Iran tests ‘stealth aircraft, smart bombs’

Air Force commander Brigadier General Hassan Shah-Safi says Iran has successfully tested ‘Ghased’ (Messenger) smart bombs and radar-evading aircraft.

“Ghased I and II bombs, made in Iran were successfully tested over the past few days,” Shah-Safi told reporters following the three-day aerial maneuver, dubbed Milad-Noor-Velayat, on Wednesday.

“The Ghased smart bomb can hit targets without requiring manual control,” he added.

The Iranian Air Force commander also pointed out that the country successfully tested its stealth aircraft in the Iranian capital Tehran over the past few days.

“We achieved all our goals as all the targets were met during the aerial maneuver,” Shah-Safi went on to say.

“One of the most interesting things in the maneuver was that all the pilots involved were trained after the 1979 Islamic Revolution,” he explained.

“It was very important for us to show the Iranian people that the country’s Air Force will stand against all threats like the sacred eight-year war [imposed on Iran by Iraq],” he noted.

According to Shah-Safi, two domestically-made Saegheh (thunderbolt) fighters successfully hit their targets on the last day of the maneuvers on Wednesday.

The Milad-Noor-Velayat aerial maneuver was branded as strictly a “defensive exercise”.