Coward Israeli Attack – Strangulation and Passport Theft

Yesterday, I have been cowardly attacked by a group of Israelis in the city that gave me refuge. I have been strangled and all my belongings were robbed. I am attaching here part of the official documentation of the event, specifically the declaration to the main national police (a secondary declaration also exists) and the forensic test conducted by the local authorities. Reports from the emergency room and the ongoing treatment in hospitals can be provided upon request.

The attack was done near “El Lobo” (The Wolf) an Israeli restaurant (Santa Cruz corner Illampu) which is the local headquarters of the Mossad in this country. They are here despite this country having cut diplomatic relations with Israel due to the recent attacks in Gaza.

The main damage is a crushed throat. I cannot speak and am under intensive medical care. There may be permanent damage to my speech.

Beyond that I was robbed my Israeli passport, thing that will make my traveling more difficult for a while, though soon I’ll be awarded an international travel document.

As stated in the attached documents, this was not a normal theft. It was carried on during daylight and several things of value were not touched. The cowards were after documents and information.

On Division 98 and My Becoming a Refugee

In my first position as an IDF officer, I was posted at the “Fire Division” – also known as Division 98, where I served about a year and participated in “Baal Hahalomot” (“Dreams Weaver”), the only full deployment exercise of the unit in its history.

Years later – and due to unrelated facts – I became a political refugee persecuted by the State of Israel. Since then, my persecution and harassment do not end, not only because of the direct reason of my refugeeship (my being the scapegoat of a concerted transfer of American missiles technology to Israel) but also due to sensitive information I learned as an officer at Division 98 and Division 36. Nine years into that situation, I am tired. I am making public significant parts of my knowledge hoping to deactivate the persecution’s reasons. In the way, I am also saving the lives of the soldiers that would have been deployed in a future military event.

On Vertical Bypass

Vertical bypass is a military term that refers to an air deployment of a unit behind the enemy lines.

Israel has a strategic problem because it has only one long front with the enemy, stretching the army’s deployment beyond any reasonable measure. An attempt to solve it is to use a unit like Division 98 in a vertical bypass, creating thus a second front deep within the enemy’s territory.

As such, Division 98 is a unit of strategic importance.

On the First Lebanese War

In 1982, Division 96 (the name was changed to 98 after the war) was deployed in Lebanon in a maritime bypass, in what became the only such event – at a division level – in the history of the Israeli army. The event was a success.

Later, the unit was exercised in a vertical bypass event, leaving from Air Force Base 27 (near the Ben Gurion International Airport) and landing in the Negev Desert. The exercise failed when a M113 troops carrier got stuck on the landing ramp of an Hercules airplane.

The Unit

The Division headquarters are just south of the Ramle Junction, minutes away from the above mentioned airport. There is also equipment of Shaldag – Unit 5101, a special commando unit related to Sayeret Matkal – Unit 262, the Central Command’s commando unit, and to the Israeli Air Force. Brigade 9693 is a 120mm cannons artillery unit; its equipment is stored partially in the headquarters and partially in the nearby Bilu Junction Base. Brigade 551 of the division is south of there, also on the Bilu Junction, together with the fuel reserve aimed for the division’s deployment; this brigade is a force of paratroopers infantry. Brigade 623 is located in the Kfar Masrik Junction base, in the same base with Sayeret Matkal – Unit 262; the brigade operates upgraded antitank Tow missiles. All the units equipment was modified to ease its being airborne to the deployment areas. Most of the personnel in the units served in the Paratroopers Brigade – Unit 35 – in their regular army service; however, beyond a small skeleton, the whole unit is in reserve.

The Classification

The unit is hardly mentioned in declassified papers; even if it is, its specific structure is not mentioned. That’s because some of the unit’s operational plans are classified Top Secret Red. The color means that disclosure of the data may lead to death of the soldiers participating in the operation; it is one of the highest information classifications in the Israeli army.

The Landing Places

It is unusual for an operational plan to get such a high classification. Here, this is the result of existing only two suitable landing places for such a big force (over 10000 soldiers). If the places are disclosed, the unit landing can be easily thwarted.

One such place is called H2, and is along the old British oil pipeline connecting Iraq with the oil refineries in Haifa, Israel. There, the division task would be to block the advance of Iraqi forces and to create a second front for the Syrian Army.

The second place is in Egypt, next to the Sinai Peninsula, somewhere between Port Said and the Abu Suwayr Egyptian Air Force Base; Division 98 task there would be to divide the Egyptian army, and to block its way into the peninsula.

On Israeli Terror in Syria and Gaash – Division 36

The only armored division in the regular IDF, Division 36 is located at the very center of the Golan Heights, not far from the Avital-Bental extincted volcano, along the road reaching Kuneitra. Too big for the regular army, several of its units are in reserve and located in the Galilee, south of the Bnot-Yaakov Bridge.

