“Race Traitor” Proves Governments Sponsor Terror

henrymakow.com — June 3, 2017

Heritage Front protest. Click to enlarge

Heritage Front protest. Click to enlarge

From 1988-1994, Canadian taxpayers got their first taste of government-sponsored terror.
The neo Nazi “Heritage Front” was financed by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) and led by its agent, Grant Bristow.
It was brought down by a gutsy 18-year-old street waif, Elisa Hategan.
“Race Traitor” is her story. The Canadian government,  publishers and filmmakers don’t want you to know it.

from Feb 4, 2015– By Henry Makow Ph.D.

“Race Traitor” was the epithet thrown at Elisa Hategan,18, by her former Nazi friends after she defected from the Heritage Front and testified against its leaders.
When Elisa was 16, she joined the group and was quickly recognized for her writing and speaking talents. A Romanian immigrant with an abusive mother, the poverty stricken Toronto street kid found a surrogate family in the motley group of neo Nazis.
She was trusted by its leader Grant Bristow and friends like Ernst Zundel to perform a variety of confidential tasks. But when Bristow launched a terrorist campaign against anti racist activists, ranging from psychological harassment (eg. telling employers and landlords they are pedophiles) to vicious beatings, kidnappings and rapes, Elisa defected to the other side. Her testimony was instrumental in putting some leaders (not Bristow) in jail and in later disbanding the group.
With more than 2000 members, the Heritage Front was a potent subversive organization responsible for vicious beatings, arson and bombings. Its members dressed in the popular skinhead costume, accumulated an arsenal of illegal weapons and planned for a Day of Reckoning when all “race traitors” would have their throats slit. Their inspiration was Hitler’s takeover of Germany.

Toronto in the early 90’s began to resemble Berlin in the 1920’s with street battles between neo-Nazi skinheads and their anti racist opponents.
Toronto police actually collaborated with the Heritage Front. The head of the “hate crimes” unit met with a Heritage Front leader to identify anti racist activists from pictures. Some cops were Heritage Front members.
The Heritage Front also infiltrated and provided security for the Canadian Reform Party, the forerunner of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party. Its leader at the time, Preston Manning has since spoken out against this government operation.



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