Howdy Doody Hypocrisy and the BS Express

I was packing for and traveling on …my yearly migration to the other location and then I’ve been waiting for my new monitor so that I could see what I was writing and… in the meantime came the Iranian election.

During this time, I have seen and heard some news about what is happening in Iran. The first thing I have to say, because it is the single most important thing, is that the Zionist owned media is an international lie machine. Its business is based on lies. Its products are lies and all of its employees are liars. The first thing any reader of the MSM must say to themselves as they begin to read or listen to anything found there is, “This is a lie. What sort of lie is it? Why is this particular lie being told and… what sort of amplifiers are they using for the air guitars and lip synching?

Now that we are on the same page, let us first address the dripping irony which hisses as it hits the sidewalks and pits the cement like the acid blood from the creature in “Alien” …as it burned its way through the spaceship. What is that irony? It is to be found in the words of the Howdy Doody President as he tells us that, after watching TV for a few days, he is compelled to comment on the uproar in Iran. This begs the big question. If Howdy Doody is so moved by the manufactured, small public uproar that produced a dozen deaths over a few days then… why? Pray tell why did this president remain silent over the many, many, many deaths in the Operation Cast Lead adventure in Gaza which played across the TV screen for weeks?

I don’t have the exact quote from Fox News that I saw a few days ago, where Howdy Doody said something about it being impossible for him to remain silent while observing this inflated, blow-up doll, exaggeration of a manufactured news item. I don’t need it. His simpering, sanctimonious posturing, in the link already given, would make Joe Lieberman green with envy at the power of the sycophantic posturing, performed by this wooden puppet at the teleprompter screen.

Who is fomenting the media uproar? That would be the fellow travelers of the ones telling the lies about what happened. Who is making a news item out of this seemingly, unrelated hype? One needs only to look at who makes up the majority (and in some cases, entirety) of the board of the organizations reporting it. Then one should take the actual numbers of all of the players to assess the relative importance of this news as compared to the amount of people hit by lighting- or hit by red cars on a Tuesday while crossing the street- to get some measure of its real importance. Don’t link this information and/or the rhetoric to the impetus for increased hate crime legislation. Don’t go looking for the real connections that exist behind the smoke and mirrors or you might be named as one more ‘terrorist truther” looking for an Al Qaeda ‘friend with benefits’.

Do I need to mention the connection between Ghorbanifar -the arms merchant- and candidate Mousavi? Do I need to point out that, just as in Venezuela, the opposition reflects the disenchantment of the elite and the rich …with the incumbent’s efforts to improve the lives of the middle class and the poor? Do I need to point out the connections between the CIA/Mossad apparatus and the opposition in both locations? Do I need to point out that the polling before the election was very accurately reflected in the election results?

How stupid and incurious does one have to be not to be able to connect the dots? I won’t measure that for you. Stupidity is a major growth industry. Some people believe what they are told and some people believe what they want to believe. We live in a time of continuous lies, produced for the profit of a handful of power mad bandits, counter-pointed by endless revelations of the same. This is due to the apocalyptic, unveiling force of the moment, between the passing of one age and the arrival of the next.

Those telling the truth are reviled by those manufacturing the lies. Much of what is being done is being done in plain sight. It is clearly seen by those for whom the truth holds more importance than the lies …and it is invisible to those who have embraced the lies and the liars for the promise of personal gain or the possibility of being left holding what little has yet to be taken from them. Fear and self-interest blind those motivated by them. Truth looks like the creature in a Japanese monster film. They run screaming through the streets in search of rat holes and loose floorboards in which to hide themselves from the revealing light. The tormented and imprisoned, cry out against their liberator and wrap their arms in the bars of their cells.

Listen up world; you may not like it. It may interfere with your plans. You may twist and writhe like a dog that has rolled in a road side carcass and who is now being bathed by its master but… all your efforts, all your denial, all your uninformed outrage are of no avail against the greater force for good, operating for your best interests and despite your complete ignorance of what that might be.

What it is is… most people don’t really want the truth. The truth is inconvenient. The truth gets in the way of selfish behavior. The truth makes the posturing demagogue look foolish. The truth is bad for business. The truth exposures the venal operations of those who feed off of the public like ticks on a stray dog.

For some long time the truth has been marginalized, imprisoned and slandered. For some long time, people like Giordano Bruno, Wilhelm Reich and so many others, have been burned at the stake or had their books burned on the docks. Those seeking cures for ancient miseries have been murdered by those for whom these miseries are a business enterprise. Evil has waxed triumphant and flaunted its power before a trembling world. Those days are coming to an end. They will not come without a terrible cost because evil will not go quietly toward its certain fate. It will go though. The signs are everywhere and hidden in plain sight.

All over the world, the people are waking up as ever greater burdens and misfortunes are laid upon them. The newly emergent war against those seeking and telling the truth exposes all anyone needs to know about the growing fear in the heart of evil against what it can no longer contain.

I make no claim that Iran or any other country is without the blatant offenses of the so-called good guys. Evil is ubiquitous and present in every place where government, religion and corporate interests practice their ageless pursuits. However… there is something in the wind that cannot be contained anymore than the wind itself.

Twitter on you deluded fools. Dream your dreams of empires and personal comfort zones. The infrastructure of lies that support you are giving way. Your houses are made of straw. Your weapons and your armies will turn upon you and each other. It just happens to be one of those times. Whatever the reasons may be, those times are here. Real change is at hand for anyone who will make the changes necessary to accommodate it. Real hope is at hand.

The unmasking and the revealing go on by the hour. Somewhere, somehow, someone has had enough. We are here at the summing up of the age. Let your response be your destiny, just as your character is your fate.

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A Reader Comments – June 17, 2009


Someone is messing with Smokingmirrors at blogspot again so posting here.

Some unusual events below, different verses but same chorus. Coincidence perhaps? I saw an advert on TV today prompting people to send Gold jewellry to a company in return for cash. They pay for postage and insurance, very heavily hyped just like the ambulance chaser adverts.

This means cash money will soon be worthless so beware…

“The evidence as of this writing strongly suggests that a major Central Bank, most likely the Japanese, attempted to liquidate $134.5 billion dollars in US government debt on the black market, at what would have to be a deep discount.”

Read the full story here:

“The NYC Police Department (NYPD) in unison with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) carried out a massive almost-covert anti-nuclear exercise codenamed ‘New York, you have a problem’ in order to gauge the metropolitan promptness in responding to such attacks.”

Read the full story here:

“The privately owned and run Federal Reserve is to be handed sweeping new powers under Obama administration proposals in a deal that will please bankers who lobbied for more Fed “oversight” of their activities”

Read the full story here:

“Bonnie Erbe who is a contributing editor for US News & World Report and hosts PBS’s weekly news analysis program wrote a recent article titled “Round Up Hate Promoters Now, Before Any More Holocaust Museum Attacks.””

Read the full story here:

Money is the lifeblood of the criminal elite, watch the money for signs of bad things on the horizon.


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