built himself a mini empire that included:

a gambling boat, estates in Jersey and Florida, office buildings and plans to build high-rises just across the river from Manhattan.”

Gee, where did he get the money for all that? But I digress. Well, maybe not. Where’d he get all that money? I think I know. It is because he is an “observant” Jew. Bold, as usual, are mine.

“Dwek is the observant son of Rabbi Isaac Dwek, leader of the Syrian Jews who turned a summer getaway in Deal, N.J., into a wealthy sanctuary of Mediterranean-style mansions for their Brooklyn-based community.”

My goodness, I highlighted the whole thing, didn’t I?

I wonder how Daddy Dwek was able to do all this. Anyway, maybe Daddy was the source of funding for baby Dwek’s casinos. I hope we learn more about Daddy in the near future.

Clearly baby Dwek was probably doing lots of scamming all along and then in 2006 he deposited a $25 MILLION dollar check at a bank drive through.

Wow. I’d love to see the look on Mantiq’s bank teller’s face if I drove up in my obviously expensive car and dropped a check for 25 million bucks into the tube.

But I digress.

Anyway, it was a bad check, so Solomon did just what you’d expect from the son of a Rabbi who turned a summer getaway into a wealthy sanctuary of mansions for his fellow Jews, he attempted to withdraw 23 million dollars based on the bad check.


And that’s how Solomon Dwek got a job working for the FBI.

Please note that we here at Mantiq al-Tayr do not endorse the “Solomon Dwek Method” (patent pending) for getting a government job. We recommend instead that you apply according to standard procedures, get a job interview, wait for several years while working for a temp agency in the daytime and singing in sleazy bars downtown at night, and then find out that your job was given to somebody well-connected in the community of Zion. But once again, I digress. Back to the Daddy Dwek blues.

So Daddy Dwek is terribly upset. I mean wouldn’t you be? Your son has been caught engaging in extremely serious bank-fraud and has thus “brought shame” upon your tight little religious community that expels members who marry from outside. I would expect him to be very upset – can’t we all agree?

Oh, but according to reports on the Internet, he doesn’t seem to be all that upset about his soon being a lousy good for nothing crook. Nope.

Now the initial report said that Big Daddy was so upset that he was going to “Sit Shiva” – which we at Mantiq al-Tayr thought at first meant he was converting to Hinduism or something.

But, according to the report on the event we learned what it means to “sit Shiva”.
“As explained to, Rabbi Dwek will sit Shiva for Solomon Dwek, observing the Jewish custom of mourning for an immediate family member who has died.”

But, sadly, it seems that Rabbi Isaac Dwek, who converted a summer getaway into mansions for his followers, ain’t gonna sit no Shiva on his son. Apparently this was a mistake according to the this report.

But, what the great Rabbi did do was to deliver:

” a very emotional sermon in which he strongly denounced the phenomenon of a Jew informing on other Jews, said that he is also a victim in this saga together with Klal Yisroel, and asked for prayers from the entire Jewish community for his terrible suffering.”

Yup. This is called the law of the Moser. The big D:

“took to his pulpit on Saturday to cite the Talmudic Law of Moser that prohibits a Jew from informing on another Jew to a non-Jew.”


“Rabbi Dweck did not renounce his son, nor is he sitting shivah according to halachah.”

So your son is a total crook and you are upset not because of that, but because he assisted federal authorities in the country that allowed the Big D to turn a summer getaway into “a wealthy sanctuary of Mediterranean-style mansions for their Brooklyn-based community” in rooting out the unbelievable criminality going on all around Big D and his friends.

But you aren’t so upset that you’ll shiva on him, maybe because he did follow part of the law of the Moser and didn’t have to root out Big Daddy Dwek. Maybe that was part of his deal with the FBI. I hope the question comes up in court.

2. Of course, as this article informs us, the FBI only did this because the FBI is an anti-Semitic organization. That’s why the FBI works so closely with the ADL and has quit working with CAIR and why the FBI has, whether it wants to admit it or not, scared the absolute shit out of the Muslim community for years now. But the real problem at the FBI is anti-Semitism. Let’s look at the article closely. Here’s the opening salvo from an obvious nut case:

“Anti-Semitism was behind the highly publicized arrests last week of rabbis, including three from the Aleppo-Syrian Jewish community in New York and New Jersey, according to Yitzhak Kakun, editor-in-chief of the Shas weekly Yom Le’Yom“

Of course Kakun admits he does not know the details of the case, but to arrest Jews is to be anti-semitic, because as we have seen with people like Aron Raskas and Yisreal Medad, there is one standard for Jews – they do whatever they want, and one standard for the rest of us, we do whatever they want.

