Was Alberto Nisman suicided because he learned Mossad behind the bombing?

henrymakow.com — Jan 21, 2015

Nisman, Buenos Aires blast site. Click to enlarge

Nisman, Buenos Aires blast site. Click to enlarge

Argentine Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, left was found shot to death Sunday. Israelis believe he was murdered because he was going to testify Monday about Argentine President Cristina Kirchner’s coverup of a Iranian role in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Community Center that killed 85 and injured hundreds. Miguel, a resident of Buenos Aires challenges this view.
With this last service for Israel, Nisman helped destroy Cristina Kirchner’s government . Her government was too Pro-Palestinian, Pro Iran, and pro Russia and China. Sound like France’s recognition of the Palestinians and Charlie Hebdo?

By Miguel — (henrymakow.com)

I live in Argentina ( Buenos Aires) and I know about the two car bomb attacks in Buenos Aires. The first was against the Israel embassy in 1992 which killed 29 and injured 242. The second in March 1994 was against AMIA, a Jewish Community organization.
The embassy bombing looks like a MOSSAD false flag. MOSSAD agents were johnny on the spot immediately after investigating ( this seemed too quick). The Israeli theory was that a bomb car was involved.
But a later investigation by four expert in explosives determined that the explosives were inside of the building. There was no suicide bomb car driven by a Muslim driver ( as Israel said) and no crater in the street. So no one talks about the Embassy bombing.
At the time of the explosion, the ambassador and all high-level people were not present; there were only low level employers. So as the Embassy bombing was not success in incriminating Hezbolla and Iran, they needed a new terrorist attack against AMIA. Again, only low level employees were killed or harmed.


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