The Significant Difficulty of Clear Thinking in Dark Time Zones

Visible Origami — Feb 10, 2015

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The world is a projection of the mind. It is an individual projection and it is a collective projection. One could say that the collective projection ‘generally’ has more power and potency of impact than the individual. This is not always the case. One could also say that the collective is generated and controlled by much smaller collectives of individuals with a shared agenda. Because this is the Kali Yuga, generally those agendas are of a negative and mercantile nature. It is what you see around you. It is what you pass through. It sets the tone for the day to day of existence. It sets the stage. It arranges the playing field upon which the desires and ambitions of the many and the few are carried out; to their success and to their failure. Ultimately, very little of anything that takes place here has any lasting meaning. In the short term there are so many things that so many people cannot bear to live without and which they will pursue in opposition to all common sense. A truly unfortunate amount of these objects and goals pursued by the many are dangerous and often fatal. It might not appear so in the short term but it proves to be so in the long term.
Many a teacher of humanity; many a philosopher, mystic and artist (moved by authentic inspiration) have told us not to move with the crowd, not to be subsumed in the masses. This is a difficult age in which to live apart. We are running short on spaces for apartness. However, it is in the mind where everything real, relevant and effective takes place; no peace or security in the mind… no peace in the life. One might say… “Well there are many very successful and prosperous folk who have no inner peace but… they have everything else and they are certainly in a position to have some sense of apartness and they certainly possess or can afford security.” It is one thing to have the trappings or capacity for something and quite another thing to actually possess it.
Our sense of time messes with our sense of reality. Most of us have a very narrow view of time and are often unaware of the ravages of its passing until they are fully upon us. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was frolicking in that playground over there and now I am sitting on this bench, wondering just what was that which passed in the interim. The world is set up in such a way to distract us from paying to close an attention to what it does to us. It needs us in the game and on the game, otherwise the interests of the world suffer and commerce loses its edge over the consciousness of the collective. The eye of the world, as it rotates through the media, which informs us about the things it shows to us, keeps it’s cameras off of places like Detroit. Whoever controls a significant portion of the human mind, controls the world… or appears to.
Any observant person who is inclined to put their attention on present conditions and who has some awareness of history, will note that those who control the portals of information are the same people responsible for nearly every reprehensible crime of any magnitude over recent centuries. Though it, no doubt, reaches further back than that, let us look at the Battle of Waterloo as being an important watermark for the predator, alien minds that torment and manipulate humanity. It was out of this event that one of the most powerful banking families/houses came into a truly impressive, behind the scenes, control of human affairs. It is they and similar consortiums that financed or owned the slave ships that brought the Africans to both the new and old world for the purpose of creating their paper tiger empires. One might say they truly were and are to be feared but… not by anyone who knows where the real power lies. One might also add that real power never lies. It doesn’t have to. False power is built on lies and enforcement of them and they have their relative influence upon the minds of everyone who believes in the power of appearances, which is their greatest weapon for the control of human consciousness.
It is these banking families and tiny collectives of mercenary beings who are behind nearly every conflict on Earth. Their greatest defense for their continuance is to paint themselves as victims of history, when their own victims outnumber them a million to one. They control those portions of history that are selectively written. They control what books are published and what the books contain. They control the curriculum of the educational systems. They control the news and whatever art is permitted to be displayed or performed. They are near exclusively Satanists and that is why illiterate zombies like Kanye West are celebrated and enjoy such a wide proliferation of their incredibly mediocre efforts. They are the force that causes catamite redundancy clowns like Beck to proclaim that uninspired pornographers like West are geniuses. This allows for the airways of the world to be polluted by the banal and profane efforts of people like Nikki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne.
A large body of the collective Zombie Mind would take serious exception to my saying these things. Considering the source, it can be presumed without exception that what I say is, in fact, true. If you want to control and manipulate the population you must dumb it down. That is accomplished with no real difficulty. One simply controls what they are exposed to and one simply declares that what they see and touch and hear is GOOD. The horrific and absolutely terminal state of the masses is made more enduring and certain by bad diet. Bad diet reinforces the impact of bad information. You are what you eat in every sense and at every level. The higher possibilities of human thought and expression are frowned upon. Cultural Marxism, manifesting as Political Correctness, celebrates mediocrity. The works of the great minds of the past are denigrated as the expressions of former cultures where parity was not permitted. They are referred to as Dead White Men. Truth does not have a color preference and for that matter, the origin of everything of any value, that was written by any of these people, came out of the Indus Valley and that was not populated by white men. That came out of other civilizations which at the time were accessible to them. These records have now, for the most part, passed out of human ken and reckoning.
The bad actors, such as they exist today, have been around, in one form or another for a long time. They are genetically disposed to the way they behave. If we were able to travel in time, back to their point of origins, we would find that the human race of today came here in parts from different sources. They were created by different means and methods but all for the same purpose; the purpose of demonstration. Life is a movie, or… perhaps more accurately, a dream. We can find the verity of this in the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and many another deep thinker from Plato to Blake. Occasionally… one of us awakens out of the dream and… for the most part, says the same things as all of the others in a different way. Some of these souls are more awakened than others and for that reason and for other reasons, have had a greater impact over a wider stretch of time.
Whatever level you integrate at or awaken into, you are subject to the laws of that plane of being and understanding. The rules and rites of passage in the ghetto are not dissimilar to the conditions of the world of the financiers and privileged. Certain actions and behaviors can be just as fatal in either place.
A powerful industrialist dies and awakens in the galley of a slave ship. A queen of the realm dies and wakes up a crack whore in South Side Chicago. A monster of bad medicine dies and wakes up with no arms and legs in Calcutta. Cosmic justice is precise. What we are presently experiencing is the outworking of karmas across the wide range of many ages. Because we are at the conclusion and beginning of a grand cycle of 12 ages, we are seeing this mass of population here for the dramatic denouement of karmas acting out and being resolved individually and collectively. It could be, since it is all wheels within wheels that this is also the ending and beginning of an even greater cycle and that can be made evident by where our solar system is in its orbit through the galaxy. Right at and through the center? Or wherever and whatever. The complexity of it all is beyond the reach of any human mind but… one can get an idea, one can get an idea… or a clue.
Life is a movie, or a dream if you prefer. We all have our roles and we have the role we have based on our predispositions formed in the passages of our past. You can change the role you play. Most people are not so inclined. This is known as denial. Denial comes about when what one wants and what one believes goes contrary to the natural order of things. One suspends ones openness to what is, in favor of what one wants. One organizes and adjust their world view in defense of how they want things to be as opposed to how things really are. Very, very few of us know how things really are, or are so disposed to seek out the truth of things.
I am always recommending things, like the works of Patanjali or The Bhagavad-Gita. I could recommend many another book across a wide spectrum between The Kybalion to Brave New World. Most of you are familiar with all of these but it isn’t what you read that makes a wit of difference. It is how you take it and what form of action it inspires in you. Even the mostly committed have their areas of denial. We all want our comfort zone, no matter how narrow the parameters of that might be. We want what we want until we don’t want it and most of the time that turns out to be shortly after we get it. Life is designed for just this experience. After awhile you realize there isn’t very much here that you want. You only thought you wanted it until you got it and it proved to be something other than you thought it was. Ultimately one gets an idea… one gets a clue.
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