New Commentary — March 4, 2015

In the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before the U.S. Congress it’s worth seeing what he said in context.
Zionist leaders have been making the same call for decades now. In fact they’ve been echoing the same refrain for nearly thirty years.
More than 12 years ago Netanyahu was making similar warnings about Saddam Hussein and Iraq’s drive for Weapons of Mass Destruction. We know how that ended: Iraq was invaded, Saddam overthrown but no WMDs were found.

In his latest speech Netanyahu dismissed sanctions, inspections and negotiation as a means of neutralising the threat he claims Iran poses. This effectively leaves a military strike as the only option.
“This is a bad deal, a very bad deal. We’re better off without it,” Netanyahu said.
Essentially he wants the West to launch military strikes on Iran, just as it once did with Iraq.
Has the West learned its lesson? Are our leaders about to repeat the same mistake, and this time risk World War III with Russian intervention, while Netanyahu watches from the sidelines?