Abiding We ‘Give, Give and Give’ And They Still Don’t Like Us

Gilad Atzmon — gilad.co.uk Jan 28, 2015

Lipman and The Wanderin Jew. Click to enlarge

Lipman and The Wanderin Jew. Click to enlarge

I’m thinking of quitting Britain over ‘very, very depressing’ recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks, says Jewish actress Maureen Lipman
·  Maureen Lipman said she is considering leaving the UK over anti-Semitism
·  The 71-year-old actress said she is concerned by the increasing attacks
·  She told LBC she is considering a move to either New York or Israel
Mrs. Lipman, 71, said the Jewish community in Britain ‘give, give and give’ and described the recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks as ‘very, very depressing’.
I am puzzled by Lipman and other British Jews who express similar views. Jews settled in this country in the late 19th century. But it seems that more than a century or about 4 generations have not been sufficient for British Jews to feel themselves an integral part of this country. They give up on this kingdom quite easily.  Lipman is threatening to leave us and 58% of British Jews do not see future in Britain.
The actress told LBC Radio: “When the economy dries up they turn on the usual suspect the Jew… and when the going gets tough the Jews get packing.”


Lipman is slightly wrong here. At least this time, the economy in Britain is actually improving as anti-Semitism is reportedly rising.
Lipman said “One school of thought says it’s because of Israeli policy in the Middle East, it isn’t. There’s been anti-Semitism for 4,000 years.”
I guess that Lipman may be correct here; it isn’t just Israeli or Zionist crimes that lead to the rise of opposition to Jews. A recent poll initiated by the Jewish Community suggests that around half of the Brits acknowledged Jewish domination in media, finance and politics. According to the poll, many Brits are really unhappy with the dominance of the Holocaust. When they, for instance, visit The Imperial War Museum, they may be distressed to find that around two-thirds of the building has been devoted to a permanent Holocaust exhibition.
Recently the Jewish actress vowed not to vote Labour. She complained that Mr. Miliband’s support for a motion recognising the state of Palestine ‘sucks’ at a time of rising anti-Semitism in Europe.
Lipman was probably afraid that someone would mistake her for a Jihadi martyr. She said, “there are 245,000 Jews in the country. What’s to fear? We don’t fly planes into buildings, we generally keep on the right side of the law.” Lipman basically said, ‘unlike the Muslims, we, the Jews, are good law abiding citizens.’  Lipman is factually correct, Jews do not fly airplanes into buildings: but the Jewish State, which she openly identifies with, flies lethal drones decorated with Jewish symbols and drops bombs on the most densely populated place on this planet.
The Daily Mail believes that Mrs. Lipman’s comments add to the growing clamour of voices calling for protection of Jews and an end to anti-Semitic attacks. I am afraid that paper is wrong. Some of Lipman’s statements above are outrageous and could only provoke more harm to Jews.
If Jews want to calm the situation down, and I hope they do, they must consider the situation from a larger perspective. Rather than once again blaming the ‘Goyim,’ Jews must look in the mirror and find out what is it in Jewish culture and ideology that makes the situation so unstable for the Jews.
If Jews want to look into this issue and prefer to save time and energy, the best place to start is by reading The Wandering Who. I have spent ten years of my life looking into the topic and I have a lot of answers to offer.


Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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