Hitler’s Psychiatrist Cited Sexual Motivation for War

Hitler’s sexual dysfunction was responsible for war and his persecution of the Jews, according to Kurt Kreuger M.D. who claims he was Hitler’s psychiatrist from 1919 to 1934.

I stumbled on his 1941 book, “I was Hitler’s Doctor” not suspecting he was a psychiatrist. I wasn’t prepared for the intimate revelations, including one that Hitler hated Jews because a grocer named Sachs had “desecrated” his mother.
Professor Robert Waite says the book is a hoax. There was no Jewish grocer in the town and Kreuger couldn’t possibly have remembered pages of intimate conversations verbatim. (“The Psychopathic God,” p. 434)

I don’t know about the grocer but it seems to me that after treating a very special patient for 15 years, a gifted man like Kreuger could know him intimately enough to reproduce his words. Also, the Introduction was written by Otto Strasser (who helped Hitler build the Nazi Party); the Upton Sinclair wrote the Forward, and a retired military psychiatrist wrote the Preface. Would they have lent their names to a hoax?

“I Was Hitler’s Doctor” exposed in 1941 many aspects of Hitler’s career and character that are little know even today. Hitler was impotent. He was a homosexual and bisexual. He had been Capt. Roehm’s lover. He was employed by the army to monitor rabble rousers. he met regularly with Steel Baron Fritz Thyssen.

Later he had engaged in occult ritual abuse with credulous Hitler Youth as willing victims.

“He had used a bayonet knife to cut a bleeding swastika between the breasts of a female cultist, and then in a moment of erotic madness, he had made a homicidal attack upon the young blonde girl, whom he rushed to me for treatment.” (p.41)

I am not going to swear by the book’s authenticity but I’m not going to ignore it either.


In August 1919, Hitler sought help from Dr. Kurt Kreuger for impotence. He attributed the problem to syphilis. Krueger soon determined that Hitler’s syphilis was in remission and Hitler’s impotence was due to an unhealthy attachment to his mother. (His first memory was her breast which represented “warmth”; he watched her dressing and wished to displace his father. pp. 105-112.) His mother Klara was 35-years-younger than her husband, who was also her uncle. Quite likely her love was sublimated on her son, warping him for life.

“We slip out of of the maternal womb, all of us; but only a tiny fraction of us returns to the womb in adult sexual intimacy,” Hitler tells Kreuger.

Hitler never could never relate to a woman. All of his relationships followed a pattern of, either, his sadistic domination of a victim or his slavish obedience to a dominatrix. Speaking of the latter, he said, “She put me completely in her power. The Master of the Reich becomes a slave of a half-witted harlot, a cringing slave!” (228)

He also had been completely submissive to Capt. Roehm, the S.A. leader. “Hitler must have been an underling in every sense of the word…Roehm dreamt of a new order where the sexual degenerate would be looked upon [as superior] …That is why he flaunted his degeneracy in public…[Hitler’s liquidation of Roehm] cut him lose from the intellectual and erotic domination of Roehm and the hateful father-image which Roehm represented.” (253)

On the other hand, Hitler subjected his 15-year-old niece Geli Raubel (daughter of his half-sister) to unspeakable humiliations and then murdered her when she rebelled. (Significantly he refers to her as “that Jewess,” confirming the belief that his father was half-Jewish. p.236) Many of his amours committed suicide.

According to Kreuger, Hitler saw the world in terms of his maternal attachment. He woke up one night to his mother’s laughter and followed the sound to the garden. There he found the “fat Jew” grocer Sachs “desecrating her naked breasts with his fat paws.” His awe of his mother was such that he withdrew to his bedroom and threw up.

“As for that damned Jew, I promise you I’ll make every German and Austrian Jew pay for that piece of infamy. head will roll – and if that garden still exists…it will know a red dew.” (270)

Yet in a bizarre twist, he also associated Jewish women with his mother. Sexual congress to Hitler “meant a Jewess, and without a Jewess no such thing can possibly take place.” (256) This was because, as with incest, sex with a Jewess was also a taboo i.e. racial defilement.

Hitler broke with Rudolf Hess after he dreamed of Hess having sex with a Jewess.

After Hitler became Chancellor, he fell in love with Jewish actress Gita Alper. Kreuger told him: “Gita has become your perfect love-image because of …her maternal tenderness that has an hypnotic effect on your Psyche. You can love the mother and still feel you are not committing incest.” (230)


“Hitler’s failure to find a mate is at the core of his failure as a human being, and is the source of his demonic, destructive spirit,” Kreuger writes. (236)

Is it too facile to think that Hitler’s need to conquer and destroy was fueled by his sexual impotence and sado-masochism?

Obviously, this is a Freudian perspective and possibly the author wrote a sensational Freudian fantasy. However, I believe the book could be authentic and provide a new dimension to our understanding of Hitler.

Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His past articles on Feminism and the New World Order can be found on his web site www.savethemales.ca He enjoys receiving comments at henry@savethemales.ca

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