Michael Jackson Who???

As crazy as it sounds, amidst the recent media hurricane of the last few weeks the question “Michael Jackson Who???“ is precisely what people worldwide–not just in the millions, but indeed the BILLIONS–would have been asking had certain news items gone differently. Stories so politically and emotionally charged that not only would they have bumped the news surrounding the demise of the King of Pop into 2nd place but as well more than likely resulted in something as serious as the mobilization of the military might of the world’s most powerful nation in setting things straight.

As it turned out however, despite the fact the stories were (are) so politically charged, the stinker in the whole thing is that they didn’t contain the “magic ingredients” necessary in making them blockbuster news stories. “Magic ingredients” of course is a euphemism, meaning factoids and figurisms exploitable in furthering the cause for criminal Jewish interests and more specifically, the headquarters of those interests, Israel. Given the fact that there was no hay to make out of these news stories therefore they were summarily and completely ignored as if having never taken place and instead the entire world was treated to a minute-by-minute monsoon of news coverage concerning the death of Michael Jackson, the latest body to float to the top of that unprecedentedly-depraved moral cesspool known as Jewish Hollywood.

The first big’un that should have made front page news for days on end and (had a few of its parameters been different) would have doubtless resulted in the military might of the US being brought to bear against the offending nation/parties was of course the hijacking of the SS Spirit of Humanity. While sailing in international waters, the Spirit of Humanity–a civilian ship loaded with humanitarian goods and scheduled to arrive at what is now the latest sacrificial altar of Jewish ritual murder known as Gaza–was accosted by Israeli attack boats in the middle of the night and stormed by masked gunmen in a scenario not unlike any wild west train robbery featuring armed desperadoes. Besides the fact this hijacking took place in international waters (making it a de-facto act of piracy) it also resulted in the kidnapping of a former US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who was then thrown into an Israeli prison and kept there throughout the very same July 4th weekend when Americans celebrate their “freedom” from a hostile, predatory foreign power.

Anyone doubting that any other group of pirates engaging in any kind of similar business would have resulted in earsplitting/eye-blinding/mind-numbing media coverage needs to just step back in time a mere few weeks to the minute-by-minute media coverage of the famed Somali pirates and how Uncle Sam dealt with them and their crimes on the high seas. For days on end it was not just a story, but THE story, complete with its grand finale, the rescue of the pirated ship by a team of Navy Seals who eliminated the pirates with well-placed bullets from sniper rifles one by one.

With this in mind therefore, imagining what would have taken place had the SS Spirit of Humanity been hijacked by some “other” Middle Eastern group such as Hamas, Hezbollah (or even if it were an official act by some Middle Eastern state such as Syria, Libya or Iran) is not that difficult. The President, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader and just about every other Tom, Dick and Harry down to the janitor at the Pentagon would have been paraded out in front of the news cameras. Lights… Camera…ACTION! and with pounding fists, throbbing forehead veins, quivering lower lip and misty eyes all persons on the payroll of criminal Jewish interests would have classified this situation for what it was–an act of piracy against a humanitarian ship and an act of kidnapping against a former member of the US Congress. Before the gasps had died down fighter jets would have been launched, bombs would have fallen and the criminals guilty of such behavior would be made into examples of what happens when the wrong people screw around with the wrong people.

As it was though, the kidnapping of a former US Congresswoman bringing humanitarian supplies to the besieged Palestinian Christians and Muslims in Gaza made as much news coverage as did the arrest of the 5 Mossad agents on 9/11 seen by witnesses celebrating at the destruction of the Twin Towers. Perhaps those from the Self-Chosenite community mandating what is reported in the media did not want a repeat of what took place the last time this same very-vocal Congresswoman was in front of an American news camera following a similar incident when these same Hebrew-speaking pirates tried preventing her and her shipmates from bringing humanitarian supplies to Gaza by ramming her ship and trying to sink it–her mention of Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 42 years ago that resulted in the deaths of 34 American servicemen.

