In the Time of the Lifting of the Veils

A lot of people are losing their minds. I don’t need to provide links at Visible Origami. You read about it. You hear about it. People in powerful positions, people with wealth and name recognition are exhibiting odd behavior or… are we just seeing it more now? Politicians are getting themselves caught in financially and sexually compromising situations. Religious figures and even entire priest classes are being exposed for similar behaviors. Big business operatives are being caught out at fraud, theft and all the variations of the same.

Nations that have been the beneficiary of a fabricated good will, as well as a consistent white-washing of their casual brutalities and crimes, are being exposed to the eyes of the world. Even as this happens, they are being compelled to behave even more outrageously. Events that fail to achieve media coverage are being broadcast around the world through alternative devices.

This is the time of The Apocalypse. This is the time of the lifting of the veils over what is and what has been. It is not just in the outer sense that the veils are being lifted. The veils are being lifted within also …and we are seeing ourselves. Our own corruptions and weaknesses are being revealed to us. This is why some people are losing their minds. This inner revealing is having another effect as well. A certain amount of people are being driven to transform themselves. To participate in the transforming of themselves and they are not losing their minds. They are discovering their true nature.

Losing your mind or regaining your true nature; neither one of these is an entirely pleasant experience. One of them is certainly less pleasant than the other. Consider what it must be like to lose your mind when that is all that was holding together your idea of yourself and the world. Suddenly, everything that was familiar to you has become strange and threatening. Those driven by self interest carry a great deal of fear. When your mind can no longer coordinate and define conditions and phenomena, according to your wishes and whims, then it becomes a little like a bad acid trip.

If you haven’t spent very much time in your life trying to discover who you are, what begins to be revealed to you can be pretty scary. It can also make you vulnerable to certain behaviors that can be very compromising in terms of the world that used to be your oyster and now you no longer know what an oyster is. The oyster is suddenly much larger and it has teeth. This is all happening in your mind so… maybe you didn’t lose your mind. Maybe you can’t lose your mind. Maybe you just lost the control you thought you had over its operations.

These days a lot of good people with too little faith, certitude and determination are in a quandary and often at the brink of despair over what they see as the mendacious control of the world by a syndicate of remorseless psychopaths. They look outward and see a vast uncertainty of confusion. They see wars and financial turmoil. They see jackbooted thugs dressed up as the neighborhood policeman. They see corruption in every theater of operation. They see banal, brutal and pornographic entertainments. They see a select few who are able to act with impunity as they plunder and murder at will. They see the rule of law become a mockery which protects those who pervert it for their own uses and wield it against their critics. These good people are missing something. With all the revealing that is going on they are not seeing a critical point.

This is all taking place in the mind. There is a single controlling force in the mind of these good people and the psychopaths. All sense of balance and symmetry exist only so long as this controlling force maintains it in any particular mind. This controlling force is propelling these good people and those others to an individual and a collective summing up. As that point approaches, whatever you are comes up against what is. Depending on your distance from what is… well, the adjustment will be more or less severe.

Good people should not allow themselves to be deceived by appearances. In the Tarot card, “The Devil”, the ridiculous character sitting on the throne is holding up his right hand in a gesture that says, “What you see is all there is.” If you believe that then guess who is sitting on the throne in your mind? Even good people have the true ruler of their thoughts displaced by a shadow that represents the world of appearances. Job one is to restore the rightful ruler to the throne. Of course, behind this fantastic character is the angel of light who is transformed “in a given moment”. This means you must see through appearances. There is only one force. It can be seen in myriad permutations of two different aspects.

The good people serve the will of the divine and the psychopaths and those deluded by them serve a single master who appears in two different aspects. As I have mentioned on several occasions, God is the Devil the way the wicked perceive him. You see what you are. Being weak and lacking faith is all that is required to give shadows a power over you through the current of your fear.

Once you are able to convince yourself of the truth that there is only one prevailing force you will no longer find yourself in a quandary and on the brink of despair. You will develop an unshakeable confidence through the awareness of the presence of the divine in every aspect of your life. Every event in your life… even the most insignificant seeming event is a special treatment of god with your soul. This I have heard and this I believe. Practice the presence of the divine.

We need to practice the presence of the divine in everything we do. What do we do instead? We practice the presence of our temporary selves and we rely on our temporary selves to manage the course of our lives. Unfortunately we don’t know what we are doing. The divine allows us to attempt to direct the course of our lives in order to discover that we do not know what we are doing or who we really are. We don’t know anything at all. We know what we assume and sooner or later our assumptions come up against what is. It is much better to hand over what we think we know. As long as we know, God does not. Once we realize we do not know… God does. We are a critical player in the destiny game. It is true that we are all going to be realized eventually but… the road to that event can be a long and torturous road indeed.

We suffer by our own hand. Others suffer at our hands as well. It is not our business to concern ourselves with the operations of psychopaths. Their judgment is fixed and outworking as you read these words. Does it matter if one rules the most powerful armies on Earth if they cannot rule their own mind? What happens when their power to rule is removed? What happens when an army loses its rudder and cohesive will? What happens when seeming gold turns into sand? What happens when the support of one’s position is removed? Do not doubt that this is the case. You are in the viewing booth of an object lesson. It is not necessary and possibly not desirable to imagine yourself on the screen.

A large part of the game is to make you believe that you need to be a part of it. You are already a part of something, should you choose to make the connection in that regard. Some things can be said and heard and some things have to be intuited. There are none of us without recourse to this and this is a critical time in which to exercise it. The volume is being turned up for your benefit. Take the opportunity to listen.

In this hour of judgment and revealing, there are many blessings and precious gifts being dispensed. You have to open yourself up to receive them. You are already in the community you imagine yourself inhabiting. Acting as if this were true causes it to reveal itself.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.