The Masonic Plot

When Harold Wilson was prime minister from 1974 to 1976 and Lord Kagan his “advisor,” Britain became overrun with Soviet agents. Such was the extent of Soviet infiltration that the country could barely function with the disruption they fomented.

Industrial strikes were engineered in every quarter by two senior KGB agents operating from the Soviet embassy in London, with help from British socialist A.I.P.’s (agents in place). The parks were full of mounds of household rubbish after refuse removal men went on strike; gravediggers also went on strike and the dead lay unburied in mortuaries, while the motor industry was crippled by industrial action and the whole country seemed close to collapse.

Senior intelligence sources claimed that damaging leaks from the prime minister’s office were largely responsible and they could have come from only one of three people: either the prime minister’s secretary, Marcia Falkender, his close friend Lord Kagan or Harold Wilson himself.

Both Wilson’s deputies Dennis Healey and Lord George Brown were secretly informing British intelligence on the rot permeating the highest levels of government, but mainly on Kagan’s Soviet contacts and dealings.

Kagan’s own security file ran to 140 pages and his influence over Wilson was similar to that of Lord Levy over Tony Blair, or Lord Rothschild over Winston Churchill; ostensibly one of financial advisor, instructor and confidante.

The defector Anatoli Golitzin told us from a safe house that Wilson was very Soviet friendly. Arkady Shevshenko further corroborated this and put his life in great danger in doing so.

Wilson’s security file had extensive data on his wartime work, as a left wing journalist covering the coal industry and although I do not believe he was an active Soviet agent, he was certainly involved in criminal land dealing for personal gain.

I remember speaking to a senior intelligence asset, who said that Wilson’s Labour party predecessor, leader Hugh Gaitskell was murdered by the Soviet’s to get their man, Wilson in.

However, another very senior source told me that Gaitskell was murdered because he was too friendly to the U.S. Either way, Gaitskell’s untimely demise was echoed when Labour leader John Smith, who was tipped to lead Labour to victory in the next general election, also died of a sudden heart attack at 55, 21 years later.

Just as Gaitskill’s demise opened the way for Wilson to take power, Smith’s sudden death left the way open for Tony Blair to take the Labour Party leadership and lead it into power in the next general election.

Suspicion still surrounds Smith’s sudden death, but the Gaitskell family nanny, a scrupulously honest woman by the name of Maude Burton said intelligence sources told her in strict confidence that Gaitskell WAS murdered by the K.G.B.

This was later confirmed by the Czech defectors Frantisek August and Joseph Frolic, who said the goodwill Soviet visit to Britain in 1956, was in reality meant to rally socialists in Britain against Gaitskell’s pro America leaning.

Nearly twenty years later however, the mass strikes and civil unrest during Wilson’s premiership, which became known as “The Winter of Discontent”, prompted top freemasons in all the armed services, the police and fire brigade to meet and discuss a possible military take over of Britain.

Although it never came to pass, for a while they agreed that Britain would be run by the armed services with the Rothschild puppet, Lord Mountbatten installed as figurehead.

Mountbatten, who was nicknamed “mountbottom” for his taste in young boys, was told by Rothschild to accept the position.

At the time the Soviets were involved in several big naval exercises around the Britain, and at one point there were at least 16 nuclear armed Soviet submarines off the coast. I remember, we did not know if they were real warheads or dummies, but as I looked out of the window on the bus home from central London one afternoon, I thought all this may all be gone tomorrow.

With hindsight and the passage of time, of course, it’s now obvious that the same hidden hands were guiding both sides. On the one-hand a military coup was being planned to install a Rothschild puppet in response to Soviet inspired agitation.

While on the other, the Soviets themselves were originally brought to power with help from the Rothschild’s and were then subsequently assisted by Victor Rothschild while he worked for MI5.

None of this duplicity was apparent at the time however, as we were all focused on the imminent Soviet threat. As a result there was much re-organisation in defence at home, with information from a series of defectors, and I found myself in one of many 3-man teams ready to go underground and resist in the event of a Soviet invasion.

Our daytime hiding place would be beside the river Roding in Essex, a cavernous damp cellar under a large ordinary manhole and our first job would be to eliminate the names on a list we were given.

Any possible Soviet sympathiser like socialist activists, left-wing opportunists such as Philby, Blunt and Cairncross and anyone else who might help them was listed.

Incidentally the top name on the list was another future Labour leader, Michael Foot.

At the time socialist sympathies in Britain were heightened by the way the U.S. was perceived to have financially exploited the country in the aftermath of W.W.II. Remember, we only finished paying back the wartime loans and interest payments to the U.S. in December 2006 nearly 61 years after they were first made.

Much has changed since the “Winter of Discontent”, outwardly at least. But in some ways the real powers behind the scenes are still the same, relying on deception and duplicity to maintain their hold over us.

T Stokes

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence