It’s OK to Say, “That’s So Gay”

Millions of young people say, “That’s so gay” to denote alien, different and unhealthy.

To me, this is the most hopeful sign that Western civilization will survive.

For Rockefeller-Rothschild social engineers, however, it’s a disaster.

These youths are not getting the message that gay and straight are essentially the same, i.e. “lifestyle preferences” like cable or satellite.

So these Cabalist bankers have launched an expensive “public service” TV campaign to indoctrinate kids that obeying their healthy instincts, is in fact being “homophobic.”

They’ve got celebrities like lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes and Hillary Duff overhearing teenagers, interrupting them and chewing them out. “How would you like it if your identity was used to denote alien and wrong?”


Every first-year anthropology student learns that group cohesion is maintained by defining in-group and out-group behavior. If a group cannot define itself, it disappears.

You’re not being homophobic. This TV campaign is a rearguard action in a war on your sexual identity. Gay Pride is apparently OK but heterosexuals cannot maintain their identity. I’m here to tell you, “Bend over no more.”

Until 1975, homosexuality was considered a developmental disorder. Therapists considered it a major neurosis, a sexual perversion and even a physical illness. Then the Rockefellers yanked the chain of the American Psychological Association and magically, overnight, what for centuries had been abnormal, was suddenly normal.

This is part of a larger attack on gender and marriage designed to decrease population and undermine the family. In the bankers’ Brave New World Order, children will be born to single mothers and raised by the state. They will be “educated” to serve their betters.

Do you really think the Rockefellers, who financed Eugenics for a century, including Mengele’s heinous experiments in Auschwitz, give a hoot about homosexuals’ feelings? No, they are trying to turn you into homosexuals. They want you to suffer from this disorder. That’s why you are learning in school that homosexuality is normal! That’s why they are using guilt to rob you of your heterosexual identity.

This isn’t about equality and human rights. It is about social engineering and mind control. It’s about depopulation and dictatorship.

In 2002, a Mormon girl was ribbed by her new classmates. “Do you have ten moms?” To which she replied, “That’s so gay.”

Those three words landed her in big trouble. See how selective this is? Why can a Christians’ feelings be hurt, but not a gay person’s?

Because they are not promoting tolerance. They are not promoting Christianity. They are promoting homosexuality. The organization behind the ads, GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, has 40 full-time employees! They sponsor pro- gay propaganda in thousands of schools under the pretense that gay youth are being persecuted. The Rockefeller Foundation is paying.

Wake up heterosexuals, wars always operate under the pretext of self-defence.

Heterosexuality is under attack. You are being persecuted. Your mind is messed with so you will adopt unhealthy behavior which will rob you of your ability to marry and procreate.

For course, gay youths should be treated with kindness and consideration. It’s not their fault they are gay. They are not conscious of how they are being used by the Rockefellers. But draw a line in the sand. They are not the same as we are and we have a right to say so.


Our society has been subverted by Cabalist bankers, including many homosexuals, who have stolen the governments’ credit card, and now have to create a dictatorship to protect their prize. They are behind all wars, depression, 9-11 and the credit crunch. These are ways to degrade and demoralize humanity so we will accept their tyranny.

Instead of thinking of homosexuality in terms of same-sex attraction, thinking of it as gender confusion resulting in “failure to permanently bond with (i.e. marry) a member of the opposite sex.” Homosexuals generally compensate for this failure by having promiscuous sex.

Can you see how, in these terms, heterosexuals have become like homosexuals? Courtship is almost dead. Anonymous sex (“hooking up”) is in.

Heterosexuality is not a “lifestyle preference.” Heterosexuality is being part of the natural life cycle that is essential to personal development, happiness and the survival of the species. A country that cares about its survival would foster courtship, marriage and family. Children need the security and love of heterosexual parents in a strong marriage.

A country that has been subverted by an alien occult financial power allows its young men and women to be lied to and perverted. Its politicians, media and educators do not serve the people. They work for the alien financial power.

Here is what a nurse says about “the gay lifestyle.”

They foster the illusion that gays are just like us, interested in marriage. In Holland and Sweden where gays are allowed to have civil unions, less than 3% do. The same is true of Canada. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers want you to behave like most gays. They want you to have sex but no family. They own the world and we are “useless eaters.”


So on Father’s Day, let’s celebrate heterosexuality. Let’s celebrate marriage and children.

Let’s celebrate men who support and lead their families, and women who sacrifice for husband and children.

And to the Rockefellers’ and Rothschilds’ commercials, let’s say, “That’s so gay!”

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Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His past articles on Feminism and the New World Order can be found on his web site He enjoys receiving comments at

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