Voice of the White House July 20, 2009

“Barack Obama has put the fox in charge of our nation’s henhouse. Basically, we have been screwed once again, without even the benefit of some KY Jelly to ease the pain in our collective recta. Tim Geithner, like Paulson, his predecessor, is taking some heavy baggage to Treasury.

Geithner, at his tender age of 47, has been:

* Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
* Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (Well worth reading the entirety of the Wikipedia article on the CFR)
* Director of the Policy Development and Review Department at the International Monetary Fund
* President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which controls the Federal Reserve – its President is the only permanent Fed Bank member of the FOMC – see below)
* Vice Chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee (The people who literally print the money to buy Treasury Bills from the Government, thereby inflating the dollar and earning interest from the US taxpayer on the money they have printed up out of thin air.)
* Secretary of the Treasury under Obama

Regarding the Federal Open Market Committee – this is the privately owned entity which, when the government (The Treasury) wants to spend money it does not have, buys any Treasury Bills that go unsold in the Treasury’s periodic auctions. To buy the T-Bills, the Fed, a private corporation owned by the major banks and power elites of this country (the same people getting bailouts from the taxpayer), and which has never published a financial statement or been audited – even once – since its inception in 1913, the Fed prints up new money and gives it to the Treasury, then draws interest from the US taxpayer on the paper they have printed. (Go look at what it says at the top of any dollar bill in your wallet – “Federal Reserve Note”. That is a piece of paper printed by a private corporation, not by the US government, and just loaned to you, on which you and I have to pay annual interest via our taxes.)

Here is a list of 2008 members of the FOMC:

* Ben S. Bernanke, Board of Governors, Chairman
* Timothy F. Geithner, New York, Vice Chairman
* Elizabeth A. Duke, Board of Governors
* Richard W. Fisher, Dallas
* Donald L. Kohn, Board of Governors
* Randall S. Kroszner, Board of Governors
* Sandra Pianalto, Cleveland
* Charles I. Plosser, Philadelphia
* Gary H. Stern, Minneapolis
* Kevin M. Warsh, Board of Governors

And then we have the Hebrew poster boy, Bernie Madoff. His investment funds only paid 7%-8%. Not 30%-40%. The latter is a Ponzi scheme. The former are interest rates you could get anywhere. He did NOT spend the $65 billion (so we are told – who knows how much Bernie actually stole and where it is today?) paying off his early investors.. Are we to believe that all of the billions have vanished without any kind of a trace? Note that this subject, obvious as it is and vital to the victims, is never, ever talked about in the mainline American media. Look for this in vain.. Bernie sent it all to Israeli banks, where it is untouchable and untraceable. He had only three accountants in his front office, managing $50 billion in investments! If you believe that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

And this enormous ongoing theft was very well-known at the top levels of both the Cliniton and the Bush administrations, which, since 9-11, have kept strict watch over all bank transfers from the United States outside the country of over $1,000, and it is obvious to those who know about such matters that $65 billion could not be sent anywhere without full knowledge of U.S. regulatory agencies. Our agencies, such as the DHS and the SEC are fully aware of where Bernie’s loot now reposes , but pointing to Israel is not ever done in Washington for fear of offending militant Jewish voters and business men who give money to cooperative members of Congress and, in some cases, directly to the Oval Office.

Our future has the potential of being very unpleasant. If someone assassinates Obama, which is quite possible given his penchant for mingling with the people (unlike Bush,) I can see martial law in this country, run by the Joint Chiefs, under Joe Biden as a figurehead dictator. I can also see the Zionists coldly writing off America, the failed state which they bled to death financially, and transferring their co-operation to the Chinese. I can also then see a military dictator arising in our failed state, who, just like Hitler, will use the treachery of the Jews, after all the treasure we have let them steal from us and then cozying up to our Chinese enemies, to instigate a new Holocaust which will make the last one look like a tea party. And once again they will howl, as they have been howling for the last 3,000 years, “Why does everybody hate us so?”

None of the above has to happen. Perhaps Obama will survive and can use his oratorical skills to rescue us from the consequences of our own greed, which was inspired by the examples we saw all around us. Let us hope so. And let us hope that Obama will prove to be a clean broom that will sweep all the trash out of Washington and into the Potomac. First the Neocons and then the bankers can go into the water. ”

I have spoken about the hush-hush naval activities in the Red Sea- Gulf of Aden areas. I have been reliably informed that a coalition of diverse naval units have been seeking out and destroying any ship, large or small, that the captains feel might be a pirate. If a ship is sunk by gunfire, no crew members are rescued. Seems the piracy has slowed down but no one wants to go public on the means by which is has been dealt with. Somali pirates hijacked an Indian ship and tried to use it to attack an oil tanker. When attacked by naval units, the Somalis retreated in their small boats and the Indian vessel was rescued and the crew unharmed. The attack on the tanker failed and I understand that one of the retreating Somali ships, a small, fast powerboat, was interdicted and sunk. This is the only way to deal with such people, believe me.”

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