After Victory at Greek Polls, Leftist Politician Forms Coalition Government

Liz Alderman, Jim Yardley — New York Times Jan 26, 2015

soros tsiprasAlexis Tsipras, the leftist political maverick who swept to power on Sunday in Greece in a popular rebellion, formed a new coalition government on Monday with a right-wing fringe party that will charge immediately into the task of reversing wrenching austerity policies and negotiating with European leaders to reduce Greece’s debt burden.

Panos Kammenos, the leader of the coalition partner, Independent Greeks, told reporters shortly after meeting with Mr. Tsipras on Monday morning that the two had formed a new government. The Independent Greeks, who won 4.7 percent of the national vote, have often taken a hard line against austerity and might push for tough terms in any debt talks.

It was not immediately clear how the power would be shared, but Mr. Tsipras planned to go to the Greek presidential compound in the early afternoon to formally receive the mandate to form a government.

“I want to announce that from this moment the country has a government,” Mr. Kammenos told reporters after about an hour of talks with Mr. Tsipras.

“The Independent Greeks give our vote of confidence to the prime minister, Alexis Tsipras,” he said.

Mr. Kammenos added that Mr. Tsipras would visit President Karolos Papoulias later on Monday to be sworn in as prime minister and then announce the composition of the new Greek government “in which Independent Greeks will participate.”

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Comment — Jan 27, 2015

A little background is in order on who exactly is behind Alexis Tsipras. A familiar figure lurks behind the public facade of Syriza. In effect making the former controlled opposition and now Greece’s new government, a tool of the elite. Ed.

Soros: Billionaire Currency Speculator Funding And Advising Tsipras!

xamerica — Feb 27, 2013

The economic and political war by billionaire Zionist financiers such as George Soros is by no means limited to just Greece. Rumors that just won’t go away abound about the likely fact that the very bankers who created the Greek crisis are funding and abetting the liberal “anti-capitalist” Syriza.

There is now evidence of the anti-Greek and anti-German collaboration published in the German news magazine Wirtschaftswoche:

“The Institute For New Economic Thinking”, a well known George Soros propaganda institution, hosted Tsipras in his lectures around the United States. In his appearances, Tsipras sat with INET representatives, who paid for him to get around as well as got him audiences in prestigious American academic institutions (despite having little rapport around the world). The idea was to foment fears of Golden Dawn abroad, by evoking “Nazi” scare tactics, as well as attack Germany with this into continuing Greece’s debt-interest slavery, for the benefit of the anti-human exploiter parasite George Soros!

Alexis Tsipras’ rhetoric is empty, he tells Greeks what they want to hear just like PASOK always has. While Tsipras met with US State Department’s Eric Rubin (known for its pro-Turkish policies in the Mediterranean), likely to bond over their mutual agreement about the name of Macedonia, Syriza back in Greece simultaneously published an anti-American polemic regarding natural gas issues in Crete. Anti-Capitalists for Soros, Anti-Americans for the State Department, this is the real face of the Syriza controlled opposition.