Is Alex Jones Linked To Zionist-Jew Bronfman?

THE CONTROVERSY OF ALEX ‘BULLHORN’ JONES being an alleged Zionist shill has now expanded to his apparent Zionist-Jewish connections on his 1) Personal Staff 2) Website Advertisers 3) Link To Time Warner President, Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Jones’ allegiance to Zionism, which explains why he never targets Zionist Jews nor the rogue state of Israel when engaging in his notorious attacks, stems from his Protestant-Zionist belief system and the widely circulated reports that his wife is a Jew – which makes his two children Jewish under Talmudic law and eligible for the Israeli Law Of Return.

With additional information on Jones which this site is now providing, Alex Jones’ Zionist connections prompting his reticence to expose global Zionism, becomes ever more obvious.

And to add insult to injury, Jones recently interviewed a Zionist-Jew professor, a “Dr Jonathan Levy,” who railed in typical Jewish fashion against the Catholic Church as being part of the New World Order. Yet, not a word from Jones and his Jewish guest about Zionist Jewry being the real driving force behind the NWO.

Rob Jacobson: Jones’ cameraman. Jacobson also does film and video editing work for Alex Jones.

Aaron Dykes: He does web-mastering and video work for Jones’ Websites, Infowars and Prisonplanet.

Jason Bermas: He hosts Jones’ radio show, The Alex Jones Show, when Jones is on vacation. Bermas recently attacked all critics of Jews, calling them, “Anti-Semites.”

Alex Jones Also Has An Abundance Of Jewish Advertisers Who ‘Pay His Way:’

Henri-James Tieleman: President of EcoloBlue Life & Energy. Tieleman does live, on-air 10-minute commercials on Alex Jones’ radio show voiced by Alex Jones himself. Tieleman also has a large flash animation banner advertisement at the top right-hand corner of the main page of Alex Jones’ Prisonplanet Website.

Steve Shenk: Director of the Michael Stevens Group. Shenk advertises his subsidiary, eFoods Direct, on Alex Jones’ radio show. See Shenk On The Alex Jones Show Here.

Allen L. Schultz: Owner of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Schultz often uses an animated banner advertisement at the top right-hand side of the main page of Alex Jones’ Prisonplanet Website. View Jones’ Entire Jewish Advertisers.


HOLLY BRONFMAN LEV IS Edgar Bronfman Jr’s sister. As founderof the Bet Lev Foundation and 100% owner of Lev Group Ltd, Holly Bronfman’s legal affairs are conducted by the high-powered lawyer, Elizabeth Schurig, who also happens to handle the legal affairs of Alex Jones.

Schurig’s legal office is located at 100 Congress Avenue, 22nd Floor, Austin Texas 78701. Of particular note, on January 3, 2008, Schurig changed Jones Productions LLC to the same address as her legal firm, 100 Congress Avenue.

The “Governing Authority” of Jones’ Infowars LLC and his Jones Report LLC are also at the address of Schurig’s law offices.

The Alex Jones Machine Website puts it all like this — “So now Alex’s corporate addresses is a Bronfman’s lawyer’s address?” View Entire Story Here.

Methinks That Alex Jones Has TOO MANY Jewish Connections To Report The ‘Zionist’ Facts As They Really Are…

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