No Light Unto Neighbours (or, “Let My Dena Go!”)

I have learned yesterday from the Daily Telegraph that an Orthodox Jewish couple are suing their neighbours in a block of flats because they say an “automatic security light breaks a religious prohibition.”

This is not a joke. It is a true story about two Jews who fail to ‘love their neighbours’. “Dr Dena Coleman, the head teacher of a Jewish orthodox school, and her husband, Gordon, claim they are kept prisoner in their holiday flat on the Sabbath because when they leave it they trigger the light in the communal hallway.”

As if Jews didn’t suffer enough along their history. As if the Holocaust has never happened, Dena and Gordon are imprisoned in their holiday home by an electronic device. It is a well-established fact that electrons are negative at least symbolically, from now on they are anti-Semitic for real.

“The Colemans claim their human rights are being breached and are suing the flat’s management company, which includes their neighbours, for failing to accommodate their religion. The other 35 owners of the seaside flats are liable to pay the court costs if the claim is successful.”

One may have to see the positive side of it all. At least these seaside Goyim will learn once and for all not to mess with Jews.

As it seems, on the face of it, the Colemans do not ‘love their neighbours’ enough to live with them in peace. At the end of the day, such form of love is not exactly part of the Colemans’ religious cultural heritage. Yet, one may wonder, why did they buy a holiday flat in a house populated with so many Gentiles? Couldn’t they just find a suitable seaside ghetto or alternatively an isolated cottage? And if the Jewish state is as technologically advanced as it claims to be, couldn’t Israel come up with a kosher electronic device that would differentiate between Jews and the rest of humanity for matters to do with the keeping the holy Sabbath. I even have some names to offer in case such a device is put into production: electro-kosher, senso-yidd, Gentilight or even Sabbatomatic.

The Colemans, so I learned from the Telegraph, are actually very generous; they in fact, “have offered to pay for an override switch to disable the light sensors during the Sabbath.”

A few hours before Operation Cast Lead, an IDF automated message was sent to the Gazans, kindly suggesting they leave their houses before these are turned into piles of rubble. I have seen some Zionist spokesmen claiming that this act alone transforms the IDF into the most ‘humanist army ever’. The Colemans are in fact far more generous than the IDF, they are not threatening to bring Embassy Court down. They just want to turn the light off. They sent a letter to their 35 neighbours saying: “Faced with a situation where we could never again have full use of our flat, we were left with no alternative but to seek legal advice,” They were really left with no other alternative but imposing their religious beliefs on their neighbours. In Israel it is called ‘No Choice War’. A war imposed on you by others.

Like PM Benjamin Netanyahu who offered the Palestinians a state with no sovereignty and with no sky, the Colemans offered their Goyim neighbours complete surrender. The couple said that they “would drop the case if an override switch was installed and the management company paid their legal costs and compensation.”

One resident told the Daily Telegraph: “There has been a meeting about it and many of the residents are not happy. There is a feeling that things should not be changed just to suit people in one flat when everyone else is happy with it.” The silly neighbour fails to realise that Jews and Goyim are not exactly equal, at least not from a Jewish perspective.

They couple have now issued a county court writ against their 35 next-door neighbours, saying that they were discriminated on the grounds of religion. All observant Orthodox Jews trace the switching on of electric lights back to the lighting of a fire, one of the original 39 Sabbath prohibitions. Some, however, make an exception in the case of security lights because of the safety implications.

However, the safety of 35 Goyim neighbours is not a real concern for the Jewish couple. Mrs. Dena Coleman, the head teacher of a Jewish orthodox school, must know that in one of the first sections of the Judaic daily morning payer, every devout Jew blesses God for not making him a Gentile. I bet that by now some of the inhabitants in the court may consider converting to Judaism just to be spared the Colemans’ legal vengeance. In fact, the Orthodox Jewish head teacher is actually following her Talmudic code when being careless towards her Gentile next-door neighbour’s safety. The Talmud teaches us that Gentiles who fall into a well should not be helped out, but neither should they be pushed into the well to be killed, which means that they should neither be saved from death nor killed directly. The Orthodox Jewish couple is not exactly caring about their neighbours searching for their way home in the dark. They do not push them or trip them over in the dark, but thy do not let them light their path either. As the Talmud preaches, other people’s safety is not exactly a Jewish concern.

Israel Shahak, who scrutinized the Talmud and its anti Goyim thought taught us that apart from the fixed daily prayers, a devout Jew must utter special short blessings on various occasions, both good and bad. Some of these occasional prayers serve to inculcate hatred and scorn for all Goyim. “For instance, a pious Jew must utter a curse when passing near a Gentile cemetery, whereas he must bless God when passing near a Jewish cemetery. A similar rule applies to the living; thus, when seeing a large gathering of Jewish people, a devout Jew must praise God, while upon seeing a large gathering of Gentile people, he must utter a curse. Nor are buildings exempt: the Talmud lays down that a Jew who passes near an inhabited non-Jewish dwelling must ask God to destroy it, whereas if the building is in ruins he must thank the Lord of Vengeance. (Naturally, the rules are reversed for Jewish houses.) It became customary to spit (usually three times) upon seeing a church or a crucifix, as an embellishment to the obligatory formula of regret. Sometimes insulting biblical verses were also added.” I guess that the poor Goyim in Embassy Court better realise something about the religious teaching of their new devout Jewish neighbours. So they realise that their battle may be lost.

In a statement, the management company said: “correspondence with the Colemans had failed to resolve the dispute.” The naïve Gentiles in Embassy Court obviously fail to realise what they are up against, for ordinary human beings do not possess the intellectual or mental capacity to grasp Biblical supremacy. It took the Palestinians many decades to realise what Zionism was all about. The residents of Embassy Court are clearly totally unprepared.

I find myself bewildered by the story. How will the Colemans plan to get on with their neighbours in case they win? More interesting, how will they cope with their neighbours’ gazes in case they lose? Answering this question may help us to contemplate over the future of Palestine. How will the Jewish minority in future Palestine going to cope with its past obnoxious behaviour? Embassy Court could stand as a microcosmic test case for the purpose of conflict resolution studies.

For the time being, I suggest that PSC local branch send some representatives to Embassy Court as soon as possible. The poor fresh victims of Jewish Orthodox asocial abuse would obviously understand the Palestinian plight and would join the movement. Moreover, such an act of political solidarity would divert their reasonable anger into some positive humanitarian channels. It may even save the Colemans from a pogrom. At the end of the day, more than anything else the PSC is committed to combating anti-Semitism. Saving the Colemans and helping the Palestinians simultaneously must be the ultimate perfect mission.