My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons – Oct 12, 2019

Politics is a shitshow put on my Freemasons. Notice Farage’s feeble attempt at a Triad Claw sign. Click to enlarge

The first obligation of government is to ensure that society isn’t taken over by a satanic cult. Our government itself has been taken over.  
Freemasonry deliberately corrupts and subverts society and makes every non-Mason a second-class citizen.
In a seven-part series, first posted in 2010, Roger Barbour describes how this works at street level. 
Roger Barbour describes his “lifelong contest of wills with a very elusive foe.” 
1. A Youth Learns About Freemasonry (below)
2- My First Experience of Freemasons
3. Advancement Hinged on a Hand Sign
4. Freemasons Control Local Commerce
5. Outwitting Local Freemasons
6. Freemasonry- Racketeering Run Amok
7. Why I Didn’t Join the Masons
Makow Comment: Ever wonder why so many white men seem so cold and soul-less? Society has been subverted by this satanic cult which literally steals souls, one at a time. Ultimately the conspiracy is spiritual in character.

by Roger Barbour — for From Aug. 18, 2010

As a toddler living in the remote reaches of Oregon, I had limited contact with other children. My closest friend was my dog Trinket.
By age four, my father let me roam freely through the surrounding forests and fields with our trusty canine. Under his tutelage, I attuned myself to the sights, sounds and smells of nature as well as imbibing the dog’s instinct for sensing danger and imbalance. Little did I know at the time that these basic skills would develop into the ability to perceive what was lurking in the minds of those I would meet during my life.
My school years included the normal peer pressures associated with growing up. I quickly learned to avoid certain people and came to understand that there were various social cliques where I was not welcome.
In the eighth grade, I befriended a lad I’ll call Bob G. His father was the caretaker of a very large estate and after school, I’d spend the afternoons helping Bob with his chores.
For some reason I always had the feeling that something was out of balance with Bob’s dad. Although I helped Bob as a favor, his dad never acknowledged my presence and referred to me in the third person. The situation with his mother was somewhat similar and even though she was civil to me, I got the feeling that I was a square peg in a round hole when either of his parents was there.

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