Division 36 controls all the Golan Heights, though in its territory are located also units belonging to the army main headquarters and others. I served for a long time in two units deployed in the area, one – Brigade 474 – belongs to the Division 36, while the second – Unit 553 – was under direct control of the army’s central command.

This document deals with the operative plans of Division 36 in the case of war and with the division’s role in terror actions within Syria.


The regular part of Division 36 includes the armored Brigade 188 – Barak, which is located a few kilometers west of the Division and the artillery Brigade 282, a few kilometers southeast of the division headquarters. The regular units of the division include also the Engineering Corps Battalion 605 – Hamahatz, which is located near Brigade 188.

The control over the territory is performed with the help of two territorial brigades, numbered 474 and 810. These are skeletal and host units from the regular army that occupy the area for short periods of time. 474 is responsible for most of the border, from the southern side of the Golan Heights, up to the Hermon Mountain boundary. The border along the Hermon Mountain is the area Brigade 810 is responsible for. More details can be provided.


Metsuda is the name of the army plan for the case of an attack by Arab armies. The part of this plan relevant for Division 36 assumes that the Golan Heights would be conquered by Syria within 24 hours, mainly due to the ratio of forces between the armies (11:1 in artillery in favor of the Syrians, for example). Thus in case of war, the main task of Division 36 would be to reorganize itself and re-conquer the Golan Heights with the help of Division 366 – “Amud Haesh.”

The last is near Haifa. In case of war it would need to cross Israel horizontally through the strategic road connecting Haifa with Golani Junction, west of Tiverias. On the last is one of the largest concentration of support units and one of the largest ammunition depots in the country. Targeting the area would lead to an almost complete disruption of the IDF efforts, denying access to the front for the reserve units and leaving the units in the front without logistic support. In such a case, the actual Metsuda plan would fail. More details can be provided.

Brigade 474

On the brigade’s territory are several strategic bases. Those include the Avital and Fares intelligence bases which are located atop extincted volcanos and Stronghold 110 on Tel-Hezeka, a hill not far from Kuneitra. I have visited all the bases belonging to the brigade and know them very well.

Israeli Terrorist Actions in Syria

“Sayeret Matkal” – Unit 262, the Central Command’s commando unit – and other similar units cross regularly into Syria for actions of sabotage, electronic-beamer plantings and others. Usually they cross the border at night through a gate located near Stronghold 110. The last is a base belonging to the Israeli Air Force that provides logistical support for these actions and electronic relay for the communications.

Units 262 groups before these actions near the Brigade 188 headquarters. While there they are very hard to spot, but there are signs that allow to elucidate a planned border cross a few hours in advance. The point is that vehicles belonging to Brigade 474 are not allowed to enter the crossing area on the day a crossing is planned. Most of the IDF vehicles are hard to be identified with a specific unit while traveling on the road, but some of those belonging to 474 – especially those making maintenance works on the electronic fence on the border – have a special characteristic. Since they need access to Kuneitra and other areas in which IDF vehicles are not allowed (due to the cease fire treaty with Syria and the presence of UN forces) they have red-plates with the vehicle’s number, and thus are disguised as Israeli police vehicles. Any militry truck in the Kuneitra area with a red plate belongs to Brigade 474. Their absence from there on a specific day may be a hint to a planned crossing of Unit 262 into Syria.

Mossad Agents Active in My Persecution

Arieh (Arik) Caspi: Information agent active within Israel. He is the son of the Jewish terrorist working for the Irgun that blew up Jerusalem’s King David Hotel in 1946. Last known location: Pardes Hanna, Israel

Ariel Sluvis and Moshe Ben Zaquen: the first works within Israel while the second mainly outside. Beyond several secondary events, they tried to entrap me in the past. Last known location: the first in tel Aviv, the second in Netanya, Israel

Adi Ezra: works outside Israel, was a central figure during the days prior to my being shot at. Last known location: California.

Johanne Turk: A woman from Edmonton, Canada; she was active in my persecution in Asia.

Additional details on these and other agents – including networks – would be published at my discretion. Accurate details were given to the relvant authorities of the targeted countries.

Seeking Refuge from Israeli Terrorist Actions Against Me
To the readers it should be clear I can provide much more detail on these and other topics.

Seven years after having left Israel, I am still suffering constant attacks by an illegal and <>criminal<><> entity that cannot answer my claims against it.

I am formally asking from Iran, Syria and the Palestinian Authority in Gaza to recognize me as a political and religious refugee and to provide me with protection against evil. That’s a good opportunity for them to show the world they are better than Israel also on moral grounds and that they are men of God and honour.

I am formally asking from each one of my readers to contact the nearest embassy of the mentioned above and to make them aware of my request.

In the past I contacted one of them, but the welcome I got there was sabotaged by people related to the State of Israel. The specific embassy will recognize the event.

Christian or not, do you care about saving a human life? If so, please send the letter. And if you are capable of making a donation through this website as well, I’ll be doubly thankful. God bless you.

“Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. Matthew 23:36-39