Underscoring just how much the tail wags the dog these days, the United States–even with her newly-elected black liberal democrat president–lifted neither a finger nor a concerned eyebrow over the fact that an American citizen, and an African-American liberal democrat and former member of the House of Representatives to boot–was captured and held against her will be a foreign power operating outside of international law. By contrast, other members of the SS Spirit of Humanity from nations such as the UK and Ireland were visited by officials from their respective consulates and who worked for their release.

The other major news story that would otherwise have been blown into something the size of the Goodyear blimp was the murder in a German courtroom of 32 year old Marwa el-Sherbini, pharmacist, wife and 3 months pregnant with her 2nd child. Her attacker (named only as “Alex W” in the scarce media coverage concerning this story) is described as a Russian stock broker who stabbed her 18 times while screaming obvious racist terms such as ‘terrorist’ and “Muslim whore’ to her. The attack was permitted to continue for nearly 8 minutes before the judge in the courtroom decided that “enough was enough” and called an armed officer in to stop it. Besides the woman, her husband was stabbed (and shot by the German officer) as well as her son.

The reason for “Alex W”’s rage was that she was a Muslim and chose to wear her headscarf. It is a curious thing to note that his last name has not been given in the few news stories covering the obvious hate crime. Given the parameters associated, is it not justifiable that more-curious-than-average persons ask certain questions surrounding this obvious informational gaping hole, such as Weinstein? Wolfowitz? Wiener? Wiesel?

Obviously, had this been a Jewish woman stabbed to death in a German courtroom it would have been front page news 24/7 for God knows how long. The fact it took place in Germany would mean that even MORE holocaust money would be added to the billions already dished out to the parasite on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, the court house would be bulldozed and construction on a new holocaust museum would be under construction before the woman‘s funeral would have taken place.

As of the moment of this writing however, the various Jewish watchdog groups filling the world with the noise pollution of their barking over the unpardonable sins of bigotry and racism have had–surprise, surprise–nothing to say about this. A scan of the items on the front page of the Anti-Defamation League website (yes, the same ADL whose slogan is “To Stop The Defamation of the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment to all”) reveals where it’s true concerns lie–“U.N. Anti-Israel Body Should be Dismantled…”, “Global Anti-Semitism: Selected Incidents in 2009“ and the whopper of them all–“American Muslim Extremists: A Growing Threat to Jews”. The present case hearkens back to an event taking place a few years back when Julian Soufrir, a French Jew who emigrated to Israel stabbed an Arab taxi cab driver (father of 3 small children) to death because he wanted “to murder an Arab” with absolutely no coverage by the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center or Simon Wiesenthal center. Just as they fail to report and condemn the daily verbal (and physical) racist attacks by Jews against non-Jews both in Israel and elsewhere, the world can be rest assured the ADL and her ugly twin sisters will take as much interest in reporting and condemning this latest hate crime as porn mogul Larry Flynt would appreciate tougher anti-obscenity laws.

Even the story of Jackson’s death by itself reveals certain things about the nature of selective information in a western media dominated by Jewish interests. Amidst all the talk of his plastic surgery, his kids and every other triviality dealing with his death, no mention whatsoever has been made of the vitriol Jackson expressed against the Jewish-operated world of entertainment that had for all intents and purposes robbed him of his childhood and reduced him to a carnival freak show of sorts. No mention of the fact he referred to Jews as bloodsuckers, his conversion to Islam or his sympathies with the plight of Muslims worldwide who are being subjected to a process of slow-mode extermination by Jewish interests. No mention of the hundreds of millions he owed Jewish bankers, nor the fact that investigators with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency have contacted the Israeli company Teva Pharmaceuticals – the maker of the powerful anesthetic Propofol – as part of their investigation into Michael Jackson’s death.

With these things in mind therefore, is it truly beyond the pale to ask whether or not Jackson was planning something “political” with regards to his upcoming world tour? Was he planning to shed light on the suffering of Muslims–and more importantly, the Palestinians–and make the issue of Jewish racism and its power over the political affairs of the world a centerpiece of his tour’s message?
Certainly there were people, powerful people indeed who would have stood to lose much from such a situation, and especially these days when the Jewish state needs more cosmetic surgery than even God Himself is capable of performing.