French President: The Illuminati did this, Muslims did not do it.

Terror on the Tube — Jan 11, 2015

In an astounding broadcast, President Francois Hollandais has has told this to the people of France on national television, on 9th January the day after the Paris terror attacks:
Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam. (‘Ceuc qui ont commis ces actes, ces terroristes, ces illumines, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien a voir avec la religion Muslim’)
Listen, O people of France, to what your President has told you! The ‘illuminati’ has always traditionally alluded to the Masonic orders which are very strong in France, to a hidden elite of Judaeo-Masonic bankers.
Muslims did not do it – let’s say that loud and clear, as the opinion of France’s President. This could be a turning-point in tbe history of state-fabricated terror.  

Let’s hope this video of France’s president doesn’t get deleted – so many videos are being scrubbed from Google on this topic. And let’s hope this good man survives as France’s Presidient.

Has the worm turned at last? Are the puppets getting tired of their puppet-masters?

A Warning From Israel

On December 2nd, the France Parliament passed a resolution asking that France recognize a Palestinian state. Its lower house voted to recognize Palestine, 339 MPs voting in favour and 151 against. Now Palestine is in the International Criminal Court, poised to take down Israel for genocide.

One week before the event, Israel informed France that it was “deeply disappointed” with France’s vote on a UN resolution that would have required Israeli forces to withdraw to their pre-1967 borders by 2017.

The News Story

Shoot out outside Charlie Hebdo offices. Click to enlarge

Shoot out outside Charlie Hebdo offices. Click to enlarge

On 7 January 2015, at about 11:30 am, two masked gunmen forced their way into the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France,  screaming “Allahu Akbar” and killing twelve people, including the editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier, seven other Charlie Hebdo employees, and two National Police officers, and wounding eleven others. (The newspaper had attracted worldwide attention for its scurrilous depictions of the prophet Mohammed.)

That didn’t stop the next edition from coming out, selling a million copies, its biggest sale ever.

Figure: Note shoe beside car!  Hope someone gets told off for that.

The terrorists then escaped completely, while shooting at police all over Paris. They seemed calm, well trained and handled the automatic firearms with experience.

Police reportedly made seven arrests, mostly acquaintances of the two main suspects – Cherif and Said Kouachi. Despite both being under watch by French security forces, they managed to execute Wednesday’s attack with military precision, unobstructed in one of the world’s most heavily policed cities. Military forces were searching for both men, reportedly veterans of Obama’s war on Syria and brought back for what looks like a classic false-flag attack. How else could two men under security watch successfully execute a commando-like attack in broad daylight, then leave the crime scene with apparent ease? They dispatched a police vehicle with multiple shots in its windshield, killed two policemen, wounded another, then drove off unhurried in their car, according to reports.

They headed north, abandoned their car for another and quickly left Paris. UK media reported 12 deaths and another 20 wounded, five being critical. Manhunt operations continue but both men remain free with Paris put on maximum terror alert with civil liberties suspended, widespread searches, cars stopped, homes entered etc.

A total of twenty people were killed at four locations between 7 and 9 January, including the three suspects. At least twenty-one others were injured, some critically. The attacks are the deadliest act of terrorism in France for over fifty-four years. Police state rules are governing Paris – much like how greater Boston was locked down after the April 2013 marathon bombings.


The main office of the Charlie Hebdo journal was attacked within two hours after it posted an image depicting so called ‘ISIS’ chief-cum-actor, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, (trained by Mossad for a year, as revealed by leaked Snowden documents). How could the perps know that was about to happen? A major journal staff meeting was going on at the time: to gain entry they had to know the locale of the staff and to manage their entry and exit, and the offices already had police guards in place.

The Hebdo attackers acted with military precision wearing bulletproof vests, they were well-trained for their mission. One of the attackers Said Kouachi left his ID in the getaway car – which also conveniently contained jihaidist flags and molotov cocktails.

 Sporadically shouting “Allah Akbar” throughout the duration of their onslaught, the two attackers were caught on video making a spectacle of themselves as they paraded down the Paris street guns blazing. It is typically unusual for terrorists to immediately make it known who they are and what they stand for before concluding their dirty work, an anomaly the mainstream media refuses to emphasize for obvious reasons. – Voice of Palestine

The perpetrators escaped and have not been captured, yet somehow the French police identified them within hours. One of the attackers  “was trained” at an Al-Qaueda camp in Yemen in 2011 according to a top US official. How come a US official suddenly knows about this case?

No bloody photos are seen, not even fake blood, not even from a police officer who was shot lays on the sidewalk for 10 seconds before being “shot” a second time – still no blood. (Jim Stone)

A well-photographed scene shows no blood on policemen when shot on the pavement. E-mail forums discussed how Youtube videos of this scene rapidly, vanished in the wake of the event. I’ve never seen videos vanish so fast as these ones have done! I enclose one here but it may go too. Video sequences show the AK-47 rifle being shot with no recoil, no blood on pavement – clearly actors are here involved.

