First They Came For David Duke

Via Paul Eisen — March 17, 2015

David Duke’s YouTube Channel Being Shut Down!

Andrew Anglin — Daily Stormer March 11, 2015David Duke2David Duke2

David Duke. Click to enlarge

David Duke. Click to enlarge

David Duke’s YouTube channel – one of the best of all YouTube channels – is apparently going to be shut down by the Jews who run YouTube.

Emergency Alert! — My YouTube Videos Taken Down!
Dear Friend,

This is the most important letter I have ever sent to you! The Zionists have launched an all-out, brutal effort to wipe out my powerful, world-changing Videos and Youtube Channel.

Without your help– we will lose our greatest tool to expose & depose these tyrants!

Yesterday — they began their attack by banning my video previewing my very soon to be published — world-changing new book — The Illustrated Protocols of Zion.

Then they immediately removed 7 more of my powerful videos. and stop any new uploads!

YouTube then sent me notice that my video channel and all my videos:
“… the David Duke Channel will be terminated in ten days.”

The Jewish extremists are in a hateful rage about my new book — even before its release! They desperately want to keep people from reading my amazing book, and to kill my videos, — the most powerful tools on Earth that expose their crimes against Europeans and all humanity.

They are livid with hatred and rage over the fact that over 90 percent of my millions of viewers rate my videos “thumbs up! They are determined to wage all out war against me.

The first time the Zionists tried to terminate my Youtube site they claimed my videos were “hate speech” that violated “community values.’ A heroic effort by my most generous and dedicated supporters, expending both time and money —won! — My videos were ruled not “hate speech” and restored. The truth is that over 90 percent of people simply recognize the truth when they hear it expressed as clearly and effectively as I do!

The Zio-haters are relentless. Failing to silence me with “hateful lies alleging hate,” they now try bogus copyright claims to close my channel and ban my videos. But, under “fair use” I have every right to excerpt broadcasts to expose media bias and use public domain material.

So, now I am in the fight of my life to save my videos and channel – so that you and millions of others can use them to help wake up our friends and families. Without your immediate, most generous support, we cannot win this “David and Goliath” battle.

I have already contacted lawyers, including those who helped me win my last battles against both copyright charges and YouTube takedowns.
Unfortunately, great legal help and other costs are enormously expensive. Effective alternatives and strategies to YouTube also demand a lot of money and effort. We must now upgrade our own video server. I will outline my plans and strategies on the next page! Please make a gift and give me your heartfelt commitment to support me in this fight to save my videos which are so critical for our survival and freedom.

Please give your generous support and action, because without your help we will lose our most powerful weapon for our freedom and heritage!

Sincerely, Dr. David Duke

This is incredible. David Duke is a professional person, a politician, who has never included anything foul or offensive on his channel.

You can support his legal battle against these rats here. And I encourage you to do so. David Duke has remained a light to all of us, a fighter of the good fight. He is a living legend, and a hero of the White race.

His YouTube channel has awakened untold numbers of people to the disease that is international Jewry, and the battle we wage.

And if they win against Dr. Duke, it won’t be long until all Antisemitic content is fully purged from the service which claims to support freedom of expression


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