ZOG and the Catamite Hordes on the Shifting Sands of Time

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 27, 2015

Dog Poet Transcendentalizing…….
“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”
If it weren’t for the fact that it is horrific and painful on impact, wherever it lands, the things going on these days would be just silly. Even on the cultural end, where people aren’t being burned to death in cages, or whole populations are displaced and live in dread, it’s still incredibly harmful on subtle levels, where subtle doesn’t really apply, like this ridiculous specimen. I mean… how does grammar and punctuation mean anything when the writing is so… so… bad? I had suspected it was going to be crass and pandering to the lowest common denominator of bent sex, written solely for the purpose of financial gain and let me restate that… pandering to the lowest common denominator; wretched excess of perversity for the sake of perversity AND… of course, a huge success for all the wrong reasons but.. what else is new, in a world where nothing much is new but usually reconstituted, rehashed hash, which is already rehashed, in a world where superficiality rules the day and turns even bright sunlight into night, for those who cannot or simply refuse to see. If gives me hope because not even if I tried could I write that bad.
Moving right along, our latest Sesame character is Jihad John; one more product of government generated fearmongering. They don’t know when to quit do they? When Mr. Apocalypse rips the dreaming bed sheets further off of the tawdry spectacle of these days, the hoped for, cringing embarrassment on the one hand and withering contempt on the other, will set in and leave its mark, like The Mark of the Beast, on all of those who do not have the talent or capability of a beast. You can see the beasts sidling and inching away from these characters, as if to say, “Hey, I’m not with them.”
Not to be outdone, let’s move into the realm of voodoo science with their latest full moon through a school bus window presentation, they’re basically saying, “Hey! Forget about Jihad John and Fifty Shades of Dumb Ass Retardo Mentalblock, we’re numba 1!” Do I even have to go into what’s wrong with this particular example of raging ignorance? Rage… rage… rage against the dying of the light. What light? Of course, Exhibit A would be that ONLY the rich would be able to afford something like this, except for the poor fools they might have to practice on, to get to where they would be willing to chance it on the rich… this is all Bill Gates territory. One could say that this is something the rich, richly deserve. Hey… why not do it in reverse too and transplant the head of the donor upon the body of the recipient?
Wait a minute! Hold that scalpel right there. There’s more. Yes… when your aspiration is to make an ass of yourself, you surely should consider a bigger ass. I’m thinking of getting together with my jean’s designer friend, Imron and putting together a line of ‘Wide Load’ Jeans. The label would be like the one you see on those semi’s that haul double wide trailers up and down the road. This is definitely Trailer Park Boys country. The pain, agony and disappointment of this procedure is well known and the failure and complication rate is impressive but… when it comes to the force of runaway vanity, coupled with cluelessness, there is no perceivable limit to how far people will go when they have no idea where they are going.
There is humor to be had yet, however, as Mr. Apocalypse utilizes one of the many various functions of his walking stick, we get things like this. You can look for an ever increasing degree of similar events, happening at every level of society. As has been said here, over and over; Materialism accelerates insanity. Materialism is insanity and if you can’t see that, you are… insane (in the membrane?).
This posting is more appropriately a Petri Dish candidate but you do it when it comes up or… at least that is how I do it.
On the world wide front; rather specifically in the Mideast, they are tuning up for serious conflict. I could say I have all the data I need to prove the pending truth of this but I’ll just say, as is my wont; time will tell and we shall see. Factoring into this is the remarkable preparedness of Iran. You can think what you like about Iran, I tend to look at things like this from a non subjective perspective. In the world of these days, we are dealing with not good and bad but relative degrees of evil. In that case it is safe to say that Iran is relatively less evil than the nations seeking its destruction but.. that’s just me.
Iran is coming up with weapons designs the way that Starbucks comes up with new variations of caffeinated froth for serious coin, coffee wise. Russia is now going to give Iran an even better system than the S-300’s that they backed off from providing because of intense pressure from the Zionist Central Banking Crime Syndicate. However… Russia is now fully aware of ZOG’s intention to destroy her. You can only finesse so much when dealing with demonic psychopaths, eventually you have to do more than toreador. That was good policy up until now. It granted Russia time and time is often a very critical feature of the game of Risk played on The Big Board. So there’s that weapon’s system and then there are things like this. Iran is not stupid. They know what’s going on and they are putting their attention, squarely and relentlessly on the certain occurrence of calamitous assault upon their nation from Banker Nation, assisted by the ZOG occupied USA; ZOG controlled Saudi Arabia and those catamite Gulf States who support every vile effort brought about by ZOG against whatever near defenceless people they get it into their head that they want to exterminate. The decades long genocide against the legitimate people who were kicked out of their own country, by people with no right to be there, says everything you need to know about what is behind all that is being discussed here and ongoing horrors the world over from orchestrating 9/11, to manipulating the world’s economy, in a ceaseless economic war against the poor and the middle class. In order to ruin any nation, it is only necessary to destroy the middle class.