The road miraculously had no traffic – the scene is set up as if staged. It is as if the area was cordoned off prior to the “attack” for a drill, so the “terrorists” simply parked in the middle of the road because they knew there would be no traffic. Notice a shoe next to the ‘getaway’ car – as if the actors did not have time to change thor shoes properly. The car parks by a black line drawn on the road, the marker for where they were told to stop.

Amchai Stein, the deputy editor of Israeli IBA Channel 1, just happened to be at the scene and has been posting photos of the shooting. All video initially posted was shot from rooftops. FOR A SCENE THAT LASTED LESS THAN A MINUTE. How did anyone get up to the roof that fast to get video of this, times several people shooting from different places? The roof tops were just regular roof tops with no reason for anyone to be up there. It is not like there was a roof top Starbucks or something. Why were people up there to begin with, how did they figure out what was going on and have their cell phones all ready to shoot video from perfect angles from start to finish? (Jim Stone)

One suspect the 18-year old Hamyd Mourad handed himself to the police at around 11pm after he saw his name mentioned on the news. Friends have said that he has an alibi, as they claim he was present in the classrooms that day. Will this get him off? Such testimony didn’t help the Boston Bombing suspects. Shades of the 8 still-alive 9/11 ‘terrorists’

Police chief investigating the event suddenly ‘commits suicide’ – Police Chief Helric Fredou – in his office, just before competing his report. Perhaps his theories weren’t quite right?

Staged Video of Phoney Shoot-out

Comments: This camera was set up before the staged-drama began. Even the police getting out of the car was captured in full, why would anyone have a camera ready and rolling to capture a scene when they were not supposed to even know it was going to happen?

The ‘bad guys’ should have been running away and trying to escape – it makes no sense for them to pull up for no reason, get out of the car and finish off the hurt policemen. The officer falls down for the first part of the show, and to prove how bad the terrorists are, is “killed” while wounded and laying down. As a staged drama, it makes them look ‘wicked’ to stop the car and kill a defenceless policeman.

In the video, we see far too much white smoke coming out of guns – blanks produce all that white smoke, loaded rounds do not.

No blood anywhere on the pavement – shades of the Lee Rigby fake death in UK! Although the instant of shooting is whited out, we still see the blood-free aftermath.

We hear too much echo in the sound of blanks being fired. Also at that close range the head would have been blown open. Note no ricochet effect when the gun is fired.

Who Benefits?

With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel?

The Dynamite in the Jewish Store

The suspect in policewoman shooting entered at ‘random’ a Kosher (Jewish) grocery in the Port de Vincennes  district of Paris and took up to 14 hostages, where at least  four of them are alleged to have been killed by the gunman. Police claim they found 15 sticks of dynamite inside the store after they stormed the shop.

That gave Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu the opportunity enter the story – he hates to be left out of these kind of events – requesting the French President Francois Hollande to “keep up the increased security on Jewish institutions even after things return to normal.”

While the chief suspect, Amedy Coulibaly is killed along with several of his hostages, his accomplice Hayat Boumeddiene has evaded capture – despite being surrounded by literally hundreds of police and security personnel with the whole district locked down and the site of the siege was under intense scrutiny. The police, TV cameras, police helicopters etc. were all watching yet somehow Coulibaly’s partner and accomplice at the scene of the siege managed to escape undetected. Was she allowed to escape and maybe even assisted because she was Amedy Coulibaly’s handler? Or, was she maybe out of the country?  She had lived with Amedy Coulibaly for several years.


Very quickly,  ”I am Charlie” events were put on across France, massive rallies were staged. Very quickly many signs were printed. An ailing satire mag suddenly prints a million magazines – far more than the usual number – after its staff have been shot, going out to stores to handle excess demand caused by this stunt.

Videos have been quickly removed from web on gounds of ”disgusting content”, which is apparently code-speak for “embarrassing revelation that undermines the official story.”

This event ‘bears all the hallmarks’ of state-fabricated terror with major Israeli input. Use of actors, a poorly-done staged shootout, pre-prepared photographers, no possible motive for Islamic attack just as France adopts pro-Palestine position, detailed knowledge of security and timing of journal staff meeting, a perfect escape etc. Also leaving ID in a car with other ‘Islamic’ gear – ‘clues’ – surely journalists are not going to fall for that? Then the road being cordoned off beforehand, kept traffic-free, just like the Lee Rigby event. An Israeli news editor all ready to photograph the event exactly resembles the ‘dancing Israelis’ who set up to photograph the 9/11 event beforehand, as they explained on Israeli national TV.

Comment by Craig Roberts, spot-on as usual: “French President Francois Hollande this week said that the sanctions against Russia should end. This is too much foreign policy independence on France’s part for Washington…. the attack on Charlie Hebdo was an inside job and people identified by NSA as hostile to the Western wars against Muslims are going to be framed for an inside job designed to pull France firmly back under Washington’s thumb.”

One is reminded of the Breivic Oslo event, when the Norwegian govenment was advacating sanctions against Israel; or the Fukashima event when Japan was likewise adopting criticisms of Israel; or Malaysia, which dared to hold a court which found Irael guilty of war crimes and genocide, and soon after three of its passenger planes fell out of the sky. French analysts could benefit from studying the British case of Lee Rigby.


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.