Charlie Hebdo: Free Speech? Why should Christians Tolerate this Vile Filth?

Kevin Boyle — Jan 15, 2015

Charlie Hebdo cartoon3
Dear Mr Barwell,
Heaven forbid we should offend a “gay” person. I attended your “gay marriage” meeting and know your feelings on offensiveness against gays.
Heaven forbid we should offend a Jew.
But with Muslims vile offense is JUST FINE. That’s “free speech”
And Christians too. “Free speech”.
However, when a Charlie Hebdoe cartoonist implied that Sarkozy’s son converted to Judaism to further his career, HE WAS SACKED.
That’s offensive.
The horrible thing is that THIS view of our culture of “tolerance”, going by all government documents and policy initiatives, appears to be just FINE BY YOU.
Hypocrisy rules.
Maybe what rules is way, way, worse than mere hypocrisy.
Kevin Boyle

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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