The World is the World is the World

Visible Origami — Jan 26, 2015

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I’m sitting in this early morning of elemental excellence in beauty manifest. Vari-colored tea plants reach out through my window, in both aspiration and supplication; that eternal dance… as do all the members of the rooted kingdom, for the sun. The sun, through an interplay with the various forces brought into being by the sun, is the source of all life of whatever kind is displayed here, was displayed here or will be displayed here. The sun is the regent of our world in every good way. There are other forces, powerful forces at work as well. Although everything comes out of the sun and though it commands both the darkness and the light, there are intelligences born of the darkness that are permitted to cavort about in wild places and in artificial zones where Materialism is the prevailing faith. Every faith has its priests and agents; its pecking orders. I am not myself completely familiar with the relative status of Satan, Lucifer and Mammon and their interplay between each other, in concert with each other, or in their occasional oppositions; if such is ever the case but… given that all of them are forces of opposition (or seem to be) of the true light, one must assume they are a contentious lot even with each other. When evil destroys itself, this is often accomplished through the forces of evil warring against one another. Also… sometimes, the current which makes it possible for them to operate is cut off. How it is going to manifest this time around is above my pay grade. However… we can be assured that it will happen. The only question yet unresolved in that matter is how many souls will be dragged into perdition along with Evil when the time comes.
For those who might seek to measure their chances against this destiny, one has only to look at what they are about and what it is that they seek after. Many… most of those who will be swept away, are unlikely to inquire in this manner. Many will not think about this at all. A smaller portion is, to different degrees, aware of what they do and have no intention of turning away from any of it. Each of these, hosts within them, some measure of the mind of darkness and according to their dispositions and inclinations, it operates through them accordingly.
One can question to a fruitless infinity about why the things that happen happen and why Evil is permitted to flourish to the degree that it does. Some amount of wisdom is there to be had by anyone who understands the purpose of life to begin with. The whole construct of manifest existence is about one thing; the birthing, shepherding and education of the human soul. It is about the testing, trial and marvelous completion of the human soul in the fiery crucible of experience, both here and elsewhere. One can meditate upon this and fertilize the unconscious with inquiry concerning it and… by the inflexible and timeless operations of ageless wisdom, some measure of truth will flower. As arcane as it may seem to many, it is a simple process; a dependable process, as predictably certain as the sure and irrevocable result seen in the exercise of any cosmic law. The whole purpose of the study of metaphysical science is the acquisition of knowledge AND the attendant virtue and disciplines necessary to employ what is learned for the betterment of all life. Seeking power for the sake of power or knowledge for the sake of gain will eventually turn you into a living example of why neither of these are a good idea. I would further submit that NO ONE has ever made these acquisitions for these purposes who did not come to deeply regret the effort.
In these few past sentences, one can glean a good deal about why life exists at all and why it takes some of the twists and turns that it takes. We really shouldn’t be confused. If we are not seeing clearly we are confused. Eventually you realize that ‘you got a friend’ or not… See… although it is only one thing it can be taken many ways. One of the most valuable acquisitions of wisdom is that since there are so many ways to see the same thing, arguing about the truth or value of any of them is pointless since you are also one of those vying for an interpretation that ONLY… trust me on this; the most effective thing it does is that it interprets itself. It doesn’t need you. You are already an extension of it so… WTF does that mean? It means that if you are willing and teachable then… you might get somewhere. If you are not, well… you will; still get somewhere. Do I have to do the math?
I know I have been away from this side of Origami for awhile. I also know that this is the part of Origami that most of you like best and which is what you look for even in the others or you probably wouldn’t come around at all. You can expect much more of this now. I’m in a different world from a different view.
Everything that happens on this journey of life is filled with meaning. Unfortunately most people won’t risk feeling except in some of the most uncomfortable ways that I have ever seen. If you are not having a magical affair in a positive light you are probably in one of those gray areas. This kind of thing is easily fixed because it is ALL HAPPENING IN YOUR HEAD! Sorry, I hit the volume slider with my elbow as I was reaching for my left-handed sky hook. That distracted me so much that I forgot why I was looking for that in the first place. No worries… it will show up at some point, even if the point of reference is long gone. Well… there you have one interpretation of Karma and why it often seems to make no sense. It might have been a long time ago. A lot of what is playing out now in the world came from a long time ago. One has only to look at the size of the population to realize a whole lot of other periods are being represented here for the purpose of resolution. I can’t say it often enough. It is a time of summing up. It is an apocalypse. You can tell what time it is too by the degree that poetry has turned to profanity. The arts always tell the tale of whether life is meaningful or not. Individually a life can always be meaningful regardless of the times.