Not to be outdone in sounding like an idiot, a Shas Member of Parliament named Nissim Ze’ev had this to say:

“The US police are trying to make it seem as though there is some kind of Jewish mafia.”

Well, guess what. There is.

“Ze’ev was referring to impression some media outlets had given by calling the group of rabbis involved the “Kosher Nostra,” a play on the words “Cosa Nostra.” (Wanna have some fun and learn something about the groceries you buy? Do a search on “Kosher Nostra” in Google and see what you find.)

The Shas party is one that wants to have it’s matza and eat it to. They are largely parasites living off the Israeli (and hence the US) government and while they can seem to be better than the other crazies in Israel – like Netanyahoo, they are in Netanyahoo’s coalition government. Nonetheless they like to play down their obvious nuttiness and distance themselves from people even crazier than they are. Therefore the following comment form Ze’ev.

“Saul Kassin [one of the suspects in the money-laundering scheme] is a man who contributes to many different causes, many of them very Zionistic,” said Ze’ev.

“He helps various charitable institutions in Israel and he has also helped fund IDF projects,” added Ze’ev. “We are not talking about a community that is particularly supportive of Shas. They are much more Zionist and nationalist.”

Ze’ev thinks he’s helping theses guys. What he has just done is provide the FBI with possible leads. Hey FBI dudes, what “charitable institutions” in Israel is Ze’ev talking about and what the hell is Kassin doing supporting IDF projects? Hello?

But the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr believe that Kakun wins the contest for sounding like a total fool.

“Regardless of the details of the case – I am not familiar with the precise charges and the evidence – you would never see the FBI and police behaving that way with Muslim sheikhs or Christian priests. It is so obvious that the whole thing is motivated by anti-Semitism.”

I’ll let the commentors on this blog deal with the Christian priests part. Let’s look at the “Muslim sheikh” thingy dingy for a minute.

The FBI loves to arrest Muslim leaders. Look here, and here for a couple of examples. We’ll give you another in in just a second.

But first let’s also point out that US government agencies love to arrest Muslims. I guess it’s a good way to get promoted. Who knows. Anybody remember the mass arrests in LA? Here’s a BBC report about hundreds being arrested. Imagine if they had been Jews? Here’s another report on the joys of being Muslim in the US.

But let’s go back to Mantiq al-Tayr’s favorite arrest of Muslims. We call it here “The Flight of the Six Imams.” Wikipedia, an entity obviously controlled by Islamofascists, racistly refers to the incident as “Sheikhs on a Plane.”

Six American Muslim Imams, one of them blind, were arrested back in November for 2006 and the FBI was involved in that one too.

What do you think they were arrested for?

A. Money Laundering

B. Selling organs of Jewish children living in Palestinian-occupied Israel.

C. Bank Fraud.

D. All of the above.

E. Praying in an airport

I’ll let you all guess the right answer. Oh, alright, for those of you who belong to the Shas party and are too stupid to figure it out, here’s a little info.

They had made the tactical mistake of doing their congregational sunset prayer near the airport gate before the plane took off, scaring the hell out of passengers who have been brought up by the Islamofascist media in these United States to be terrified of Muslims and especially of anything Arabic. Most reports say they were handcuffed and escorted off the plane. They were later released that same day. They sued everyone involved in the case so Congress passed a law, after the fact, to protect those who reported them to authorities for not being regular white people like Timothy Mcveigh.

Imagine what would have happened if a bunch of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis were arrested and handcuffed on an airplane and dragged off for interrogation because they weren’t acting like normal white people? Especially if it turns out that they, just like the six Imams, had done nothing wrong.

And here is what a judge has just now said about their case.

“The right not to be arrested in the absence of probable cause is clearly established and, based on the allegations … no reasonable officer could have believed that the arrest of the Plaintiffs was proper.”