Voice of the White House July 27, 2009

“Poor Obama started out with a bang and will end up with a whimper. Too big a honeymoon, too soon. He is now learning that you can please the masses with nice talk but in Washington, money, not sweet talk, rules the day. He made many euphonious promises during the campaign, promises he surely meant to fulfill but which he will mostly be unable to see through. Washington, in fact the entire nation, is run by a clique of men that do not care who, or what, is in the White House. Washington is as corrupt as Mexico City but less obvious. The banks have been put on warning but they know Obama can do nothing to them and I note with some disgust that the crooked little mortgage brokers who fueled what we will be calling The Great Mortgage Fraud in a few years, these rodents are now all back in business. This time, they have changes their names and set themselves up as “Loan Modifiers” and for a grand or so, they promise to “renegotiate” defaulting mortgages, mortgages which, I point out, the vermin concocted in the first place. And after the initial bite, what happens? Nothing. They grab money from the next one and hope, hungrily, for more. Will anything happen to them? Not as long as the bigger banks are around to buy their fraudulent paper. Money is influence and influence is what runs this country today. Honesty, public service, duty are all words that make the K Street crowd and most of the Hill chuckle while they are planning trips to the Caribbean or Europe on the suckers’ money. And the nearly 100% crooked “hedge funds?” New names and off they go again after raping old people and pension funds. More fleets of jets, multiple trophy homes and lots of visits with very friendly Congressmen and their money-laundering staffs. Poor Obama but also, poor America. Now truly poor because the Association of Upright Thieves are poking their heads up out of the sewer and rubbing their filthy hands together again as they contemplate Business as Usual.”

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