I would have picked another time. Many of us wish the world were more a reflection of something worth sharing and enjoying. We do the best we can wherever we are and maybe we create it. It was easier in other times. Hopefully that means it will be much more meaningful because of the afflicted state of the world and the degree of difficulty. Materialism has been entering another level. Now there is a lot more of what it creates in the latter stages. Cynicism, alienation, isolation and horrifying indifference. That comes around because an over saturation of the senses in something that is artificial and worse; as well as often lacking in meaning.
I know I bang on the world not infrequently. In truth, I look at it a little like Desiderata, similar to comments made there. There’s an old term, unless it is just old in head and never was a more general old phrase and it goes, “the world is the world is the world” That makes sense to me, though it might not work for everyone. Sometimes it’s good and at any time it is very, very good for some. Sometimes it is not so hot and not very good for most people. Quality of life is not something you can base on the economic index and much of that is relative. These days, a large number of people live better than kings once did and as abysmally corrupt, incompetent and in opposition to common sense as it may be, the medical profession does have answers to things that were once horrible scourges for which all kinds of ineffective methodology was applied; being ‘blooded’ comes to mind. The treatments of mental illness used to take place in what were called snake pits.
Quality of life has most to do with the state of ones heart and mind and the manner in which they are able to integrate with the whole. When there is little enough of that and when one is expected to adapt to conditions that go contrary to ones basic nature well… you get what you get. If an entire society is sick, normal is an arbitrary line constantly being drawn and redrawn on shifting sands.
For some good long while I have felt fairly intense pressures on myself with seldom any respite. It isn’t a matter simply of locale. I don’t think it is. It is a grinding pressure, attended by confusion and a sense of helplessness. I motor through it. I have little choice in the matter. This pressure could be something generated in pervasive waves across the planet or it could be the surfacing of viral states out of the subconscious due to manipulation from that point. It could be both of these and more. It is palpable.
Sometimes I feel like a man clinging to a plastic buoy in a restless and threatening ocean. You know there are possibilities of storms there which a plastic buoy is going to be little help in. I know there are unseen agents of assistance all around me but consistently my situation results in a tense stalemate. I can remember what it was like 20 years ago. It was nothing like it is now. There are many ominous signs concerning the next couple of years. At the same time, I look at humanity in its daily pursuits and the general lack of objective awareness is truly disturbing.
We’ve been hearing dire predictions for a long time. I’m not going to start naming some of those who are known to you that talk about global economic and socio-political trends; those who use data and software to come to their conclusions; those who use an acquired academic awareness and those who pull it out of the air. The predictions, in many cases have been seriously alarming but very little of what had been predicted has happened. For years you have people hammering on about buying gold and silver but zilch happens there and the prices of these things even go down beyond anything that could be expected based on what should be. Obviously these markets are being manipulated and controlled. I’ve come up with a theory as to why things stutter and stagger, back and forth, always skirting the lip of total disaster. It’s all of us. It is the collective of us resident here that impacts in a major way upon what does and does not happen. These trend predictors and other soothsayers from their particular niche of assessment do not include the human factor. That’s no science according to them. They work strictly with data analysis. WE make a difference. When we are joined in a noble commonality of thought we can make a huge difference because the addition of every kindred soul impacts exponentially upon the whole.
I am sorry to be so absent in my postings and to be missing the radio broadcasts as I previously did not. From that last sentence it looks like I am losing my grip on structure (grin). I am having to integrate here and it is taking the lions share of my attention. I spend a lot of time in thought without knowing exactly what it is. I’m still and quiet and waiting. I’m hopeful and relatively sane… heh heh. I’ve been away for 15 years. It is no small thing to navigate this and I am leaving that in the hands of my betters. I keep hearing things like, “Visible… you don’t have to do anything more now. Everything from here will be taken care of. All you have to do is show up. You don’t even have to show up, just be where you are and take no thought for anything because everything is going to come to you now.” Those are comforting words to hear but… there is no disputing the tension in the air. I take it that I shouldn’t concern myself with that either.
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On a positive note, I now have an extra bunk for any temporarily migrating pilgrims.