Materialism Fever; World Pandemic

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Feb 24, 2015

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It’s no accident that Dog is God Spelled backwards.
Is the world as wicked as it seems to me to be? Some of us long for sanctuary and surely succor too. It’s one thing to be ‘involved’ with the world. Then you’re not troubled by this weltschmerz and the strange and occasional angst that comes to one who is no longer capable of being involved with the world. Woke up at 1:30 AM. It keeps getting earlier. One of these days it will be yesterday, just like that, or that tomorrow that never comes but somehow, it finally does and you’re finally ahead of the game or out of the game.
Does the world actually chew people up and spit them out? It seems like it does. It’s a big world; something like seven billion people. I find it hard to get my head around that number. I look at it but it just bounces from zero to zero, like one of those balls that set the timing for lyrics on a kid’s TV show. There’s this place called Indonesia. A whole lot of people live there. I don’t know any of them. I don’t know what goes on there. I heard about a place called Timor where some bad things happened. It’s like a dream, or a nightmare if you happened to be there. I suppose this is more of the world doing its laundry, here in The Kali Yuga. It’s been laundry day, every day, for a long time; wash, rinse, spin, repeat cycle, repeat cycle. Seven billion people would not be here for no reason. This is simple logic but the vast majority of the residents of this world are unable to put this together in their heads because they have a fever. There is a fever pandemic that holds the world in thralldom. It’s Materialism fever.
Materialism fever is a complex thing. It’s not just a fascination with the external world, to the exclusion of virtues and pursuits that apply to states of being that are possible when the fever has gone into remission. What it does is to color ones thoughts and emotions and this affects the manner in which one sees and hears. It affects the value given to every experience. It affects the types of experiences that are sought out. This contagion is massively amplified by its presence in the group mind. It creates a hive mind which can be very difficult to break away from the influence of.
There are traditional venues that are routinely expressed as a result of Materialism fever and there are traditional mindsets that attend these venues. Materialism fever is an aggressive pathology. It turns all of the venues into wars. War is the primary vehicle that drives the economy. War is the basic drive of commerce, as it expresses itself in the various theaters where the manufacture, transport and sale of goods takes place. Today the interplay between men and women is a war and there is all too often no harmony or Love manifesting between these opposites.
There are people seeking to control these seven billion. They seek to control how they live and what they do. They seek to control how they think and what they think about. They seek to control how they feel and to set the tone for the particular focus of the feelings and the types of responses generated.
There are different ways that one can control the masses and usually this is accomplished by a combination of them. Some of the general control mechanisms are educational and social programming, fear; which expresses itself through a manipulation of the availability and cost of shelter and food, the presence or lack of employment opportunities, the threat of censure and possibly imprisonment, loss of rights and other forms of menace. In some cases, there is much worse and places like Timor are now multiplied across the face of the Earth and this is all made possible by the relentless drive soulless commerce in the service of war. There are all kinds of wars. There are information wars and wars of commerce. There are all sorts of reasons for war. War is a madness that is generated by Materialism fever.
Today, visible is watching Foxcatcher. I had previously thought another actor deserved the award, based on comparison against mediocre competition. Watching Steve Carell play John Dupont is like watching Brando. It’s hard to recognize him from his previous roles when matched against this. It’s an ironic thing to watch this in the context of today’s posting. This is a very subtle film; not the sort of film they make these days. It’s slow but riveting, if that makes sense.
One of the primary ways that people are controlled and which doesn’t get the notice and mention that it deserves is SEX. When you can manipulate the intensity and direction of the public’s sexual expression, you literally have them by the balls. When you can mutate this basic drive, you can confuse people. Sexual identity is an integral part of one’s being.
In times of Materialism fever, Nature gets bent and distorted in ways that serve the interest of those set upon controlling the masses. Shame and guilt are used to drive people in particular directions. It keeps them chained to the wheel.
The most insidious feature of Materialism fever is that everything abnormal begins to look normal. A portion of the world is permitted to get away with anything they please to do. The rest of the world is not. A gulf develops between the few and the many and the gulf widens and widens and the excesses of the few become more and more outrageous. Millions die in wars fought for nothing more than banker profit and banker advantage. If you are on the banker team, you can profit but… at the expense of being owned. For many, that is no problem. For them, the juice is worth the squeeze. They don’t even realize that they are what the juice is being made from. The people pay tribute in the currency of human blood.
It is hard to see justice in this world of the moment and that is because there is very little evidence of it to be found along the lines of what we usually look for to prove something out. I can come up with only one reason for this and that is that what is taking place was set in motion at a former time that we have very little evidence of. We don’t know what to relate any of this to. Because of this, there are many people who believe its all Darwinism, or it’s all random, or it’s caused by some kind of aliens who came out of a volcano millions of years ago, which is something you get from Scientology. Scientology is one of a number of elitist schemes that are endemic of Materialism fever and it is very similar to Satanism, as are all of the cult antics of the time. Meanwhile, the traditional religious faiths are being possessed by one form or another of Materialism fever, which manifests as Fundamentalism, radical suppression of individual rights, weird interpretations of dogma and various frenzied expressions of teachings and doctrines directed toward mind control.
Those seeking to control the masses realize that they have to control both church and state, while giving appearance otherwise. They set up oppositions to themselves and then control that too.
Let me move to a conclusion here and also point out that there is only so much that can be said in a brief posting. Then again, if you can’t say it with brevity, it’s unlikely it can be communicated in an extended complexity. The truth can be elusive. So let us say that this idea of control by the few is an illusion and it is time sensitive. It can exist only so long as the illusion of it exists. That can continue for a longer period of time than we might wish and try us to the limits of our endurance; those of us who know it is an illusion and want no part of it. For everyone else, it is a blur of varying density.
It is not the few who control the dream or movie. They are as much under control as those they appear to have control over. It’s all an acting out of the payback for events that preceded the events that led to it. It keeps happening for so long as we live in a world of blind men gumming each other to death. If the world is merely a projection of the mind then we all bear the responsibility for the world we live in. You see what you see around you. There it is. For most people, they see what they want to see, whether it is there or not. Their self constructed reality is so powerful they do not permit themselves to accept the possibility that it is delusion. It traps them as a willing prisoner of unfortunate design that comes about through some sort of accommodation to the greater world that seems to be under the control of the few. One can only see to themselves on this matter and hope that the example of liberation set by anyone who has managed to accomplish it will somehow work on the minds of those still in subjugation.
Materialism fever, catch it!!!
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