Look for a big new conflict this year; probably starting in Lebanon because that’s a long festering imperative for ZOG for many reasons that you can discover for yourself, if you care to. Heading in the direction of Iran through Syria is more problematic and that is what the ZOG Occupied States of America and fellow travelers created ISIS for.
I know that many of you are tired of hearing about this and even more tired living under the hard, horned hands of the DHS and the NSA, whose only job is abuse every class of the population, except for the ones they were created to serve. There is nothing legal or logical about anything they do. The not being legal part is obvious. The not being logical part is because what they are up to never works in the end. Unfortunately, we who live here, however temporary that might be, must suffer from the Draconian treatment handed out by these… thugs. I am writing this to say; THEY SHALL NOT PREVAIL! Life could be so much sweeter and rewarding. We long for it. We crave it and hunger for it. We would so much rather not be here in this time. The weight of it is fiercely oppressive. You get almost used to it and wish this were not so. Their technology of torment is at a very high degree of sophistication, even if they do exercise it in the most ignorant and ham handed ways possible but… it is enough for the masses, rendered ignorant enough to buy into and insecure enough to be frightened by it. Don’t be. One of the cardinal powers of Materialism is to blind the public to the reality of forces outside their bandwidth. They readily agree to what they can see because what they can see is trumpeted on every hand.
All force is BORROWED force and the current runs according to the planetary schematic of the age it is manifested in. At the changing of the age, there is always a cusp period, in which the one is leaving but hasn’t left and the one is coming but hasn’t arrived. This can be aptly termed as a ‘time of confusion’. This is like water raging from rain, it’s muddy and foaming and we are being carried along on it. It is natural to be apprehensive and feel lost, overwhelmed by the sensation of rapid change and how do you adjust? The conditions of the world of the moment, war against our integrity and values, supposing we have any amount of the old school version left. It is a natural accommodation for most to travel the path of least resistance, sometimes regardless of where it may lead. That is what we have today, because Materialism is all about intensities of sense reaction. It imprisons you in the seen but what is seen is only appearance in a state of continuous change. You MUST HAVE an awareness of what is in the face of what seems. No matter how seemingly powerful the state and it’s wardens may seem to be, they are walking in the dunes on the shifting sands of the times. They are in terminal status and it is only a matter of time. They are being both allowed and driven to destiny and every opportunity to expose them as what they are, is being given. In the end there can be no defense for what they have done and they are doing it before the watching eyes of the whole world who, even though they cannot see it, they are seeing it, however unconsciously and when Mr. Apocalypse decides… their eyes will open… gradually as has been …and all at once when the time comes for it.
Not only does American Nazi, Mossad agent, Rahm Emmanuel got this going for him but… he’s got this as well. This is the time of unveiling, revealing and uncovering and those seeking to hide their works, no longer possess the power or force to do so. Yes, my friends, it looks dark but it depends on where you are looking, because the best disinfectant is shining that light upon all and sundry. It is of signal importance that we put the focus on ourselves and what we do and less so upon the doomed activities of those marching to perdition.
Come with me my friends, into the golden age of the possible that has yet to manifest, as it surely will. Let us live in the confidence and certitude of the inevitable and keep foremost in our minds WHICH of the inevitables we choose to host. Here is the critical thing. It is what you put your attention on; what you invest in, what you strive for and what you exemplify. Keep that uppermost in your hearts and minds as you travel each moment in time. What they do is on their heads, not yours. What you do is on your head. Do not let them steal your positive shine. Do not let them take your joy and your love. We don’t control much but in a sense we control everything to the degree that we control the reactive mind. The reactive mind is one of the most important things we will ever have to deal with and how we deal with it, determines close to everything in our lives. You don’t hear much about it in the day to day but it is most of everything you see in the day to day and you can witness the life of anyone through observing their relationship with their reactive mind. Control that and your whole world will come into accord.
End Transmission…….


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