Getting Out of The Matrix — May 22, 2018

To a mind that is still ... Click to enlarge

To a mind that is still … Click to enlarge

“Can’t stop thinking; can’t stop drinking; can’t stop smoking; can’t stop eating; thinking is a greater addiction than any of these.”   Eckhart Tolle
In an increasingly depraved and crazy world, we need to discover our true identity or go crazy ourselves. 

Thinking is an Addiction (Updated from Jan 26, 2016)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When I say thinking is an addiction, I’m NOT referring to thoughts based on independent observation and analysis, or intuition or inspiration.
I’m referring to the compulsive stream of worry, judgment, chatter, and trivia that usually fills our minds. Most stress is mentally-induced.
I used to depend on the mass media for my image of reality. As a result, I was dysfunctional.
Like sickness, war and poverty, dysfunction is systemic (inherent in society.) They are profitable.
Illuminati member Harold Rosenthal spelled it out:  “We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are pawns in our game of world conquest. They are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants.”  Harold Rosenthal The Hidden Tyranny


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