What’s Behind Measles Vaccine Hysteria?

Michael Hoffman — via henrymakow.com Feb 6, 2015

bgvaccinesFlashback- Measles back in the days before marketing of vaccines (YouTube)

Part Two – Intimidation of “Anti-Vaxxers”

Flashback- Measles back in the days before marketing of vaccines (YouTube)
Part Two – Intimidation of “Anti-Vaxxers” – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2015/02/measles-vaccine-hysteria.html#sthash.9GTyThT0.dpuf
On the basis of the alleged sovereignty of her body, a pregnant woman may choose to kill her unborn baby in an abortion, but that alleged sovereignty then vanishes when obligated to submit to a needle full of chemicals ordered by the government, under the rubric of vaccination.
What is the mysterious etiology of early-onset dementia, epidemic rates of allergies and cancer, and other diseases either not seen at all or not seen at these rates prior to the 1970s?
How is it that FDA-approved prescription medications are the fourth leading cause of death in America, with more than 100,000 deaths per year (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 3 p. B-8), about which the media report marginally and anemically in their back pages, if at all, while a hundred or so cases of measles rings every alarm bell in their arsenal of national mass panic?
Is there anything superior to natural immunity? To what extent is natural immunity impeded or enervated by vaccinations? Is it prudent to imagine that something so powerful as a vaccination, which can halt symptoms of certain powerful diseases, has no other effect either physiologically or on our immune system? It is completely rational to believe that vaccinations have no contraindications (“side effects”) other than slight fever, vertigo or inflammation at the injection site?

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