That Critical Moment of Passing out of this World

Visible Origami — Feb 26, 2015

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The more I look into it; meaning ancient scripture and less ancient scripture, the most important moment of one’s existence is, ironically, in the hour before their death. It need not be the last hour because… people die suddenly or by accident (not meaning accidentally) and they don’t have an hour available to them. So… let me rework that; the most important moment of one’s existence takes place in the moment(s) before one’s death and that has to do with the focus of their thoughts and feelings. If that happens to be the ineffable then you are good to go, leave or otherwise vacate the scene. If it is not… there is no way that one can consider it a good thing.
One might think it would be an easy thing to remember the ineffable at the moment of death. What other moment in life could be judged more critical? This brings us back to the subject of angels again. There is an angel whose job it is to distract you from thoughts of the ineffable at that time in your life. Only those who have focused on the ineffable more than on anything else in their life are allowed to maintain it at the point of departure. Don’t hassle me about this. Argue the matter with those far more wise and informed than I am. Read about it in the Bhagavad-Gita and other texts that state it unequivocally.
According to the Gita, we are all in a lot of trouble with this because it talks about the status of realized and dedicated yogis and I don’t rate that descriptor, from what I’ve seen of myself but then I figure that the key is love and not so much the incredible requirements of consciousness to reach those rarefied states that seem sometimes so far beyond anything we are capable of. I tend to believe it is the intensity and consistency of our Love that counts and not the degree of our spiritual elevation due to the fortunate karma of having found a guru of such a level that one can be transformed under that guidance without faltering so often as so many of us do. I believe those who love much are forgiven much.
I look back on my life and I see the acting out of one seriously abused person whose childhood was so bad that it generated all sorts of states of madness and lack of self that once the opportunity for certain kinds of divine madness became possible (psychedelics and the enforced monastic states of long periods in confinement) it was fairly easy to achieve. Unfortunately, reckless abandon was a constant feature in the relentless press for every greater experiences. Truth be told the greater truth does not lie in that direction. I’ve come to believe that we are an ongoing experiment of teaching moments, sometimes for others and sometimes for ourselves; sometimes this came about due to positive actions of some sort and sometimes it came about due to mistakes of varying severity; good lessons, bad lessons but always a matter of whether you learned them or not. That’s the important thing. You don’t have to carry the fear of retribution with you if you actually learned from it.
Some of us have a lot of easy highway and some of us have very hard highway and some of us have very very bad highway early on and it lightens and lightens but it takes a really long time and some of us have it very easy in the beginning and it gets harder and harder and some of us just skate entirely and it’s all karma. According to what the ineffable (or his agent) told me, sometimes the things we went through and the things we did does not mean anything like what we think it does. If one or more of our parents (karma) were hard on us we will be hard on ourselves and sometimes hard on others too.
These are seriously dark times and I am of the opinion that only love for the ineffable will work for many of us; certainly I am speaking for myself. It has taken a great deal for me to get to the point I am at and when I look at the route and the incidents I had to pass through to get here, it astounds me that I should have made it through and past all of it. Perhaps I have not. I don’t really know but it is truly weird to make comparisons between all of these points of experience and see that they have culminated in a state where I have absolutely no choice but to rely on the ineffable for everything. It’s a design I have no control over and can do nothing about. None and… every effort to make it more stable or predictably routine ends in failure.
I find it disturbing at times to have to take on the most powerful interests in this world and say things that will brand me for who knows how long as some Don Quixote like creature who has been truly successful at one thing in particular and that being to achieve near total ostracization from every theater of endeavor I work in. It’s perplexing. At the same time I note that I have been able to say things that are against the law in countries where I was in residence and not a single thing happened in that regard ever. Those associated with me over that period of time are mystified by this having been so.
For some time I was occasionally terrorized on an invisible level but that is probably not the best way to put it. Let’s say the effort to do so was there but it didn’t result in that. It was simply degrees of tension I had to live with. I’m not talking about these things for the purpose of self involvement with a wider public but only because, as I have seen, these things so often resonate with the reader in terms of their own lives.
There are many, many events I have never spoken of here. Some of them are so completely outrageous they would test my credibility with those who come here. I live in a very strange syndrome of interaction with invisible worlds and I don’t often understand the meaning of these things. At the same time, this has all gone on for so long that it is what passes for normal with me and none of it is normal in terms of what I see around me every day. At least I have finally come to the point where I am able to behave as if I were everyone else with everyone else because bringing some of these things out would be disturbing to many.
I know that a goodly number; in fact, I would say most of the people who come here are not like most people in this world of the present and it is no accident that this has happened. It is no accident that link hosting sites have cut me out of their operations after some period of time and often with no reason given. Nothing is an accident but boy… it’s difficult to autopsy any of it. You just have to swallow it whole and take is as it is, whether you understand any of it or not.
Ultimately, what matters is that we come to our time of departure and the thought of the ineffable is paramount in our hearts and minds. It doesn’t matter if we are less spiritually evolved than we might wish to be, or are unable to travel to states of bliss at any time we wish to, or be completely free of attachment to anything in this world. Some of us probably feel terribly inadequate on many levels and doubt our ability to devote ourselves as much as we think we must and so we live in fear of transiting without having made the connection we need to make to insure that we will have the ineffable on our minds in the moment that we need to most.
We can only pray as often as it is possible to for the guidance and the strength to come to a state of being where the ineffable is simply more important than anything else; even more important than everything else put together. Once the ineffable sees that we are determined in this course, events will be set into play to bring us to that state of being but the ground over which we must pass to accomplish this may be torturous indeed. Well… we did ask for it, yes? I’m guessing that is what it comes down to, to be willing to go through whatever you have to go through to get there. Perhaps it will not prove as difficult as one imagines it to be because, possibly simply coming to that commitment is all that is required and it is only as hard as we make it when we hold on to the things that we must necessarily put aside.
I don’t know what else to say about this. I believe I have said as much as I have to say on the matter. May God guide and inform you all, according to your faith, certitude and determination.
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