New findings confirm Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down by Ukraine fighter-jet

The Professors Blog — Updated Feb 8, 2015

New analysis indicates that “data on Flight Tracking web sites was changed from four days after the plane went down”, and hypothesizes that adulteration in the Historic route data was devised to cover the fact that MH-17 was “deliberately re-routed onto the battlefield.” The analysis was taken from the site Be circumspect, published here.
MH17 flight path and location of crash

MH17 flight path and location of crash

Excepts from the article’s Summary:
“Prior to its tragic downing on July 17, flight MH17 had avoided the battlefield, flying around it at least back to the 6th (last day I downloaded data from the FlightAware web site). The above screenshots * prove that historic route data has now been changed to make MH17’s route down the middle of a hot battlefield appear to be the “regular route”. In fact it was not. MH17 had avoided the battle zone everyday until it was redirected into the kill zone, shadowed by a fighter, and shot down using multiple air to air missiles.
The fact that the old flight routes are being changed on web sites, speaks volumes about the degree of the cover up. You see if MH17 was re-directed, set up to be shot down, then it clearly was not an accident. As of writing, neither Poland, nor the Ukraine have released air traffic control tapes. No doubt because they once again would point to MH17 being set up.”

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