Claims Iraq Downed Two British Planes Ferrying Arms to Militants

News Brief — Feb 23, 2015

air dropIran’s Fars News Agency reported Monday that the Iraqi Army had shot down two British planes ferrying arms to Islamic State militants.
Head of Iraq’s National Security and Defence committee, Hakem al-Zameli said the planes had been shot down over Al-Anbar province as they flew supplies to the militants.
According to the legislator, the government in Baghdad has been receiving daily reports from al-Anbar province on flights by US-led coalition planes airdropping supplies to ISIL terrorists.
Hakem al-Zameli said the Iraqi Defence committee had access to photos of the downed planes, which he said were “British”. Although the Fars News report didn’t specify whether the planes were simply British made planes or registered as British owned planes.
Al-Zameli said that Islamic militants depended entirely on support from United States and its allies.
“There are proofs and evidence for the US-led coalition’s military aid to ISIL terrorists through air(dropped cargoes),” he told FNA in January.
“The US drops weapons for the ISIL on the excuse of not knowing about the whereabouts of the ISIL positions and it is trying to distort the reality with its allegations”.
There have long been reports that the U.S., Israel and their allies in the West and the gulf emirates have trained and supplied the Sunni militants. The objective being to oust Syria’s President Assad and create a force with which to counter Iranian backed Hezbollah.
On the pretext of “fighting Islamic State militants”, the U.S. and its allies now appear to be preparing to ramp-up their campaign to oust President Assad.
The U.S. is reportedly now working with Turkey to supply militants inside Syria with radios so they can call in U.S. air strikes, allegedly against Islamic State militants.
Although given the support the U.S. seems to have given the militants, those air strikes could just as easily be directed at Syrian government forces.
Meanwhile the Head of Iraq’s Al-Anbar Provincial Council, Khalaf Tarmouz was quoted as saying Monday that Islamic State fighters had been found with sophisticated Western made weapons.
“We have discovered weapons made in the US, European countries and Israel from the areas liberated from ISIL’s control in Al-Baqdadi region.”
Tarmouz noted that the weapons were also recovered from ISIL terrorists in the Eastern parts of the city of Ramadi.
The U.S. has previously claimed that U.S. weapons in the hands of Islamic militants were originally destined for Kurdish forces fighting them. The weapons and supplies had only fallen into the wrong hands after they had been mistakenly airdropped into areas controlled Islamic State militants.
A mistake, or so the U.S. government and Islamic State militants would have us believe.
However, in the light of repeated reports of Islamic State militants receiving Western military aid it looks increasingly like they are being deliberately, although covertly supplied by the West.